Sun Cellular caps 2Mbps 3G to 650Kbps

Sun Cellular caps 2Mbps 3G to 650Kbps

Several readers sent in reports that Sun Cellular is allegedly capping their 2Mbps unlimited 3G internet (Sun Wireless Broadband) to just 640Kbps.

While this bandwidth capping has not been official confirmed, a number SWB users have been sharing bandwidth results from their experience that there’s indeed some sort of capping going on (using Mobile Data Monitoring Application).



The Sun Wireles Broadband (SWB) unlimited service has a monthly service fee of Php799 (the cheapest 3G internet service in the Philippines) for unlimited 3G internet within Metro Manila. Sun Cellular promises speeds of up to 2Mbps on their 3.5G network. Consumer reports on 640Kbps cap is definitely a significant issue and it’s possible their network is already clogging up (a victim of their own success?).

I have contacted Sun Cellular for an official response to this issue and they promised to get back to me. Will update this post once I get official word from them.

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81 Responses

  1. RJCA says:

    Don’t offer something you can’t provide!

    Why offer speeds that you know you won’t be able to sustain?

  2. Prokopio Dakuikoi says:

    i hope the broadband plans in the philippines would go down soon.
    here in singapore mobile one currently offers a 7.2mbps unlimited for just around php450.

  3. william says:

    their offer just backfired.

  4. pochero says:

    1mbps na daw ang canopy smartbro sa aug15 according to agents and *1888. ang tanong di kaya mgclog network ng smart at pldt d2?

  5. Bachan says:

    1mbps na daw ang canopy smartbro sa aug15 according to agents and *1888. ang tanong di kaya mgclog network ng smart at pldt d2?

  6. Twina says:

    No wonder internet access via SWB has been slower compared to 4 months ago.

  7. jpeb says:

    thanks for posting this info. people should avoid SBW at all cost. it is better to spend a little more for quality.

    i terminated my account as far back as april because of the poor quality. until now SBW has yet to return my one month advance deposit even if my account had no holding period.

  8. drealmarlon says:

    wag naman sana..sir yuga help!!!be our consumer tech hero!!

  9. Cutemoboy says:

    what about for prepaid SBW? is it gonna be the same? or this is just for there unlimited internet acces?.. coz im planning to get SBW prepaid for back up connection.. coz im olways on d go. can SOMEONE ENLIGHTHEN ME.. PLS TENKS!!

  10. Cutemoboy says:


  11. vince says:

    This has been discussed before in Meron pa sila software that can actually show na ang settings ay nagbago.

    Some people there have reported that sun prepaid in the same location still has the same speed so if you complain and the sun agent says its because of network congestion, pwede mo sila hulihin in a lie.

  12. Cutemoboy says:

    so vince u min whether ur prepaid or postpaid.. thre both Xperiencing problems about the speed?

  13. Jiro Yan says:

    I’m Sun Wireless Broadband since April this year. Sobrang bilis talaga ng connection nila before. Lagpas pa ng 2Mbps. Pero ngayon nasa 640kbps nalang talaga… Balak ko nalang kumuha ng SMART Bro Unlimited 999 na Share-It

  14. petken says:

    I also noticed the change in speed reaching at least 1Mbps is very rare nowadays. I’m experiencing the same speed around 600Kbps. I also noticed fluctuating connection even in places where there is a strong signal. I can’t believe that the telcos are really doing this capping. I think it is their responsibility to upgrade their system to cope up with the growing numbers of subscribers. They should have the facilities that matches the number of subscribers. It is not our fault if their system is not enough. They should be the one adjusting not the subscribers.

  15. Jhay says:

    This should be the topic of another Senate inquiry: internet woes of us consumers.

  16. Lezuric says:

    Sun Cellular is a sister company of DIGITEL which is commonly so called “business scammer”. No Wonder there is an anomaly with their service.

  17. Pinoy says:

    subscriber ako ng SWB799 since July, nung una pa me tym na bumababa cla ng 640 kbps, cguro nga sa dami ng subscribers kaya ganun un, pero ok nmn xa pag madaling araw… wahehehehe tlgang me oras na sobrang bilis.. nyhahahha! ok narin to sa mga On The Go.

