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New PLDT TelPad comes with Huawei Ideos S7 Slim

At the media launch of Jump this morning, I noticed the PLDT TelPad being displayed in one of the stands looked very different from the one we saw months ago during its public launch.

I thought the tablet looked familiar — turns out we first saw this one in Singapore last June, the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim (this is the old one).

Huawei Ideos S7 Slim
7″ display @ 480×800 pixels
1 GHz Scorpion processor,
Adreno 200 GPU, Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon chipset
up to 32GB via microSD card
HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2MP camera
Bluetooth 2.1
GPS w/ aGPS support
Li-Ion battery 3250 mAh
Android 2.2 Froyo

The Huawei Ideos S7 Slim is a much better Android tablet than the un-branded one we saw before.

PLDT reps say this new set-up will become available to home users by end of August.

The PLDT TelPad was launched back in December 2010 and was dubbed as the first landline-and-tablet device in the country. It had a monthly plan of Php1,849 which comes with a 1Mbps DSL connection, a landline number and the tablet.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

51 Responses

  1. Avatar for jhoe jhoe says:

    HEy i have this s7 and i found out may sim slot sya…

    possible poh ba iopen yn para magamit ko?

  2. Avatar for joy joy says:

    i had a problem about my telpad…. coz the LCD nasira… magkano kaya yong LCD mg pa repair?

  3. Avatar for bong bong says:

    i had the same problem, promo nga, just left the telepad with me, without even telling us what to do and how to maximize the capacity of the gadgets, humingi pa ng pamasahe? where can we ask help for the apps?

  4. Avatar for Yun o Yun o says:

    Bakit po yung ibang ng dedeliver ng telpad ng walk in lang nanghihingi ng pamasahe di b dapat may service sila para ediliver yung telpad tapos yung mag install ng wyfi ng hihingi rin sila ng bayad diba libre rin dapat yun?

  5. Avatar for Name: Shenna Name: Shenna says:

    Hohoho. . .Pano ko po ba ma re retrieve kasi my pldtpad was lost last week how can i po ba ano po ba dapat gaiwn T_T

  6. Avatar for heartxfail heartxfail says:

    im a pldt sales agent ..
    kung gusto nyu mag avail ng promo ng pldt..
    just do text me nalang.. i’ll teach you na rin kung panu mag install ng skype,yahoomsg. and more.. this is my number..


    free delivery po un walang kaht anu man ang babayaran pag deniliver.. bill above nalng po un sa next month bill nyu

  7. Avatar for Noriel Noriel says:

    ahm panu po ba ang gagawin pag ung unlock pattern nang telpad ko is nakalimutan? kindly reply on this anu po ba gagawin? or panu i reboot etc?

  8. Avatar for dayang dayang says:

    bket po nung binuksan mo ung telpad n stuck n po cia sa ideos n screen pano ko po ba maayos un..

  9. Avatar for vanquish vanquish says:

    I have the old AD100 but its so terribly built on both SW and HW level that I just chucked it in the drawer and never took it out. When I saw the Huawei in a mall a few weeks ago, I wanted to have my existing pad replaced. Is it possible? Will they replace it just because I want the new one?

  10. Avatar for manzi manzi says:

    just got my telpad. after a few mins. of fiddling it went to the ideos screen and got stuck in continous loop.

    i read somewhere that it’s a huawei problem and it’s possible i need to fully charge my unit first before initial use.

    i sure hate to call customer service. ilang weeks naman hihintayin ko for a replacement unit. iloilo kasi ako.

    • Avatar for ols ols says:

      nangyari na sakin to 2 wks ago. try mo i move muna yung laman nung internal SD ni Telpad sa PC. then restart mo si Telpad.

  11. Avatar for ladymarmalade ladymarmalade says:

    @Andre: I think P5,500 is reasonable for an Android Gingerbread tablet though a little too pricey for the obsolete Froyo version. Afterall, where can you get a Gingerbread tablet at that price point? Besides, I read in a blog that it should not be seen just as a regular tablet but a landline tablet. Not bad!

  12. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    its not PHP5500, its PHP500 extra for whatever DSL plan you have and then PHP5500 on top or ammortized. So its atleast 17500

    question is how does it compare to the rest of the tablets at this price point?

  13. Avatar for firefly firefly says:

    hi, been a longtime user of the telpad AD1000, and now AD1000A (the android 2.3 gingerbread upgrade), never had a problem calling from the tablet or the phone, but the volume’s a bit low over the tablet. but as to apps, browsing, wifi, connect to LCD TV — the new AD1000A gingerbread is a KILLER, worth the long wait

  14. Avatar for martin martin says:

    @dryxx: Hindi. i ordered a few months back. Sales person offered it to me. Pero i think you can apply at the PLDT business center. I don’t know when they will give you the unit. I don’t think you will get it immediately. May processing pa yan. Ako, i waited for months.

