Senate Bill No. 2644: SIM Card Registration

Senate Bill No. 2644: SIM Card Registration

Introduced by Sen. Manny Villar, the Senate Bill No. 2644 (or Prepaid SIM Card Registration) is “an act of requiring the registration of the buyers of prepaid SIM cards, and providing penalties for the violation thereof”.

Filed in January 20, 2011, the bill seeks to address some “text messaging related scams” and other crimes that involve the use of disposable prepaid SIM cards. reports that the Department of Justice has endorsed this bill as well:

Villar, in his proposed SB No. 2644 said that prepaid SIM cards are used by criminals in committing money-making activities such as e-raffle and random lottery.

Prepaid SIM cards, he added, have also become a tool of the so-called “dugong-dugong” gang to commit robbery or extort money from their victims.


The bill proposes that all sellers of prepaid SIM cards will require buyers to present government issued identification cards and record all personal information of the buyer.

The bill proposes a penalty of a fine ranging from P100,000 to P1 million and imprisonment from one year to two years for all violators.

Already wrote my piece about SIM card registration here before.

This is not new since telcos are already doing SIM card registration to all postpaid users — over 2 million subscribers are required to register their name and address when getting a postpaid SIM card. This process is just being duplicated to all non-postpaid (prepaid) users.

I’m sure the all postpaid subscribers would agree that this is a secure process — otherwise, I don’t think they’ll remain in postpaid and have their name registered anyways.

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64 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    how about the current prepaid users?

  2. Operation Super says:

    My name is already attached to my number when I upgraded my SIM.

    But the scenario of making existing subscribers to register would be interesting. Maybe telcos could disable your number until you registered it.

    Still, I am all for it.

  3. Erin says:

    I am a prepaid user and I have registered my number with Smart. It allows me the benefit of retaining the same number if for some reason it gets lost or damaged.


  4. @Erin really? I didn’t know about that. Nice info, now I can retain my phone number. I’ll just have to register first. Thanks!

  5. Ed says:

    while i totally agree with the purpose of registering, i would assume administering it would be more difficult than most people think. giving your IDs and info to a Globe/Smart Business Center (a trustworthy place for this type of transaction) is definitely not the same as giving your info to a corner store where you picked up a prepaid SIM. so i am curious as to how they would go about doing this. maybe e-registration through a website on your own time to activate the sim?

  6. RJCA says:

    Largely impractical.

  7. bagito_pa says:

    Ganyan din sa saudi dati…. sinasabi ng telecom na puputulin nila service kapag hindi nag register pero hindi nila magawa dahil mababawasan sila ng subscriber…. implemented lang sa mga bagong kukuha ng sim…..

  8. jojo says:

    ganyan din dito sa brunei, kahit sa mga corner stores, pino-photocopy nila ang either passport or Identification card(IC) mo pagbumili ka ng SIM tapos sina-submit nila yan sa telco…kaya parang ala pa akong nabasang text-scam dito…

  9. Benchmark33 says:

    Really Erin? Well sa Globe, I know I registered my sim to them but I am not sure if I have the same perks na I could ask for a replacement sim if I lost it…lalo na my number is somewhat VANITY. hehehehe then again, 10 years na kasi yung sim kong yun sa akin, kaya ingat na ingat ako…hehehehe

  10. Melvin says:

    I’m a globe prepaid user i lost my phone with my sim last november they replaced my sim with same number without charge :D

  11. daniel says:

    hirap na manloko nyan ^^ haha may identity na

  12. Benchmark33 says:

    Talaga Melvin…wow…thats good…san mo naman nireport na nawala yung sim mo? Any globe telecoms or dun mismo sa main office nila dyan sa may Boni?

  13. JKisaragi says:


    May required documents ba for replacement with number retention?

    I would love to have my SIM revived, almost 10 years na rin kasi to and it’s been through a lot (even surviving a cycle sa washing machine. XD)

  14. Rian says:

    Wala naman bago dito, e yung smartbro, skycable at pldt nga namin naka register din sa name ko. So hindi naman big deal ito sa privacy unless gagawa ka talaga ng kalokohan di ba.

  15. TechBOI says:

    Gumawa na naman ng batas. Ang tanong e mapapatupad ba?