  18. Tech Blog says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if they did actually put a cap on the speed, considering a lot of their users are downloading torrent and putting heavy toll on their network, with probably small profit margin, I guess when they initially planned to offer this they didn’t expect their users to use it for a lot of downloading as they are targeting it for mobiles users.

  19. Mon says:

    Globe Tattoo offers the same [email protected]!ty service

  20. Tiger says:

    The speed is being capped? That is not “TRUTH IN ADVERTISING”. Their ads are misleading. This should be reported to the Ad Board.

  21. ray says:

    other internet providers in other countries is so reluctant in their speed, kaya, its irritating to know that cheap technology provides cheap services here. 7.2 mbps for 450 in singapore? say what? hello sun, are you reading this?

  22. Mac_Kiddo says:

    ive been complaining about this several times on their technical support hot-line. And all i get is ‘report report report” from the agents. Lousy excuse. I told them that i am experiencing better speed when im using my prepaid (i both have the prepaid and postpaid). And the response: Gagawa po kami ng report. WTF!!!! All you did were investigations with no resolutions. I finally asked the agent, are you capping the speed of the 799 easy broadband postpaid accounts? Agent: No Sir. Then why is it that my speed had drastic reduction of speed. Agent: May congestion na po kasi sir. Again, i just used my prepaid right now and i can browse and download without problem. Agent: Gagawa nalang po kami ng report.

    Call ended.

    We were just going around in circles.

  23. Ardz says:

    I read in their fine print that they have the right to cap your bandwidth if you do not comply to their Acceptable Use Policy. In other words, if you download/seed torrents 24/7 or do similar activities, this may happen to you. Otherwise, you should be in the clear. Read the fine print before you sign up into anything. Take it from me, I learned it the hard way.

  24. xquish says:

    here’s the reply of SUN when my i tried to email them regarding the persisting connection problem…

    Good day!

    We would like to inform you that we appreciate your effort in informing us about your concerns and in line this, recently, there were adjustments that the network team has done with regards to upload and download rates of our SBW. You may also want to try now visiting major and non-major websites and kindly observe your connection and we appreciate if you can give us feedback regarding this. We also do recommend for awhile to try other email-based websites than yahoo in sending emails. Finally, we do recommend if you can try connecting your SBW to other PCs, aside from the one you’re always using, in a different location so that we can isolate the problem.

    Rest assured that we are doing everything to continuously give you quality service.

    Once again, thank you very much and we look forward to your continued support and valued patronage of Sun Broadband Wireless.

    Philippe P. Chieng
    Customer Service Operations
    Sun Cellular

    Let’s flood their email with our concerns! They’re good with their advertisement, but they really SUCKS when it comes to quality service!

  25. cmark says:

    i’ve been using the service since april. i’m here in caloocan-malabon area and the signal strength almost always shows 90-100% but the download speed accdg to shows:

    april: 300kbps-1.2mpbs
    as of aug 8/ 7;23pm- 24.3kbps!?!?! WTF and unfortunately i signed up for the two year contract.

  26. Ton says:

    no such thing as a free lunch :) Im sure the “limitation” is in [very] fine print in the contract.

  27. jessie says:

    how about Globe Tatto…. minsan nga 1.4kbps it’s so obvious parte ka ng globe kaya kinakalaban mo Sun

  28. Ann says:

    SBW user here, 799 unlimited @ Pasay City.

    SBW has been really shitty since May, one month after I got it. Aside from the pathetic upload/download rate (often I can’t even upload 50kb email attachments during peak hours), it DISCONNECTS EVERY 15 MINUTES. I understand that connection integrity depends on weather and traffic, but geez, it happens even during sunny clear skies at off-peak hours.

    I noticed something, though. My IP address changed. When service was alright, I had an IP that traced to Quezon City. Now my shitty access has an IP that traces all the way to Digitel Cabanatuan Cuty (Nueva Ecija).

  29. petken says:

    I hate the excuses of the customer service representatives blaming the weather, the traffic, fluctuations and alike. They don’t admit that it is their fault.

  30. pedro says:

    so thats why I cant seem to load my internet applications…

    great… i just renewed my monthly subscription with them…huhuhuhu…

    its a good thing I have my smart bro pre paid…oh well…

  31. Pink says:

    My friend gave up on ’em, in return he opened the dongle himself and used a simcard from another network? lol

  32. David Z says:

    Hmmm, if Sun indeed capped their speed, they ought to send a notice to subscribers to know what’s going on. While it’s understandable saying too much is bad, they should know consumers need to know how, why, etc.