  15. Avatar for martin martin says:

    the pldt telpad is a joke!!!! i got my S7 and returned it. hindi ako makabuo ng tawag using the tablet. S7 customer and Temyong do you experience this too? Parang binigyan ako ng tablet + telephone + cradle because i cannot &*#$@ call when it is on the “dock” (aka cradle only). Putol ng putol. Is it the same for the AD-100?

    • Avatar for dryxx dryxx says:

      Hi martin,

      On the spot application ba yan sa pldt business center and then they gave u the device immediately?I want to avail also.


  16. Avatar for temyong temyong says:

    Got mine yesterday and so far I’m happy with it. Biruin mo 1Ghz processor!!! Same as my htc desire.

    Don’t mind the additional monthly fee since bumped up naman ung net bandwidth. Panalo ung deal as dar as I can say

  17. Avatar for yipeeyehey yipeeyehey says:

    tried the telpad sa SM with upgrade to ginger OS yung black color, it looks the same as before pero upgraded na yung OS. impressive sya compared to my samsung galaxy S with the older android froyo OS. very smooth at light touch lang sya at swabe naman sa games. pero sabi ng PLDT promo girl september pa raw available next batch sya?

    has anybody here been able to buy yung telpad na upgraded to gingerOS na? can i buy it without the DSL package? if so how much kaya? fyi – i’m existing skycable internet subscriber and very happy na with my internet, just want the telpad withthe ginger OS, please please answer :)

  18. Avatar for zira zira says:

    is this available nationwide?

    • Avatar for Bogey Bogey says:

      Yup, available, po, nationwide. PLDT’s marketing arm called last week, enticing me to get a DSL upgrade + S7 Slim Telpad. Told her I’d have to talk it over with the kumander muna. Pumayag naman si misis (she already owns an iPhone 3G. Yung sa akin Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 lang e. Anliit ng Angry Birds sakin, tsaka mabagal. Hehe). The offer the mktg rep proposed to me was this: I’d be upgrading my 3mbps P1,999 plan to 3.5mbps for an additional of P500/month + P250/month for the S7 Slim Telpad unit itself. This contract has a lock-in period of 2years. After that the S7 Slim Telpad is all mine. Of course, by that time, malamang naka Android 5 na, making my S7 Slim Telpad obsolete. Bwehehehe. I’ve read on the web the S7 can not be upgraded to a new version of Android. Can anybody confirm?

    • Avatar for Bogey Bogey says:

      I forgot to mention I’m from Bacolod. And Bacolod is usually at the bottom of the list when it comes to broadband upgrades and promos. We don’t have 5mbps DSL here yet (currently the fastest is 3mbps), and wala pang cable internet dito. Matagal nang may Sky Cable dito, like more than 10yrs na ata, pero ewan bakit ayaw nilang magprovide ng cable internet. So if they’re offering it here in Bacolod, you can bet they’re offering it nationwide (provided of course meron nang existing PLDT DSL in that particular area. Wala naman sigurong DSL sa Babuyan Island. Hehe).

  19. Avatar for chiqui chiqui says:

    @dryxx: so you mean the AD-100 i only pay for DSL but TELPAD is free to use? I don’t mind if i return it after loan period kasi baka by then they will have new version naman.

    • Avatar for dryxx dryxx says:

      yep,free to use ad-100.no cash out for that.for s7 you need to consider some features :) like 8gb internal memory and dual camera. .3mp and 3.2 mp.eventually pldt will upgrade the S7 to gingerbread i hope so :).marketing stragedy for the ad-100 thats why they upgrade d device into gingerbread.

  20. Avatar for chiqui chiqui says:

    thank you for the info. i prefer performance vs. porma. i think more responsive and no lag are important. yeah, read about android 2.3 advantage over 2.2. 2.2 will be obsolete soon. i will inquire PLDT re AD-100.

    • Avatar for yipeeyehey yipeeyehey says:

      @chiqui: i totally agree, who cares if it looks good but performance sucks. i only tried the black telpad with the 2.3 at SM and from performance i like it! the AD-100 model is the same as the black telpad?

  21. Avatar for c3pO c3pO says:

    @chiqui: hindi pa po yata available ung s7..nagtanong ako kahapon sa SM Fairview..baka end of August pa or September ang labas nya..kung OS ang paguusapan eh mas maganda ung 2.3 kc mas latest sya..kaso di ko pa nasusubukan..wala kc silang demo unit..

    • Avatar for dryxx dryxx says:


      I’ve just tried S7 and ad100 in sm bicutan,they have demo unit.In my experience S7 is “maporma” and very slim.Performance for me is Okay. while Ad100 with gingerbread OS is very responsive and no lag at all.when it comes to OS advantage of AD1000.

      but when pay 5500 for S7 upon availing,the device become yours while AD1000 is in borrow stage after the contract you need to get back to Pldt.