  16. I’m surprised na galing kay Manny Villar yung proposal. Kala ko puro subdivision lang ang concern n’ya :)

  17. poche says:

    “The bill proposes that all sellers of prepaid SIM cards will require buyers to present government issued identification cards and record all personal information of the buyer.”

    -what?? yun mga tiange o sari sari store lang maglilista? nakasaad ba naman dyan sa bill if required sila ipasa pabalik sa telco un info? 2nd ready na ba mga telcos na gumawa ng database?

    at panghuli if criminal activities lang concern ni villar kasi nga nagagamit daw yan mga sim na yan dun edi magnanakaw na lang ng phone yun criminals at yun gagamitin. ang downside nito yun nanakawan ang mapagbibintangan since siya naka registered lol.

  18. No Name says:

    Replacing lost SIM Card with the same number required affidavit of lost and Valid ID. Nagawa ko na sa Globe yan twice and once sa SMART. They just need the ICCID of your SIM card.

  19. JKisaragi says:


    nakasaad ba naman dyan sa bill if required sila ipasa pabalik sa telco un info?

    – Yes. Section 2 of Senate Bill No. 2644 states that sellers are mandated to record all information of the buyer and register the same with the telcos.

    2. ready na ba mga telcos na gumawa ng database?

    – Well, it’s not really a question of whether they’re ready or not. If the bill does pass both houses and is enacted by the state (which I doubt it would WITHOUT modification), they have no other choice but to comply.

    3. edi magnanakaw na lang ng phone yun criminals at yun gagamitin.

    – I see where you’re going with this, BUT that is why people should exercise due diligence when it comes to their phones/SIM as it would now be an extension of their identity; another form of identification for the gov’t, and what do we do if we do lose our ID’s? We report them IMMEDIATELY so that we won’t be held liable for the misuse of the lost ID.

    Maybe we should all stop thinking of how “tedious” the process could be on our end kasi pag nasai-batas na to, wala na rin naman tayong choice but to comply. :)

  20. camhiliciouz says:

    on a personal note, exaggerated lang talaga yung mga nagssabi na mava-violate ang human rights…

    i mean, ibig bang sabihin, kaming mga postpaid subscribers eh ganun ang sitwasyon? never experience such. in fact, i felt more secure kasi pwede itrace ang mga transactions ko, walang kaya huli ang mga manloloko…

    and siguro, time na rin na sa business centers nalang pwede bumili ng sim (im not sure before when the sims are a thousand bucks or more, pero sa kanila lang ata pwede bumili nun.

    the FACT is, MARAMI kasi pasaway, kaya dapat supilin sila…

  21. mr. bogus says:

    from the start naman dapat meron nito….

    mga n.p.a. (new peoples army) lang naman ang ayaw sa congress like satur ocampo…

    the telco companies need database for this at mahal yun (sana walang kapalit).. sana mapatupad asap

  22. Kyle says:

    Senators should learn how technology works…

  23. Ben says:

    Sabihin nating wala pa naman itong batas na ito at hindi pa naman implemented, I wonder if there is a way we could voluntarily register a prepaid sim under our name?

  24. Jhay says:

    Post-paid users really don’t have a choice in whether their names, address, etc are collected by the telcos or not because it’s a requirement for getting a line to begin with.

  25. melvin says:


    I got my replacement at globe business center Park Square1 maybe it’s applicable to all BS centers.


    i just filled up affidavit of lost (globe have), valid ID and they asked for the last number I called. :)

  26. rotero says:

    “Maybe we should all stop thinking of how “tedious” the process could be on our end kasi pag nasai-batas na to, wala na rin naman tayong choice but to comply. ”


  27. rotero says:

    “the telco companies need database for this at mahal yun (sana walang kapalit).. sana mapatupad asap”

    i dont understand why are u thinking that TELCOS dont have DB, hey! millions of post paid users are already in their DB so it means they DO have DB, so its a matter of scaling UP their back end

  28. cxian says:

    YES to this. This is to prevent scammers, annoying people who send unsolicited advertisements, harassments and pranksters that enjoys the priviledge of anonymomity.

  29. pabs says:

    ok ito. no big deal. I have a postpaid line from globe both for my land line, cellphone line and broadband in my name I have also a prepaid sim card from globe which i acquired way back when they were the first to offer texting in 1997? I have retained my prepaid number since then even if the sim card has been replaced 3 times already

  30. rick says:

    AS long as people can get a fake id, (even fake driver’s license are easy in PHL) to register sim, its useless. AND you dont expect all the people in the provinces and barrios to have legal government identification cards.