  33. sherwin says:

    most of the time, if not everytime, it’s lower than 650kbps, on my experience it’s more shitty than dial-up. minsan dead air pa.

    it’s not surprising, 2mbps is just a come-on talaga sa start, then cap to lower, and lower bandwidth. of course the fine print is, “up to”.

  34. Jollibee says:

    I subscribed to SWB for 2 weeks already. the speed is not really 2mbps. (I tried smartbro and tatoo for a couple of times too to help me decide.) Smartbro and tatoo didn’t reached 2mbps either. Smartbro is 1mbps and tatoo is a little bit lower than 1mbps.

    I decided to get SWB only because it is unlimited. Also psychologically prepared that the signal might not be good. but so far, I’m quite ok with the signal, part of the reason might be that there is a sun cell site near our area. I have no problem for normal surfing. Downloading apps is slow, torrent is very slow. Up loading is naturally slower than downloading. I’m not a techy person, this is only what I observed.

    I think not only sun is providing below par in the speed aspect. And if I’m the service providers, I can think of dozens of excuses to blame for the speed we are getting. Since it is wireless, they can even blame on the rain or strong wind.

    Ultimately, I think each of the provider will be well punished by their poor performance. Since many people are using prepaid now. Switching providers is just too easy to do. I won’t be surprised to see there are people swapping their smart usb to tatoo usb, or vice versa or with sun’s if each provider continue to perform poorly.

    With regards, to sun, well, it is the cheapest in town. What do we ask for? Like my dad used to say… “Gusto mo ng mura, gusto mo pa ng maganda?”

    The only issue here is only that they have to be truthful in their words. Kung 650kbps sabihin nila, wag sasabihin 2mbps tapos 650 lang pala ang binigay. This goes to all telecom not only Sun.

  35. Charles says:

    I’m a Sun Broadband Wireless prepaid user.

    Bali browsing ang mabilis sa Sun, pero pag downloads na, parang tiyempo tiyempo. For example, usually, pag nag download mo yung file, at first nasa 250-400 kbps lang, pero pag ni cancel mo sya at ni attempt mo ulit i-download, kaya nya mag burst up to 2mbps even more at times like 2.5mbps, one week ago yan ha pero tama din na nag aaverage sya around 650 kbps.

    Gusto ko ngayon malaman ang response ng SUN at ang nakapaloob sa acceptable use policy, i’m glad i did not order the postpaid, nakaka takam pa naman at first glance.

  36. vince says:

    Cutemoboy replied on Aug 8th, 2009 at 12:12 am (12)

    so vince u min whether ur prepaid or postpaid.. thre both Xperiencing problems about the speed?

    sorry, i meant that a sun prepaid will still be same speed (up to 2mbps) pero postpaid will changed down to 640 kbps

    Gravatar Icon Ardz replied on Aug 8th, 2009 at 3:48 pm (23)

    I read in their fine print that they have the right to cap your bandwidth if you do not comply to their Acceptable Use Policy. In other words, if you download/seed torrents 24/7 or do similar activities, this may happen to you. Otherwise, you should be in the clear. Read the fine print before you sign up into anything. Take it from me, I learned it the hard way.

    the problem is the speed reduction has happened to all postpaid customers, whether you are guilty or not

  37. t-cell says:

    To everyone,

    I think it has nothing to do with abuses and that everyone under the sun (pun intended) are affected. I seldom do downloads and mostly just do browsing and I have the same problems.

    I’m still going to stick w/ sun for now since problems such as this is common to all providers anyway. Not so long ago there were lots of complaints about Smart and Globe.

    At the end of the day the unlimited scheme is still an advantage and specially if one does mostly browsing and occasionally watching youtube videos and occassionaly downloading only.

    Heavy downloaders will surely be the most affected but most of the so-called abuses comes from that section anyway.

  38. uptech-it says:

    actually all telcos do not give the speed that they’ve promise. the reality is we’re not surfing into megabytes speed. NEVER ko pa naexperience na pumalo ng 1mbps ang connection ko. OK pa nga sun e. atleast 350-650kbps bininigay. Smartbro is the worst. Dapat dyan may government sector o private organization na magbantay sa kadayaan ng mga yan. Kaasar e!

