Globe removes lock-up period to its Postpaid Plan

Globe removes lock-up period to its Postpaid Plan

Globe is changing the game in their postpaid services, announcing its new myLifestyle No Lock-Up Plan for subscribers that lets them “surf and stream with almost double the data allocation” along with other perks.


Veering away from the current 24-month lock-up with their regular postpaid plans, the new Plan 1499 offering includes 10GB of data (from 5GB), unlimited texts to all networks, freedom from being limited to any device offer, and easier application by just presenting one valid ID.

“For us, it’s always been about being at the forefront of all significant innovations. With the new Globe myLifestyle No Lock-Up Plan, we are changing the way customers apply for and enjoy our postpaid services. It’s a plan that puts a premium on your lifestyle with the addition of free texts to all networks and a bigger mobile data allocation, making our customer’s digital experience richer. Truly, Globe myLifestyle Plans—whether with device or line-only—is built for the way you live,” says Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Marketing, Issa Cabreira.



Starting at Plan 599, subscribers will also get the following bundles:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Free Facebook access for 24 months
  • 3 months free Spotify or HOOQ
  • Addition of classic packs for extra consumables

For more information on their new myLifestyle No Lock-Up plans or to apply for a new line, visit their website.

Updated: There is no bundled phone to go with the plans.



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17 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    syempre walang free phone.

  2. alwyn says:

    anu kapalit? walang libreng phone?

  3. Pier says:

    Sensationalized title. Dapat “… gives option for no lock-up plans”.
    Kasi kung “removes” yan, dapat lahat ng ibang lock-up period nawala na sa offering.

  4. Christian says:

    Bobong author. “Freedom to avail the device of your choice” implies that the plan has a bundled phone. To clear the confusion, wlang handset choice sa no lock up plans. It is a sim only plan. Better correct your article. Sana binasa mo muna maigi ung nasa website ng globe.

    • I think you mis-understood that line. “Freedom to avail the device of your choice” means you can pick any phone and pair it with your postpaid plan. What you might have thought was “freedom to pick a device of your choice + for free from Globe”.

  5. Genesis says:

    no phone.. only the sim/plan..

  6. dongabay says:

    bobo talaga tong globe dapat dyan pinagbabaril mga corrupt pati ntc

  7. archie says:

    Siguradong may catch yan. Papayag ba yang mga yan na magpalamang sa consumer?

  8. AkoSiGlobe says:

    Natawa ako sa mga nabasa ko.

    I think all I can expect now is more delayed text messages, more dropped calls, more poor signal coverage, and basically worse of every aspect of my subscription with globe.

    Kawawa talaga ang mga “old-timer” subscribers lalo na ang malalaking monthly plans. Justice please come soon…

  9. just sayin says:

    pity me who availed of Plan 299 years ago. I had a free phone (cloudfone) back then. my contract expired last feb. i am willing to continue my subscription. I asked support for a free phone since i want to be re-contracted. I was told that my only option for a free phone is to subscribe to plan 599.

  10. Abubot says:

    Di ba matagal nang walang lock in pag sim only plan? Removed ba talaga?

  11. 2pe says:

    this is just stupid. sim only plan pero ang presyo pang normal plan na may phone. try harder Globe, maybe with a shorter lock in period of 12 months rather than 24 months can be considered as a game changer in postpaid plans. Until then, don’t insult our intelligence with this BS.

    • 3PE says:

      i pity your intelligence if you felt insulted by this offer. sakit na ata talaga ng pinoy ang sobrang sense of entitlement. anyway, di ka pa naman po pinilit ni globe magsubscribe and pano po sila naging pareho ng may phone kung a. may malaki data allocation and b. walang lock in period? isip muna bago post.

      P.S. i am not for globe because i seriously believe their services still suck but there are just people who pretend to be geniuses and expect the world to bow down to them.

  12. 4PE says:

    Nothing new.. this is just a sim-only plan that they have before. Title is misleading. They did not really remove the lock up clause. It’s always been like that for sim only plans.

  13. 3GB says:

    The catch is after 2 years, the monthly cost will increase if you choose to extend your plan. I have a 499 sim-only plan from a year ago with unlicall/unlitext to Globe and 3Gb data. This will increase to 799 by next year. The difference with this year’s sim-only plans is the inclusion of ‘Unlimited texts to all networks’. This will probably add 299p to your monthly cost after the promo ends in 2 years.

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