  31. lolipown says:

    It’s a start. Just because fake I.D.s are easy to acquire doesn’t mean the bill has no merit.

  32. kevin says:


    Decent people are sharing personal thoughts here. keep that to your head.

    @topic, I certainly agree with the proposal. :) more secured in some ways.. just a piece of advice, don’t use SMS when giving VERY important details. (accounts numbers, etc.)

  33. kevin says:


    Decent people are sharing PROFESSIONAL thoughts here. keep that to your head. -edited.

  34. gg says:

    Kawawa naman yung iba dito, nagpapakalow-life para ma promote yung blogs nila. Mahiya naman. ehem.

    BTW, this is really inconvenient both for consumers and telco’s, but if this is the price of security, then let it be :P

  35. lolipown says:

    read a few posts back, that’s a troll (not jhay per se but you’ll see it when you read the posts)

  36. Adrian says:

    tama lang yan. mabuti na yung ganyan madali ma trace yung mga manloloko.

  37. No Name says:

    Madaming poser dito sa Yugatech… Napakalala ng mga poser dito na nag cocoment… masasama pa mga comment nila.

  38. Messie says:

    I’m all for this. This is a good move and will yield nothing but benefits IMO.

    The costs should not be our concern. As a matter of fact, it would be better if it is explicitly stated in the bill that the cost for the database and the maintenance of such should not be passed on the consumers.

  39. RJCA says:

    @Messie – And why should it be the burden of the telecos to implement this new bill? The only alternative to passing the costs to the consumer should be the government funding the initiative.

  40. Messie says:

    @RJCA This is not a government project which requires funding from the government. This is a bill that imposes a requirement specifically for the SIM registration of each of the Telecommunication companies. If they don’t want to shoulder the expenses and comply with the law, then they cannot operate and earn profit from their subscribers, it is as simple as that.

    You might have mistaken it for the National ID database which is a government project and (definitely) should be funded by the government.

  41. Mat says:

    I hope they can keep retailers from selling any information given them.

  42. deuts says:

    I agree with this SIM card registration. Kung wala ka naman tinatago bakit ka nga ba matatakot? Kung hindi ka poser, di ka magtatago sa pangalan ng iba.

    Which brings us to this new issue. Dapat cguro magkaroon na rin ng required registration dito sa yugatech para mabawasan na ang mga scam dito. Hehe
    Dami kasi trolls and posers.

  43. poche says:

    yep yan ang isang flaw dyan.

    kasi nga buyer-retailer/reseller-telco ang magiging flaw.
    so may record din yun retailer/seller.

    another point is bihasa kaya lahat ng mga reseller na tumingin ng valid ids at idistinguish un sa fake or hindi?

  44. poche says:

    lets say may required registration dito.
    pano mo naman mapapatunayan na ikaw nga yun nagregister? magppas din ba ng valid id kay yuga bago ka iapprove? lol.

  45. KImkae77 says:

    pag natuloy to bka humina benta ng sim cards ng mga telcos…mawawala na yung nagbebenta sa mrt/lrt ng 20/30/sim..any way ..yes to this bil…

  46. lolipown says:

    Yep. Poche’s having a fit because he hasn’t realized that if the bill bill passes, the only entities big enough to handle selling prepaid sims and handle the registration are the telcos themselves or other businesses willing to take up the market.

  47. Darksword says:

    wala na ako makaka phone sex nito… magddalwang isip na mga ka PS ko

  48. mindyQ says:

    people who decry “privacy” concerns don’t realize that their personally identifiable information are already stored in government databases such as the SSS/GSIS, Pagibig, NSO, BIR, Philhealth, COMELEC. if you are employed, your employer has your information as well. your bank/s also have information about you. so anong bago dito sa sim registration?

    kung hindi ka kriminal hindi malaking isyu itong registration!

  49. ZERATUL-PH says:





  50. deuts says:

    syempre kelangan ng valid email address pag nagregister ka dito sa yugatech. At ma-activate mo lng ang account mo pag na-click mo ung url na sinend sa email address mo na ikaw lng makaka-open.