  39. t-cell says:

    Just to add to uptech-it’s post.

    Actually, me and most sun users before were experiencing more than 2 mbps at one time and the current slowdown only started the last few months.

    Some, haven’t even noticed it much. Only the heavy-downloaders are the ones that really noticed it.

    I hope this is only temporary, though.

    Professional forum shoppers will always not be contended as they change providers as soon as something goes wrong and most often times, when the problems gets fixed they have already changed providers – only to run to another set of problems on their new provider. While those who stuck with their providers a little bit more gets some relief once congestion lifts from a few departures.

  40. BungeeJump says:


    Agree, and somehow, this will also service as a fair warning to all providers to improve their services. As the market (the people) will dictate the lesser evil to dwell.

  41. Turo says:

    I have been using SBW for a little over a month now. For the first couple of weeks Sun’s service was, in my opinion, excellent.

    However, shortly thereafter, their upload and download speeds suddenly halted to a snail’s pace. For example, I used to be able to access my facebook account in an instant but now it feels like a lifetime just to get to the log in window. Its like using a dial up connection, even worse.

    When Sun advertised that they can provide UP TO 2Mbps there is already a presumption that they could deliver such a service to their clients. To now hide behind flimsy excuses of system congestion and what have you is simply unacceptable and prepostorous! We are not stupid.

    In the eventuality that Sun insist that they are authorized to cap the speeds arbitrarily… they should first look into the consequences of what are called “CONTRACTS OF ADHESION”. This is a fraudulent act and is downright actionable.

    One of the previous posters was correct in pointing out that it is Sun’s RESPONSIBILITY to adjust and upgrade their system as dictated by the demands of their clients.

    I believe that if Sun fails to address this issue, a CLASS SUIT would be inevitable.

    We have paid our hard earned money to get the service that was promised.

    We should never settle for anything less.

  42. grimface says:

    Na-check ko na ang Speed Caps ng globe at suncellular using MDMA. 640 kbps ang sun while 1600 kbps ang globe.
    Mag rereklamo ako sa Sun this week.
    Nagkakaroon ako ng connection problems sa postpaid Sun Cellular ko. Laging na didisconnect yung device ko. When in fact, maayos naman yung pagkasaksak niya. I’m thinking na nirereject ng sun yung sim card ko. Unfair na i limit nila ang speed cap nila dahil sa violation sa Fair Usage Policy nila. Unang-una kailangan maquantify nila kung ano ang Fair Usage. Tsaka kaya nga unlimited ang kinuha naming plan kasi ang alam namin walang restrictions. Yung torrents, naka close naman ang port 6*** so hanggang 50kbps lang ang torrents namin. hindi naman 24 hours na nakaopen yung computer. Unfair. In violation sila ng Consumer Act of the Philippines. Hindi nila naibibigay yung tamang service.

  43. karlo soriano says:

    dat’s not true.. i have a SUN BROADBAND PREPAID and it works super fine. I have download speed of upto 1.8 MBPS…. and downloads ranging from 80-180 kb/s when I download TORRENTS

  44. t-cell says:


    Just updating everyone that I am now getting 1 mbps when I tested it today. Will test again in the weekdays to see if this just because today is a Sunday.

    @karlo soriano,

    Good for you. What area are you in ??
    This seems to confirm that they are not capping because of the so-called abuses or are unfairly implementing their Fair Usage Policy as some are alleging since you are unaffected.

    Hopefully, the connection speed in my area goes back to 2 mbps soon.

  45. Me says:

    I hope people realize what the nos. on the telco ads mean…

    Upto 2mbps is actually the theoretical maximum value of W-CDMA, aka 3G.

  46. BungeeJump says:

    @karlo soriano Mister, hindi po kayo affected kasi prepaid kayo. Please read the blog, it talks about the post paid unlimited. =)

  47. t-cell says:

    My connection is now fine. It is now anywhere between 0.7-1.25 mbps.

    So, it seems Sunday was no fluke as I read other posts saying that connection has really improved since Sunday.

    Hope, it eventually goes back to 2 mbps soon.

  48. Jed says:


    Up to 2 Mbps means that they are going to do their best to make sure it reaches that speed or at least be near it.

