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Globe offers Galaxy Note 3 at Php1,799 monthly plan

Those who are eager to find out about Globe’s plan offerings for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its companion smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, need not to wait any longer as the telco has already released their postpaid plans for the said handset.

Subscribers can get the Galaxy Note 3 with “unlimited” LTE for Php1,799 monthly at Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of Php800 (via credit card) over a 24-month contract period.

note 3_gear

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 specs:
5.68-inch full HD Super AMOLED display @ 1920×1080 pixels, 388ppi
Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 2.265GHz quad-core
Adreno 330 Graphics
32GB, 64GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD card
LTE Category 4 150Mbps
WiFi 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.0
IR Blaster
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
13MP rear camera, BSI sensor
1080p @ 60fps
1.9MP front-facing camera
1080p video @ 30fps
3200mAh Li-Ion battery
8.3mm thin
168 grams
Android 4.3 Jellybean

In addition, Globe is also offering a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear bundle, free starting at Plan 5000 over a 24-month contract period.

Those interested may head to www.globe.com.ph/galaxy-note3 for more information (webpage is currently unavailable) or call the Globe Sales Hotline at 730-1010.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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57 Responses

  1. acero says:

    oh yeah affordable talaga sa globe.. buti nlng at hindi pa ako bumili ng s4..=)

  2. Jesson says:

    I’m planning to transfer to Globe from smart.

  3. len says:

    What about at plan 1,799. Thanks!

  4. globe_sucks says:

    Improve your roaming services first! Hindi yung nagsubscribe yung customer sa roaming 2 days before the trip, tapos uuwi na mula sa ibang bansa pabalik ng Pilipinas di pa nagaactivate yung roaming.

    • sentido says:

      again, this is a tech site, not a complaint handling service website. sa globe ka dumirecho dahil walang magagawa ang yugatech community para sayo. you can rant and you can voice out all your thoughts about Globe’s service and here but the question is, will glboe know about it kung dito mo nilalagay yang mga saloobin mo?

    • zzz says:

      *tanga lng ^

    • Dicube says:

      ouch tama.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Roaming for postpaid is automatic. You don’t need to subscribe.

  5. dyimmy says:

    Wala na yung 1799 na 4.8k cashout?

  6. RockenRoll says:

    I’ve waited for so long!

    I’m gonna grab one immediately! ^_____^

  7. hfhfhj says:

    Bumili ako ng galaxy note 3 kahapon pinagalarua ko isang araw tapos sinoli ko kinabukasan. I dont like the display parang cartoons..now im lookin forward for z1 or xperia ultra z.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Nabalik mo sa Globe? Buti tinanggap ulit ng Globe despite you signing a contract?

    • hfhfhj says:

      nope dito sa US :)

    • Jimmy Nap says:

      Libre lng managinip sir cge lng shabu pa.

    • hermit says:

      yabang mo pre

    • retrodiv says:

      Yeah right. The display is crisp and the colors look natural. I don’t know what’s cartoonish in it’s display. I think you’re talking about the iOS 7. lol. And if you actually played for it for a day, I bet you’re not gonna return it feeling how fast the Note actually is.

    • dyimmy says:

      If you’re coming from iphone and sony TFT screened phones, maninibago ka talaga sa saturation ng colors ng Samsung. Pero if nakalikot mo siya talaga, you should know na napapalitan yung display settings

    • ruby says:

      wow bumili sya “kahapon” sinoli “kinabukasan” gaano kagulo timeline mo sir? bangag ka pa yata

  8. justasking says:

    Sir yuga, kung walang credit card? Pede po ba cash? Ty.

