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Subscribers complain about annoying Globe iToolbar

We received several emails today about the newly implemented Globe iToolbar. The iToolbar appears when you’re using mobile internet or tethering your device to a phone on the Globe network.

A few readers pointed out to us that this new implementation is automatically inserted by Globe to any website that your browse on the net.

The Globe iToolbar is an expandable toolbar within your phone’s browser that gives you quick and easy access to Globe services, Internet search, and your favorite Internet sites.

Globe’s reason behind the introduction of this toolbar is “to make your Mobile Internet experience much more convenient. You can now enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite Globe and Internet services.“.

As of May 2012, Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, and TM subscribers with the following devices can see the Globe iToolbar:


iPhone 3G running iOS5 or higher using the native browser
iPhone 3GSrunning iOS5 or higher using the native browser
iPhone 4running iOS5 or higher using the native browser
iPhone 4Srunning iOS5 or higher using the native browser
Sony Ericsson LT15i Xperia Arc using Android 2.3 or higher using the native browser
Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini using Android 2.3 or higher using the native browser

The biggest complaint we are getting from Globe subscribers is that there’s no way to remove this toolbar. This has apparently distracted a lot of subscribers and ruined the user experience especially on mobile devices with very limited screen real estate.

As of this time, there is no way for subscribers to remove the Globe iToolbar. We’re getting comments from Globe regarding this issue.

Update: Globe says they are aware of the reactions of subscribers and looking into the next steps to address this issue.

Update 2: Looks like Globe Telecom has decided to drop the iToolbar on their mobile internet. We’re getting reports people are no longer seeing the Globe iToolbar when using their Globe mobile internet.

Update 3: Talked to a Globe exec who told me they already scrapped the whole idea of the iToolbar.

Hat tip Marc Obaldo, Ernesto Pacheco.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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53 Responses

  1. Thristan says:

    So that’s why. But this appeared earlier at work and we are definitely not on Globe or tether connection as we have a dedicated line. So how come?

  2. whacker says:

    Wow. That large toolbar surely wastes a lot of screen estate especially for smartphones. What the hell, globe?

  3. Dumont says:

    I was very annoyed when I saw this on my screen but PROBLEM SOLVED. I used AdBlock with my Chrome.

  4. pabs says:

    You can minimize it though by clicking the curly braces at the far right. But it is still there nonetheless.

  5. duckduck says:

    “Globe’s reason behind the introduction of this toolbar is “to make your Mobile Internet experience much more convenient. You can now enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite Globe and Internet services.“.”

    Sure, globe is so sarcastic with this statement. This will definitely eat my screen’s real estate.

  6. Alan says:

    Called globe today for the same reason. Globe people ignorant about it. I hate it. My phone already has that white home button on the screen, and the globe I-toolbar clutters the screen. I touch it every time I browse. Can’t even move it. Stupid globe. Direct your efforts to making your signal better, don’t come up with stupid marketing ploys.
    Thanks, Abe.

  7. ptcphils says:

    The first rule in enhancing user mobile experience:

    “Do not annoy your users!”

  8. Obed says:

    So that’s the reason why I have that Tattoo bar on every page of my tabs on my laptop. It is really annoying, Globe should have first ask for the user’s permission or at least may settings na pwede i-disable ito. Wala naman ito sa contract na pinirmahan ko nung nag subscribed ako nang Globe Tattoo.

  9. Jomar says:

    Same with my Corporate Globe postpaid SIM, I see that bar when I tether using a Huawei E585 personal WIFI hotspot…

  10. deuts says:

    Kalokohan na yan! Ibagsak ang Globe!

  11. Philip tan says:

    Back to smart for me

  12. Billy says:

    Not cool Globe. I will disconnect ky line bec of this. It sucks Globe. It has analytics and couod possibly violation your privacy.Di niya pati naeenhance User experience. Baka magkaads pa yan in the future. Switch na talaga ako sa Smart.

  13. kolejiala says:

    parang kolehiya ring back ng globe na nilalagay nila sa unsuspecting globe customers! biruin mo na ang mayor na barako ang ringback nya e kolehiyala!!

  14. Rich says:

    This is just plain Bull Shit on Globe’s part!
    Fix your Signal and service, and don’t come up with Stupid Marketing ploys like this!

    If people needs to access your LOUSY services, they will just browse over to your pathetic and sluggish website! IMPROVE YOUR LOUSY INTERNET SERVICE! WE DON’T NEED YOUR MARKETING SHIT!

  15. jayjay says:

    parang virus tong ginawa ng globe. i’m using globe tattoo to connect to the internet, pero sun subscriber pero nagpopop pa rin yung toolbar nila sa phone ko. another disappointment.