    By your logic, if you are paying for “upto 2mbps” and you are only getting less than 1 mbps that’s ok for you.

    Dial-up (56k) speed is also “upto 2 mbps.” Is it ok for you to pay for a speed that should be 2mbps or near it but only getting 56k? I hope not.

    Sun now has a plan for “upto 3 mbps” for P1,399/month.

    Will it be ok for you to still pay for that price even if you will be getting only 1 mbps instead of “upto 3 mbps” and you know that those on the “upto 2 mbps” plan are only paying P799 a month.

    If that’s ok for you, fine. But it’s not ok for the rest and they have the right to complain.

  49. Willie Domingo says:

    I have been a subscriber of SBW for more than 10

    months now. I had an acceptable speed connection

    with SBW during the first 6 months but experience

    slow connections during the last 4 months. I have

    been complaining about having slow connections at

    my area during peak hours. I have been trying to

    follow up with SBW customer service for the past 4

    months now due to the slow connections. They agree

    that there is a problem with my area but they will

    never refund my payment since the reason that I

    have slow connections is due to congestion of users

    and not due to the system. This is because, if you

    would look at some of the literatures of SBW, there

    are small imprints that say that SBW could slow

    down during peak hours. For this reason, they are

    free from complaints and suit from DTI.

    My subscription with SBW is not locked in for 2

    years. I am decided to terminate my subscription

    from SBW even if I will waste my investment on

    their modem and router but you have to apply in

    their main office for termination which will really

    be a hassle. You can only also refund the 1000

    pesos deposit after 6 months from service


    They said that SBW is continually improving their

    service in my area but doesn’t know when. So I

    asked if I could just hold my subscription with SBW

    while their connection is slow and would just re-

    subscribe when they already improved the system.

    They said that it could be possible but you have to

    pay 500 pesos for the reconnection fee.

    Given the situation, I asked if I would just not

    pay the following months until my service is

    terminated. They said that after 2 months of non-

    payment, the SBW subscription would be disconnected

    but I would continually be charged every month even

    if the subscription is not being used until I pay

    and could receive a demand letter from their


    I asked where I could complain in writing and who

    to write to but they would never give a supervisor

    name. They just told me to email my complaint

    directed to a “To whom it may concern” to

    [email protected]


    Think very well before subscribing to SBW.





    YEARS …












  50. Hacker boy says:

    Y wud u pay for sumting if u can get it for free?

    see. . .

    u really want to get back on sun cellular company?

    view ol d thread about fbt/ubt (free/unlimited browsing technique) same on those prepaid broadband like tatoo and smart!

    be wise . . Crisis ngaun sa pinas!

    let us be d backfire of their scam.. .

    [email protected]

  51. eowpo says:

    don’t expect an answer. they said the same “promise” to customers emailing them, and of course, pretended to have forgotten.

  52. pao says:

    I am a former subscriber of Sun Wireless Broadband and I can tell you that their service just plain sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D. it worked for me for about a month and a half, and then something went wrong and my upload speed became 0.0kbps while my download gradually slowed down until it’s worse than dial-up. they don’t know how to fix it, they don’t have an efficient system to keep track of technical visits.

    to add insult to injury, they won’t reverse the fees for all the 52 days my internet service wouldn’t work. they said I’m only entitled to P200 reversal. P200 for 52 days? I don’t think so.

    Now I’m not using the service, and they won’t let me terminate it because I won’t pay for the days that I wasn’t able to use the service properly. kaya dating lang ng dating ang bill, kahit di ko na ginagamit service nila, because of their refusal to reverse the fees, and my refusal to pay for service that DOESN’T WORK.

  53. Marjorie Dayag says:

    Well all I can say is that they really have poor service in terms of everything prepaid or postpaid. I am really pissed off with their customer representative parang naghire lang sila ng kung sinu sino dyan na di man lang nila natrain kung paano makipagusap sa mga customers nila. I am still happy with my SMART and GLOBE plans knowing na nasa higher part ako ng Laguna Ok pa rin ang services sa 2 providers ko. To sun–> no chance that I will renew my postpaid plan sa kanila nakakadisappoint talaga. Rating 1/10 (buti nga di ko ginawang zero) since I still considered nakareceive ako ng call nung minsang gamit ko sya sa office na nasa center ng city na mismo pero choppy pa rin (really sucks).