  9. postpaiduser says:

    I think better pa din yung sa SMART since yung services na bundled ay 1800 worth of consumable. unlike sa globe na yun 999 ay for unlimited mobile internet with a few calls and texts only. at the end of the day, hindi lang 1799 ang babayran mo sa globe. XD

  10. soulrev says:

    1799 my superplan
    24 months lock-in 9600 cashout
    30 months lock-in 7200 cashout

    mas mura parin sa smart
    1800 24 months lock in tpos 4776 lang cashout

    • aSuz says:

      999+800 cashout yan sir kaya naging 1799/month sa globe. mas mura pa din sa globe.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Yun 1799 already includes cashout kasi 999 plan siya. But if you strictly want the 1799 plan, you are locked for 24mos plus 9600.

      Yun sa Smart, may additional 6mos na magbabayad ka ng 1800 kasi 30months contract on top of the 7200…..so di ba mas mahal sa Smart?

    • Smokescreen says:

      Oops! Forget about my second paragraph. Wrong info….lol

    • globey says:

      yaan nyo sila mag smart! gusto nila yan eh ahahaha mas mababa talaga sa globe… wala pa tayo kaagaw sa LTE! Go sa smart kayooo

  11. sdr says:

    Sun Cellular
    Plan 1799
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    Unlimited Internet + Unlimited text to all networks + 100mins. call to sun
    24months lock-in


    Globe Telecom
    Plan 1799
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    Unlimited LTE
    24months lock-in

    Sa tingin nyo ano ang mas ok? Wala bang free consumable load yung sa Globe?

    • asuz says:

      meron 101 sa 999+800=1799
      iba din yung 1799+9600cashout

    • sdr says:

      anung 101? consumable load ba yun?
      1799+9600? Nasa Globe Plan 999 yung SGNote3 tapos yung amortization or cashout nila is 800/month. Bale papatak ng 1799/month. panong nangyaring may 9600 pa na cashout edi dobleng cashout na 800/month at 9600? gulo.

      9600 divided by 24 months = P400/month
      san mo nakuha ito?

      ang pagkakaalam ko 19200.
      Globe Plan 999 + 19200 cashout or 800/month cashout.

      Yung sa Sun naman Sun Plan 1399 yung SGNote2 nila pero may amortization or cashout per month na 400 so bale papatak ng 1799/month.

    • Smokescreen says:

      sdr – Yun 1799 is plan 999 talaga & 800/mo cash out…eto yun meron ka lang 101 consumables. Iba ito dun sa mismong plan 1799 plus 9600. With plan 1799…pwede 999 unlimited data and 800 worth of consumables.

      If you want to compare apples to apples…you are really comparing 1799(999+800/mo)versus 2199(1799+400/mo)

    • sdr says:

      ah ok ok gets ko na..
      Plan 999 and Plan 1799

      So yung plan 999 walang consumable dahil unlisurf lang yung inabot nya tapos may ibang plan din which is yung plan 1799 at eto yung may consumable load pero mas mahal. :D

      Plan 1799 x 24months = 43176 + 9600 = 52776 w/ consumables but no unlimited

      Plan 999 + 800 = 1799 x 24months = 43176 without consumables

      Pag tinging text or GoUnli500 for 30days (Unlimited texts to all networks + Unlimited calls to globe)(occasionally) mas sulit kesa dun sa plan 1799+9600.

      pero ang tanong ko po ay ano sa tingin nyo ang mas ok SGNote2 na may unlimited text to all networks or SGNote3.


    • Smokescreen says:

      Ano mas ok? Syempre kung kaya, always go for the latest model.

  12. compare says:

    Globe Plan
    Plan 1799
    cash out PHP 9,600 for 24 months lock-in period
    cash out PHP 7,200 for 30 months lock-in period

    Smart Plan
    Plan 1800
    cash out PHP 1,799 for 24 months lock-in period

    I think inuubos pa ng Globe ‘yung note 2 nila. Inooffer nila ang Note 2 for 1,799 with PHP 4,800 cash out..