  51. sylv3rblade says:

    umm email validation isn’t really a deterrent

  52. Parang sa credit card and ATMs lang yan. Pag nawala report kagad. Ang problema lang dyan ay yung pag register pag binili sa tindahan.

  53. Ric says:

    It’s about time! Vietnam implemented this before in 2008. It should be done to prevent abuse and ensure better accountability.

  54. poche says:

    no use din if email lang. dali lang gumawa ng email accounts. may ip address logs naman si yuga e not unless may gumagamit ng proxies lol.

    ok lets say na approve na tong bill. ano na mangyayari sa may sim na? force registration ba.

    best way if gusto nio talaga ng security e national id system. tapos un id number lang ang iinput sa sim card registration para wala ng info na ittype or issave.

  55. Pogz says:

    Rising 3rd world countries are doing this. G20 countries are doing this.

    Iwan na iwan na ang Pinas sa ibang bansa tapos dami pang mga asungot na nagrereklamo kasi merong ganitong klaseng bill?

    Dapat maisabatas ang bill na ito. This will be for the benefit of the greater good. Post-paid subscribers never complain when the telcos ask for their personal information when subscribing for their services. I bet a vast majority of post-paid subscribers have a separate pre-paid line. So there is no point in complaining if this bill is implemented.

    Makikitid utak ng mga taong ayaw maisatupad ang batas na ito.

  56. adam says:

    Ok sana itong bill na ito pero mahirap din kasi dapat meron lang talagang designated na tindahan ng simcard kasi kung sa mga sari-sari store ka lang bibili at mag reregister tingin ko hindi safe ang information mo sa kanila.

  57. adam says:

    Anyway I’m in favor of this bill.

  58. lolipown says:

    Why on something not yet in place (the national ID) when there’s already an existing system for this (the telcos)?

    Oh and for those who already have simcards? The solution is quite simple but I can guarantee you or anyone against the bill won’t like it.

  59. Bryan says:

    I’m pro registration. About purchasing at retailers/sari-sari store issue, I think that has to change. There would be authorized resellers of SIM cards like 7-11 and/or net cafes where registration would be over the internet and you’ll be the one to register the ICCID to get it activated. Something like that.

    I would also like to suggest phone registration (IMEI) but that would be another case. In south korea, only the phones bought in Korea will work with their local SIM cards. That’s another way of minimizing criminal acts with cellphones. And also, if the government seriously wants to stop smuggling, this is one way of doing it.

  60. leemar says:

    they should implement it asap. para mabawasan ang manloloko. for existing prepaid. they should require all to register, dapat mag put up sila ng sight or booth para dun magpa reg ang mga users. dapat my i.d. kasabay ng registration. para matigil ang mga kalokohan dto sa pinas. pag ginawa nila yan dun na magkaka alaman kung sino ang mas maraming subscriber. kasi smart is claiming na marami daw silang subscriber ang tanong lahat ba yun active? lahat ba yun nag lo-load regularly. kasi ako i have smart pero once a month ko lang mag load dun 30 pesos lang. kasi i have a globe postpaid naman.

  61. dan says:

    @mindy, i could have superliked your point :) I guess a lot of shady people are starting to get wary on this bill.

    @everyone, ive been getting a lot of spam on my sun postpaid from prepaid ones. I wonder how do this pinoy sms spammers are getting our nos. They keep sending loan stuffs every other day with different numbers. If this bill is at push, i hope our numbers and infos wont get to the wrong hands

  62. JM says:

    dapat lang cguro my registration n nga ang sim card…

    para dun sa mga nawawalan ng Cellphone… na amy mobile tracker kagaya ng samsung model.

    dhil dun sa mobile tracker ng samsung… sakaling manakaw ung cp mo.. eh malalaman mo kung nakanino na at saan n napunta ung cp mo.. maari mo pang mabawi… masakit mawalan ng CP ha..

  63. JERRY A. GERONA says:


  64. good pm all senador sir,please read ra 9292 electronics engineering law.there are 3 reg.professionals.the pece.the ece.and the ect.masama po ang ginawa na law.nakakasira po sa electronics technician.dahil po ang (pece)professional electronics engr.dito ay siya lang nakikinabang when it comes of signing permits and plan.dapat revised nyo po ang RA9292.TO MAKE ITS LAHAT PATI ANG ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN MAKA SIGNED AND SEAL SA PERMITS AND PLAN.SALAMAT PO.

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