  54. chaos says:

    sana hindi n ko nag SWB.. WTF sana binasa ko muna forum n to bago ko kumuha ng plan… tsktsk very lo download speed max is just 250 kbps…

  55. esalva says:

    as what they say, promises are meant to be broken. they’re merely all talk, promising that they would look into the problem but the truth it THEY DON’T!!!! Their SERVICE is a BIG CRAP!!! its really too bad that we got a postpaid plan, now we’re stuck. Speed is much, much, much worst than having a dial up.

  56. The unsecured wifi of my neighbor is very much faster than my Sun Broadband. Lol!

  57. Jessie says:

    Hi there all,

    I’ve been using SBW for 1 1/2 weeks and the signal here is so unstable… BTW, i’m in cavite and despite of the assurance of SUN for fast speed in Metro manila area only I still decided to go for Sun.

    The speed was so poor even if it’s in HSDPA connection (as indicsted by the thumbdrive’s light) but once I do download via Torrent or IDMan the speed could boost of upto 2.43Mbps but without DLs the speed is only between 300-0kbps… is this scenario still part of the capping???

    One more thing i noticed is that my IP is used by another connection, meaning that I’m not the only one using my IP, I managed to knew it via‘s speed test summary… someone’s using my IP and the fastest speed my IP attained (accdg to is 24Mbps i dont know where it is and a little amazed of that…

  58. mark says:

    Mr. Abe, any update po sa article na ito? Did SBW send you their reply? Im a new SBW Easy Broadband subscriber just yesterday and I believe my speed is capped only up to 250kbps. Their diagnostic tool even shows that.

    Any class suit filed against SBW? Where are our consumer protection alliance group now? Is DTI looking on this?

    Either they -SBW- stop accepting news subscribers or upgrade their facilities to accommodate new users…

  59. Dex says:

    Sun scheduled capping is 6AM to around 12midnight. during this time 256kbps nakacap yung connection.

    around 12 midnight it will go up slightly pero depende pa din. minsan it will stay at 256kbps.

    at around 1am aangat na yan maybe up to 1mbps. tapos pag dating ng 2AM uncapped na up to 6AM.

    Mapapansin mo pag dating ng 6AM yung connection monitoring ng dashboard mo biglang bagsak hahaha. di nila pwede sabihing congestion. ano ba yun biglang nagoonline lahat ng tao sabay sabay ng 6AM hahaha

  60. Oliver says:

    I just subscribed to Sun Plan 1399 2 days ago and never ako lumagpas sa 1mbps. Galing ako sa GPRS signal ng Smart Bro na consistently aorund 600-800kbps. Tanggap ko na na hindi sya aabot sa 1mbps.
    So nong nakita ko yung ad ng Sun na 3G Signal and UP TO 3MBPS. I decided to subscribe. Tinanong ko din kung ano difference ng Plan 799 sa Plan 1399, sabi nila is yung speed.
    So I opted to subscribe to Plan 1399. I did not mind paying ng mas mahal kasi I THOUGHT at least man lang mas mabili kami sa Plan 799. To my surprise, di pa ko lumagpas ng 1mbps. Now I will be paying P1399 for the next 2 years na ganito ang connection??? Nababasa ko pa sa mga comments na nagcacap sila ng connection.
    WAAAAAH!!!!! Sobrang nagsisisi ako. Di ko pa nadidisconnect ang SmartBro ko so I get to compare. Sobrang mali ang decision ko. Nagbayad pa ko ng 1 month advance and 2500 sa router. :(

    Ano na status nong complaint against them?

  61. Oliver says:

    … and sana din nabasa ko muna tong post na before ako nagsubscribe sa Sun :(

  62. Anonymouse says:

    Being a former Digihell Dsl subscriber, hindi na ako nasilaw sa up to 2mbps offer ng Sun. Kasi naman na experience ko na yung Dsl offer nila personally. Back in the Digitel Dsl days impossible mag youtube or pede naman basta iwanan mo muna ng 40mins yung 5min video. Sa torrent, crap din; Ang hindi lang crap is opening a yahoo page which isn’t even 1mb in size. At least sa Globe Clearly stated sa Terms and Policy na may DL/UL capping talaga sila. Hurray for the absence of net neutrality. More power to Sun/Digitel

  63. mrniceone says:

    bkit sa una lng maganda ung ung SWB? kasi 4wiks ko plang nagamit madalas ang bagal mag download ng files 2 digit lng, madalas pa nga nag zzero. hmmp!!! lagi ba my maintenance ang sun>>?? first day na gamit ko ok lng kasi mabilis.. habang tumatagal bumababa ang speed…// ano po b ang problema?

