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Globe upgrades Duo to Super Duo

Just got a infomercial SMS today from Globe that announce an expanded service to their Duo wireless landline — Globe SuperDuo.

super duo

Subscribers of Globe Duo can now upgrade to SuperDuo for Php499/30 days. SuperDuo allows you to make unlimited landline calls as well as unlimited calls to all Globe and Touch Mobile phones nationwide.

To upgrade, you need to deactivate Duo plan by texting “DUO OFF” to 8888. To activate Super Duo, text “SUPERDUO < area > ON” to 8888. The area tag will be your code designation for the landline number (e.g. Metro Manila, Cebu, etc).

If you have remaining credits on your Duo account, it will be credited to your Globe Super Duo.

What is not clear is that you might also lose your original landline number because you’ve deactivated Duo. Will verify this with Globe.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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49 Responses

  1. As a Globe Duo subscriber, I sure am glad about this upgraded service! Nice.

  2. Bob Reyes says:

    Kewl! We just got our corporate lines subscribed to DUO this week.

  3. thanks for the info Abe!

  4. James Lodaza says:

    Arnold! Bob! Stop it! you guys look like you work for Globe! hahahaha

  5. jill says:


    A completely unnecessary and moronic variation on the word “cool”. It’s harder to type than “cool” and makes you look like a retard if you say it.

    “dats wel kewl!”
    “Hush up retard.”


  6. benhur says:

    ill upgrade my duo then.

    ^jill, you wasting L on your name too, might as well use one L, you are wasting your energy with the unnecessary L. jill = jil

  7. nanayMo says:

    Actually a nice move from Globe. Unlimited calls are fine barring clogged lines.

    @james; @jill
    Really funny you two. Nearly spilled my coffee on the keyboard there. XD

  8. Doc Harry says:

    As a Duo user who really made use of it, this is a good thing. EXCEPT…

    I unsubscribed my DUO with DUO OFF. Confirmed. Been trying all day practically to subscribe with SUPERDUO MM ON (for NCR) sent to 8888. Reply :

    Service is temporarily unavailable. You might still be subscribed to one of the following services: DUO, UNLICALL, etc…

    Now what? Come on Globe! The fish is on the hook but you won’t pull it in! What’s up with that?

  9. And another thing… if I’m loosing my number, I might think twice.

  10. Berkano says:

    Globe Duo for 30 days costs Php 450, if i subscribe to Superduo in the middle of my subscription, how will the crediting work? I also share the same reservation as Arnold, since I have already have dozens of contacts. Plus the term “unlimited” have been abused at least one phone company in this country. I will not be surprised if their “unlimited” has … limits :)

    However if it rises from all the hype, it might be worth a try.

  11. Alan says:

    FYI, it’s P599/30days not P499.

  12. hubes says:

    will the unlimited globe to globe only apply to certain location like MM? do you need to dial a special prefix to use the unlimited thing?

  13. henry says:

    this is the biggest savings i ever got..big savings,good signal good service ang good voice quality what you need more..come subscribe to super duo service now na!

  14. Alan says:

    Sorry for my excitement. P499/30 days for postpaid. P35/day or P599/30days for prepaid. Hope this clears things up.

  15. clamchowder says:

    i just called Globe Customer Service and here’s what I found out:

    1. If you are currently in the middle of your DUO subscription and you turn it off, you lose the money you paid for the full subscription period. No crediting of unused days will be made.

    2. Superduo will be available starting October 19, NOT TODAY.

  16. whaâ„¢ says:

    wow!!! will it be available in the province??

  17. whaâ„¢ says:

    wee… will it be available here in the province??

  18. truevali says:

    hmm.. so its oct 19. but is it worth it? you will loose your duo number and then you will get no rebate from the unused DUO service… hmmm… will observe muna before i leap on this one..

  19. berkano says:

    @clamchowder thanks a lot! you sure did save lots of people some money there!