  13. MasterPipo says:

    The site says na limited to “participating credir cards”. But I can’t find any reference kung anong credit cards ba iyon. Any ideas? Dapat pupunta na ako sa Globe kanina, pero nakita ko lang yun

  14. cabalen says:

    gorilla glass ba ang note 3?

  15. BPO-er says:


  16. Katy torres says:

    I was given a callback by a Globe sales rep when i tried applying for the note3 plan.they said this 1799 plan with no cashout for 24mos is NONEXISTENT. the 1799 plan they have needs 9.2K cashout for 24mos or 7.2k for 30mos.

  17. Scyther says:

    Sad to say, via participating Credit card lang siya FREE sa Plan 999 + 800 cash out, so 1799 Monthly (Don’t confused with the Plan 1799, It’s different) via 24 months lock in period. Ito sanang Note 3 ang gusto ko kunin kaso wala akong credit card. Kaya yung iPhone 5 16gb na lang kinuha ko, same plan 999 + 800 cash out monthly. I pay the 7 months advanced option para maka avail, pero yung plan lang ang binayaran ko, so 999 x 7 = 6,993. That’s what I paid & I got my new iPhone 5 16gb. Thanks to the Globe Caravan recently.

  18. ram says:

    how lucky i am, im gonna have my note 3 in 10 days, our company gives it to us as part of our compensation and benefits

  19. edge says:

    i suggest mag LG G2 nalang,, with Globe Postpaid Plan1799 you can get the G2 for Free… more cost effective, because of its features.. “Rear Key””Audio Zoom” “Lock on” “13MP OIS Camera” and many more :)
    i’ve tried it na, so i suggesting it you guys :)
    LTE ready na rin

  20. sdr says:

    Mga sir, nakaplan na ako ng note3 sa Globe talaga po bang walang kasamang SD Card?

    Oct 16-25: about 2.70 GB used
    “Measured by your device. Your service provider may account for data usage differently.”

    uTorrent 2.03GB
    Google Play Store 195mb
    Youtube 138mb
    Skype 97.90mb

    what does it mean?
    baka naman yung bill ko sa credit card imbis na 1799 mabigla na lang ako sa laki.. diba unlimited lte bakit may warning na ganyan? malas pa nga walang lte site sa lugar ko..

    sensya noob pa sa phablet paexplain naman po.


    • Denz says:

      I’ve also got my Note 3 last Oct. 28 sa Globe. Tinanong ko kung Unli ung LTE. Hindi siya unlimited LTE based from the Sales Rep n nakausap ko. Meron sila data cap na 800mb – 1gb for using LTE. Ung unli surf nila is ung for HSPA or ung H+ sign sa signal mo. Di ko pa natry ung LTE kasi wala sa location namin ang may LTE. Malamang na meron additional fee yan kasi lumagpas ka na sa limit sa LTE. Paki verify mo sa hotline ng Globe para sure ka.

      Nagtry din ako mag apply sa Smart. Sa Smart hindi rin Unlimited ang LTE nila. May data cap sila sa LTE na 1.5gb. Pero 3 weeks na wala pa feedback sa kanila. Sa Globe 1 day lng process nung Note 3 plan at buti may stock sila kaya kumuha ako that same day.

      Ung plan n kinuha ko is ung Php999 na may 101 consumable tpos Php 19200 cashout.

    • lougee figueroa says:

      Wrong. Ang Data or usage cap is 800mb per day in any provider. Its called fair usage. Pag nlagpas mo ung 800mb mo your internet will either be too slow or it will be cut off. Babalik ang internet access mo after 24hrs na nreach mo ang 800mb. Mali ang info na 800mb lang per day for LTE and unlimited sa hspa. Nsa law ang fair usage. 800mb lng tlga per day.