  16. emansky says:

    I have no complaints on globe. love the no data cap and real unlimited services..

    but the toolbar is really annoying. the toolbar doesnt show though on all websites.. toolbar doesnt show up on facebook. it does on engadget. here in yugatech, none either.

    im on postpaid and using my htc mozart as my hotspot all the time

    • nimrod says:

      Are you really that sure that Globe doesn’t CAP you please read this site http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/fup/index

    • nimrod says:

      The Globe @Home broadband service currently provides the following peak volume capacity depending on your plan:
      For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 16 GB – 20 GB per account per month
      For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 21 GB – 25 GB per account per month
      For WiMax accounts with Speed Boost add-on or is installed starting on May 13, 2011:
      For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 1 GB per account per day
      For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
      For WiMax Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day
      For DSL accounts with Speed Boost add-on or is installed starting on November 11, 2011:
      For DSL Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
      For DSL Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day
      For DSL Postpaid 3 Mbps: 7 GB per account per day
      For DSL Postpaid 5 Mbps: 10 GB per account per day

    • Owen says:

      nasan ang mobile (cellphone) internet dyan nimrod? eh wimax and home DSL yan.

  17. Disappointed says:

    This move by Globe is totally unbecoming of an Ayala Corporation company. My husband and I have been very loyal customers of Globe since 2005 but today I cannot feel but be slighted by the underhandedness of placing such a toolbar on my browser without my consent and without giving me a choice to turn it off. In terms of ethics, I thought it veered on the Zuckerberg-ish. I am extremely disappointed. I am canceling my subscription tomorrow. For months I have been putting up with Tattoo’s slug-paced download and almost static upload speeds out of a true belief in Ayala Corporation and its subsidiaries. But if this is how Globe repays its customers for brand loyalty, I am out.

  18. Joe says:

    Screw you Globe. We don’t want your annoying toolbar that eats up space on our smart phone’s screen. I wouldn’t complain if the service is free but we are getting ads for a paid internet service. Who is the idiot who taught this was a great idea???

  19. Docwaldy says:

    Im using dolphin browser in my iphone today and all of a sudden i noticed this toolbar from globe without asking me permission, at first i thought it was spyware or a malicious program that invaded my privacy. I agree whoever is behind with this idea is totally ignorant when it comes to privacy issues!

  20. Noggy says:

    The person who came up with this idea should be fired!

    From a customer perspective, it is really annoying and intrusive.

    And from the site owner’s perspective it is actually stealing if it is without their consent.

  21. Judoy says:

    Super annoying! Focus on what is important — faster and reliable connection. Why are they even spending on this? They actually paid people to do this? Unbelievable. Wala bang product managers sa Globe? Something this annoying is super easy to catch!

  22. Ernie says:

    They said it is not supposed to show up on Google but it still shows up. It sucks.

  23. wicked says:

    Gumagawa na pala ng malware ang globe hehe… Malware yan kung walang option ang user na pede iinstall o hindi tsk tsk.. wag nyo naman ipilit globe kung ayaw namen hehe

  24. Philip says:

    Considering steps? The first step is obvious but globe won’t do it. Take the toolbar out!

  25. Name: Jun says:

    This cheap and obviously stupid tactic is similar to that of the SM chain of stores and supermarkets where they saturate your senses with ads about SM so much that you want to puke.

  26. GlobeFake3G4GNetwork says:

    We are paying for our internet service right? Tapos lalagyan nyo ng ganito na may ads. Big bullshit itong Globe. Di nyo nga maayos ayos signal nyo tapos ganito pa gagawin nyo? Napakabulok nyo talaga. Ayusin nyo na lang yang 3G coverage nyo na hanggang ngayon napakalimited pa rin mga ungas.

  27. nimrod says:

    What happen to Globe, first they Capped our internet usage and now they give us this annoying toolbar. I know how to access to Globe’s website. PLDT-Smart is the best Internet Provider that i can suggest. No CAP and No iToolbar.

    • Billy says:

      I think itvhas analytics and I think Globe breaches its contract to their customers including me. I hate them. Now I need to pay for a termination fee to disconnect my line. I gind them a big greedy company.

  28. jo says:

    On the very first day na nakita ko to, sa sobrang badtrip ko pinacancel ko agad postpaid unlisurf ko without any fees. sobrang kalokohan na ito.

  29. mcometa says:

    Buti na langgg! Istorbo sa business eh!

  30. Rich says:

    Yes folks! Globe = Greediness!

    Why? do you guys remember their email to internet subscribers, asking them to enroll their credit cards for automatic debit of monthly charges?