    Now if only i can connect to Globe’s Customer Service and pry on the details of the “unlimited” service…

  20. LuigiMD says:

    There are a lot of misconceptions in the comments here.

    First, I am already subscribed to SuperDuo and it’s just the 16th. Where did you get that info about October 19th??

    Secondly, you will be credited the amount of unused DUO subscription.

    Thirdly, you will retain your old number as long as you subscribe to SuperDuo within 30 days of leaving the Duo service.

    Lastly, Duo’s cost is just 399/30 days and not 450. SuperDuo for postpaid is 499/30 days.

    I hope that clears things up.

  21. LuigiMD says:

    In order to counteract abuse of “unlimited” use, i won’t mind if Globe disconnects a call every 5 or 10 minutes to give way to other subscribers.

    If a subscriber wants an uninterrupted call, they could dial a prefix but they will be charged the usual rate per minute.

    Some people tend to abuse these kinds of offerings and then they themselves complain if the network suffers.

    It’s a crazy world.

  22. patrick says:

    Globe can really afford this unlimited calls to cellphone because they have lesser subscribers than smart. :P

  23. Ernie says:

    The only problem with globe is it’s signal there is no signal in my area for 2 days now and when you report the problem they will respond that there is no problem or any maintenance in my area.

  24. Kitty says:

    text SUPERDUO INFO to 8888

  25. jell says:

    duo cost 450/30 days for prepaid. how much does it cost for super duo if it cost 499/30 days for postpaid subs?

  26. Jhay says:

    Awesome! It would be much better if they’ve also expanded the area of services like here in Cavite and other provinces in Southern Tagalog.

  27. rain says:

    the 499 for superduo is on top of my post paid bill?

    so if i am plan 1800 + 499?

    or 1800 + 399(duo) + 499 (superduo) ?

    please clarify.. i received a text kasi na on top of duo subscription pa…

  28. aji santiago says:

    My 1mo Globe Duo plan is not working again; worked for only 1.5 days in the past 6 days. after 5 complaints, think i’m done. i’m giving up.

    Globe Duo is a great, innovative idea, but an unreliable service. 450 went to nothing, with lost transactions and other economic costs. sad.

  29. Mick says:

    tried it with a prepaid number and got a reply

    “Sorry, GLOBE SUPER DUO is available for Globe Postpaid mobile subscribers only.”

    which is kinda good to avoid network congestions.

  30. LX says:


    Interesting suggestion but it wouldn’t be fair. If Globe advertises “unlimited” calling, then I — as their customer — deserves the option to make long duration calls.`

    Disconnecting me on purpose for a better network isn’t what I paid for, unless they point that out clearly beforehand.

  31. noemi says:

    I just activated to superduo but my landline can’t be reached yet. I have to monitor within 24 hours.

  32. noemi says:

    oops I forgot to reply YES to the last step. It’s now working and am still using my Old DUO number

  33. Cortez says:

    There’s a 6 hour time limit from deactivation to the upgrade from duo to superduo to waive the 1200 pesos termination fee(If your still under the lockup period). I have already deactivated my duo subscription but globe is not accepting my superduo request. My 6 hour grace is running out. Poor me. :(

  34. Cortez says:


    Yes superduo will be charged on top of your bill. But you can only be subscribed on one service, not on both.

    so on your plan 1800, only 499 will be added on top.

  35. Toti says:

    Can anyone confirm if the Globe-to-Globe calls are really unlimited even if the Globe number you are calling is NOT subscribed to Duo/Super Duo?

  36. jon says:

    wala bang super duper duo pati roaming unlimited? =)

  37. Kinny says:

    Called customer service. My 3 month lock in to DUO expires on Oct. 29. I am post paid and the guy told me:
    1.I have to wait till (Oct. 29) then to subscribe to Super Duo. The guy also told me SUPER DUO will be effective Oct 26 yet! Say what?! Why do you guys already have super duo then?