  21. silver says:

    I’d rather get the LG G2.. its a smartphone and i prefer it bcoz i like something more handy.. it’s free on Globe’s plan 1799 and available also in other plan rates 999 and 1399 :)

  22. lougee figueroa says:

    Wrong. Ang Data or usage cap is 800mb per day in any provider. Its called fair usage. Pag nlagpas mo ung 800mb mo your internet will either be too slow or it will be cut off. Babalik ang internet access mo after 24hrs na nreach mo ang 800mb. Mali ang info na 800mb lang per day for LTE and unlimited sa hspa. Nsa law ang fair usage. 800mb lng tlga per day.

    • Smokescreen says:

      lougee figueroa – Hindi yata 800mb per day ang lahat ng provider. Sa Globe yes. Sa Smart monthly cap ang alam ko. Ang alam ko rin hindi after 24hrs babalik ang normal speed mo. It resets every 24hrs not after 24hrs. Also hindi law ang fair usage as far as telecoms are concerned…more of a policy.

  23. Scyther says:

    Just want to clarify something, naka ilang tanong na ako sa mga Globe Sales Agent / Representative or whatever you may call them na nagtatrabaho sa Globe Business Center about sa unli LTE surfing Plan na inooffer both sa Note 3 at iPhone 5, at ang sabi sakin parati, Na UNLIMITED na daw ang internet which means na kahit 24/7 mo gamitin ay same P999 monthly pa rin ang babayaran mo, regardless na lang Kung sumobra ka sa 101 monthly consumables mo. So, tanong Ko ngaun, based on your experience with UNLI LTE PLAN sa GLOBE, gaano katotoo yan? Baka Kasi me LIMIT ang UNLIMITED nila kunuh at Baka mas sobra pa sa 999 monthly ang babayaran.. Need your opinion.

    • ram says:

      sa experience ko. d pa naman ako somosobra sa plan 999 ko kahit ginagawa ko wifi hotspot ang phone ko pag weekend sa bahay. nag coconnect pa ng laptop yung kapatid ko at mga 4 pa na phone.

  24. sl says:

    hi! anyone who knows how to contact the ‘denz’ here? i would like to ask if the note3 plan in Globe has 32gb memory???? i’m so worried bec i read that with plan it’s only 16gb how come? if samsung only launched 32 and 64 gb. kinda unfair? :( i hope i get reply asap…planning to get tmrw TT

    • Denz says:

      @sl: 32gb ung nakuha ko sa globe. Sorry ngyon ko lang nabasa ung mga comments dito kasi nagkaproblema ung email ko.

      Regarding sa Data cap for LTE, un ay base s narinig ko sa sinabi ng sales rep. d day n nag apply ako nung note 3 plan. Pedeng nagkamali ako ng dinig kaya mas maganda iclarify nyo s Globe service center. Hindi naman kasi ako heavy user sa internet at wala pang LTE at mahina ang signal ng globe s location ko. Actually mas malakas pa nga ang signal ng internet ng Sun kaya backup ko lang ung Globe. Ang importante s akin eh ung nakakapaginternet ako kahit H or H+ lng ang signal. At kaya ko kinuha ung Note 3 plan kasi gamit ko siya pangsketch and design.

  25. Niya says:

    Can someone explain me briefly about plan like this. I’m new to this cuz I’m from abroad. I’m applying for Note 3 with my allowance. Thanks!

  26. Niya says:

    I mean. Di ko kasi gets. So for 1 month, I need to pay like 1799 only? Yun lang ba? And what does cash out mean?

    • Smokescreen says:

      Your minimum payment is 1799…your plan per month is 999 w/ additional 800 na hulugan for the unit. As for the plan 999, check out what your freebies are. So even if plan 999 ka, doesn’t mean maximum payment yun. If you have used up all your freebies, then you pay more than 999 in a month. Yun hulugan sa phone na 800..consistent na yun.

      So in conclusion, yun 1799 per month is the minimum payment you need to settle.

  27. Talong says:

    maliban dun sa P800 na cashout monthly, my iba pang cashout? base kasi dun sa page nila may cashout pa na P9600 sa plan P1799


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