    THat’s one way for GLobe to somewhat dupe subscribers, coz even though their service sucks and you don’t wanna pay-up your bill, they will just automatically suck your money from your credit cards. and who knows what else and how much they would automatically debit from your account, had you registered for automatic payment of your accounts.

    They would think of ways to suck money out of their subscribers, come up with marketing ploys like this stupid toolbar slash Malware which obviously monitors what their subscribers are surfing, and possibly monitoring other things, like your location and other transactions that you do online, for use with their marketing strategies to come up with targeted advertisements, wherein you receive a pop-up ad, or maybe a text message telling you something that they have a promo where you’re near at.

    Really malicious on GLobe’s part!
    they should be sued for this iToolbar shit!
    they invaded the privacy of paying subscribers!

  31. Eizan says:

    That toolbar was nothing short of being called adware already. Geez. My goodness, Globe, why do you have to resort to such cheap tactics nowadays.

  32. JM says:

    I have posted a way to remove the Globe iToolbar. Check my post here:http://www.techmometer.com/how-to-remove-the-globe-tattoo-itoolbar/ =)

    • Eizan says:

      Eww, ang poor mo ha. Begging everyone to go to your site para magka-views. Yuck, parang Globe lang with their iToolbar, haha!

  33. Churva says:

    ^ ulul! isa ka pa eh!
    para ka ring Globe!
    Style na bulok mo! inalis na nga daw yung toolbar eh! tapos ayan ka nag-aalok na tignan yung post mo para alisin yung toolbar!

    gusto mo lang ng may bumisita sa website mo eh! Kamote!

  34. ranz says:

    hahaha globe is so greedy…..pangit na signal…pinageexperimentuhan lang ang customers…got a postpaid line from them….after 3 months pinacut ko na…unlimited everything ako then may charge akong nakikita kung anek anek…..customer service nila sucks!!!! more holds….bastos….walang alam….now im with smart….and smart satisfies me…ang lakas ng signal….soobra…..pati internet….and they will even call you if u recvd ur bill or may problem ka…..monthly nila ginagawa….kaya lipat na sa smart….and by the way…my aunt works with globe before and she says that ang globe ang laki ng utang thats why kumukuha nag globe sa pera ng tao….loads and charges….kaya if something is wrong or kinain ng load nyo….tawag sa cs….ipabalik ang load….im serious bout this…hehe

  35. chris_d says:

    I called to cancel our service and was informed of an “Admin fee” of 550 since our account is less than a year. Though on the terms and conditions the amount (550) and time (12 mos.) are not indicated. The plan we even got was a SIM only plan and we made sure there was no contract.

    So if you are thinking of getting a SIM only plan, read all the fine print. When we signed up this was not informed to us.

  36. itachi1 says:

    I thought we’re talking about annoying toolbars… Funny how this turned to other ugly scenarios. If you’re not happy with one ISP, there’s always another one out there.

    • benchmark says:

      I agree with you. And in my opinion, there is no perfect, provider here in Ph….unless the government make an action and not too greedy on everything. Well its just my opinion.

  37. Kendrick says:

    I’m glad naka-SMART ako! i’m using an iPhone4S and so much satisfied with my data connection. My friends switched to SMART also after realizing that GLOBE has a very poor connection..Dagdagan mo pa ng annoying iToolbar na to. Ayos lang ang GLOBE sa TVCs ang pagpapapogi pero bulok ang service! =S

  38. Jeian says:

    Guys, The toolbar only works in http:// but if you access https:// the tool bar will be gone because of https browsing is secure and if you see the toolbar agin report it to globe… Try browsing facebook at https://www.facebook.com to secure the data connection

  39. Lyr says:


    Go there, and click “Yes”

    And *poof*, the button’s gone.

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  41. ronie b says:

    I am currently using Globe Tattoo stick . Annoying tool bars and ads will appear. Wtf****
    Globe please get rid of this… before I switch to Sun.

  42. Ian Pestelos says:

    They’ve done it again, now bundled with annoying modal popups which will only disappear if you wait for a few seconds.

    Why do I get the feeling that Globe has poor insight to usability? Same feeling I have with their recently launched mobile apps.

  43. Bryan says:

    That annoying piece of crap icon is back with a vengeance…

    Why are they so focus on those things instead of improving network service?!?!

  44. Putang ina mo Globe mamatay kana

  45. george says:

    No,Globe has not discontinued its toolbar. It still pops up randomly. Haven’t found a popup blocker to knock it out yet. Tried Adblock Plus. No good.

  46. RaGe says:

    It seems Smart’s doing the same thing…and I’m on ppstpaid

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