    2. To get the benefit of Unlimited Globe to Globe the number you call has to have the prefix +63 before the 10 digit mobile number. Ex. +639171234567. If not you get charged regular rates! The globe person you are calling does not have to be subscribed to DUO or super duo.

    3. You get to keep your DUO number because it’s an upgrade.

    If someone knows the real score please post. have a feeling customer service dude was not very sure.
    4. 499/month for post paud subscribers and 599/ prepaid subscribers.

  38. Red says:

    Hi Kinny,

    1. Even you have the lock in period, you can already upgrade to super duo. You just have to follow text instruction, DUO OFF send to 8888 then reply ok to deactivate. You have 6 hours to activate Superduo and retain the same virtual number otherwise you will be charge the termination fee of DUO of P1200 then your DUO contract will refresh and be lock in again for another 90 days for superduo.

    2. There will be no special dialling procedure in calling another globe/tm number. Either 0917xxxxxxx or +63917xxxxxxx, it’s the same, but of course calling another DUO number or landline will be the same mechanics with DUO, to avail unlimited call, it should be within the same area of registration and area code i.e. manila.

    3. Yes, the same virtual number will be given to you, because it’s upgrade.

    4. P499 for postpaid and 599 for prepaid.

  39. Lizzie says:

    You can call any landlines unlimited provided that you’re on the same area. Example, if you’re in Bulacan you CANNOT call a landline in Metro Manila. You must have the same area code.

  40. Jorge L. says:

    Just called up Globe CSR to inquire about the prepaid option when you have a DUO number.

    If you unsubscribed to DUO, the remaining credits will be forwarded the following working day. You will also retain the old number once you subscribe to Super DUO.

  41. Rosanna says:

    I have had no bad connection problems with Superduo prepaid as other friends seem to have. Maybe it has something to do with living in Ayala country? My house is literally back to back with the Zobels residence.

  42. kinny says:

    Ok this is half crappy! I upgraded to Superduo from duo but whereas before I could call any landline in NCR now it is impossible for me to call PLDT landlines. What good is Superduo then? Sure I can call Suntel, Bayantel and Globelines but ZERO PLDT!

    They should not have charged more for the transition if you cannot contact a PLDT landline. Globe remove man lang Php100- 200 pesos from the Php499 or Php599 for thirty days. most landlines are PLDT eh. Probably won’t renew after this.

  43. LuigiMD says:


    I have no problems dialling any landline numbers. Wait for another day. It could just have been a hiccup in the network. If it behaves consistently, contact Globe.

  44. kinny says:


    You were right! It was just a three day hiccup! I can now call PLDT landlines problem free. Thanks LuigiMD….

  45. Ardie says:

    Hi there guys, Just wanna ask since globe is no longer have the super150, I’ll ask the customer service and they have superdou that can be able also to call unlimited calls to any globe and TM, is that true? has anyone tried this? because i’m planning to register in my prepaid, thanks..

  46. rose says:


    Yes Superduo lets you call unlimited to Landline in your area as well as nationwide TM and Globe mobile phones. BUT 1. It costs 599 /month prepaid AND 2. Make sure you erase the prefix numbers from super unli because you will be charged double. Aside from the 599/month it will deduct from your load the super unli rates.

    TRICKY noh?

  47. Jeffrey says:

    I’m a bit confused, so if all my contacts are on globe, and I subscribe to Superduo which will allow me unlimited calls to Globe/TM mobile phones, then my regular postpaid plan like plan 5000 seems to have almost no advantage to plan 800 unless I send sms a lot… your inputs would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  48. Levy says:

    Why can’t I call Bayantel landlines?

  49. perks says:

    i cant reg with my prepaid globe card, i dont know what shoild i indicate in the area, im currently here at occidental mindoro, i wanna reg pagbilao, quezon to be able to call unlimitedly our landline.

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