  22. Avatar for chiqui chiqui says:

    @kevin: what is the newer version of telpad? is the s7 the newer version you mentioned? pero diba 2.2 lang yon?
    @buyer29: what is the telpad android 2.3 version?
    which is better?
    please those who have tried s7 and telpad android 2.3 version give review so i can decide what to get.

  23. Avatar for someone someone says:

    Pano po pag may DSL na? Mga 1700+ ang binabayaran namin monthly kasama na yung net. 250 ba madadagdag? Yung pag upgrade ng speed is free po ba or may additional fee?

  24. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    You’re not only paying for “renting” the tablet but you’re paying for the internet service as well. If you’re a long time PLDT subcriber and have no plans on switching then you’re probably fine with the 2 year lock in period. I have the old version of the Telpad (the one made here in the Philippines by Neugent) and it still works. I tried this newer version in Shangrila and it feels better and more sturdy than the old one.

  25. Avatar for Buyer29 Buyer29 says:

    i heard Telpad has new version Android 2.3.
    Please check. thanks.

  26. Avatar for c3pO c3pO says:

    mas ok syang tignan compared dun sa una nilang nirelease. sosyal ung dating. pero functionality wise android froyo 2.2 pa rin sya?? from what I read from the other forum may gingerbread version na ung pldt telpad. is this the same unit??

  27. Avatar for Buyer29 Buyer29 says:

    May i ask the previous Telpad color Black.
    Im interested for this model.

  28. Avatar for popo popo says:


  29. Avatar for S7 customer S7 customer says:

    If you pay for it its yours. Same with the modem+wifi router.

  30. Avatar for dryxx dryxx says:


    If you pay 6k for the device,the unit will you own or still pldt?

  31. Avatar for S7 customer S7 customer says:

    Some price observation:

    1. 250 pesos per month for 2 years installment. So that’s 6000 pesos for the tablet itself.

    2. Yes you need the PLDT modem+wifi router in one which I bought at PLDT for 1,200. My old router needs replacing anyways, and I was satisfied by its bargain price (its like buying a wifi router for only 600 pesos).

    3. My DSL speed was bumped to 1.5 Mbps (Php2,099 per month). The download speed is at almost 300 KB/s. I downloaded a 700 MB movie in less than 40 minutes.

    Total damage:
    Tablet – php6000
    Modem+Wifi Router – php1200

    Monthly payment
    Landline Phone – php750 per month
    1.5 MB DSL – around php1300 per month
    Tablet – php250 per month

  32. Avatar for teovin teovin says:

    gusto ko nyan para may malibangan ang momi ko habang nagluluto o naglilinis ng bahay… ANGRY BIRDS hehehe

  33. Avatar for lawrence lawrence says:

    nyak 1800, tapos two year lock in? eh yung price ng tablet wala pa sa 12k.

    so parang 2 years mo siyang babayaran, at that time depreciated na yung value ng tablet. plus kailangan mo pa ng wifi router to maximize.

    anung sense ng landline + tablet eh wala naman silang shared function kung walang router at the first place? doesn’t make sense.

  34. Avatar for goodha goodha says:

    received a call from pldt csr today offering this. kaso haba ng lock in period. 2 years. and kailangan may wifi setup ka cos if not, obviously hindi gagana wifi ng tablet. also the csr offered if ayaw mo mag php5k payment then puede yung add on na php700 sa existing monthly plan mo.
    also for the existing users, kindly update na lang re the usability and stability ng andoid 2.2 on this s7. ive read from other forums na medyo sirain but pldt replaces the unit with an android 2.3 resulting to a much stable tablet with better battery life.

  35. Avatar for Icesteam Icesteam says:

    ingat ingat- baka ayan nanaman yun, after your lockin you still do not own the tablet. pag aari pa rin ng pldt

  36. Avatar for gee gee says:

    tablet phone ba to? i mean pde lagyan ng sim like galaxy tab or ung isang model un?

    • Avatar for gee gee says:

      off topic
      @sir abe meron po ba kayong review about broadbands, ganito po kc… nka pldt dsl ako now… kaso balak ko na pa cut kc malaki ang bills with landline kc… balak ko may broadband nlng either prepaid or postpaid, limit ko sana is upto 1k only per month.. ano po ba mgandang mga plans or kit to buy… sana matulungan nyo ko… thanks in advance!

  37. Avatar for Windmill Windmill says:

    Sir yuga, do you know the additional monthly fee of telpad?

  38. Avatar for 5500? 5500? says:

    ano ung 5500? can you buy it sa pldt for 5500 without the plan?

  39. Avatar for watrboy watrboy says:

    this is the one that is offer by the pldt CSR… but for +500 for my existing pldt plan.. parang talo.. hehehe.. pero 5500 lang price nito sa kanila.. then pwedeng installment in 12 or 24 months

    • Avatar for star star says:

      5500 cash for the device + 1,849 for the 1Mbps plan for 2yrs. for plan 990 upgrade to pldt telpad add 859 for 2yrs = 20,616 + 5,500 = 26,116 for the device.

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