  64. angelo says:

    napapasukan ba ng virus ang SWB USB? kasi pag sinasalang ko ang usb tapos nag hu hung ang pc ko then auto shutdown na sya … ilang ulit ko na reformat ang pc ko pero ganun pa rin … nag pa try ako sa cust service ng sun pero ok naman sya … meron po bang ganito din and prob? please share … bukas papatingin ko sa tech

    paki email naman ako pag may same issue kayo or may idea kayo about my concern thnx [email protected]

  65. josh says:

    gud day,nagsisi talaga ako kung bkit nagsubscribe ako s sun broadband,1 week pa lang me nagagamit wala na ang signal sayang p ung load ko, masama pa ang hirap kumontak sa customer service hay….,sana naman gumawa nman kau ng aksyon,f ala p aksyon dis week mpi2litan ak imbstgador tong problema pra aware lhat ang mga gusto mgka internet,pki check po mga n22log n mga tga sun sayang ung mga pera nmin,

    mandaluyong clubs,..

  66. jesa says:

    nag subscribe ako sa sbw, nung una sobrang bagal, talagang almost everyday ako tumatawag sa sun para pagalitan mga csr, ng ginawa ko nilipat ko ng pwesto yung pc ko, sa ngayon mabagal pa din pero at least hindi na nag ze-zero bytes, nung una talaga 0 as in ZERO! nag sisisi din ako, imaging kung 2mbps mabilis na yon kung tutuusin! yun pala 20 kbps, na try ko ding mag ol pag pick, okay naman minsan, tyempuhan, tapos pag 6 am ng umaga mabilis naman umaabot ng 200-300 kbps, pero yung sinasabi nilang 2mbps parang malabo yon, kahit kailan hindi ko nagawang mag download, manood ng you tube tapos ayaw mag buks ng farmville ko! sa sobrang bagal ng connection.. taguig area pala ako..

  67. iztik21 says:

    sa mga gusto pang magpakabit ng SUN Wireless Brokenband…

    basa basa muna kayo dito..

    thanks! ^___^

  68. chummylicious says:

    Mid-January, I purchased my SWB kit, it was a nice decision to go on prepaid first.The signal was really nice and stable and yes I was aware of the fine prints that they had on their kit.

    First 2 weeks, they were offering the 1-day unlimited internet just for 50Php. I was really happy and was starting to abuse the speed. I was able to download files that were as heavy as 2GB for only a couple of hours. I downloaded around a dozen.

    End of February, still using their 1-day unlimited internet, I noticed a big difference in the speed. Their internet key comes with a software that has a speed viewer so you get to monitor the speed of your connection. What used to be 2mbps drastically dropped to 50 kbps.

    I don’t consider myself a victim because I was aware. I think they finally decided to cap my data usage.

  69. BungeeJump says:

    been using it for 5 months already. Still good. The speed hovering around 650kbps but I was able to have faster speed during off peak. The signal is so so. Sometimes it stops out of the blue, I have to do a disconnect-connect and then everything back to normal.

    I hope the speed could be even faster but right now all the streaming consider smooth. It lags once in awhile though but more on the tolerable side.

    I guess, the performance highly depends on the subscription base of the area and signal strength. Before I get the pack, the sun people will check my address and see if it is covered by their signal. My suggestion is do take a look at the distance between your house and the transmitter. if it is very near the transmitter then go for it. but if your house is near the edge of the coverage. They might still accept your application but you better reconsider.

  70. rnb diva says:

    as for my experience, my first month is so disappointing i don’t get the 2 mbps only 10kbps and sometimes it turns to ZERO as in no signal, i applied last Feb. 2010 for easy broadband, hinanapan ko lang ng magandang pwesto yung pc ko, and then now okay na yung connection, sometimes i get 1 mbps na when off-peak, and like bungee-jump says sometimes it stops, gawin lang ang disconnect-connect and then it will be back to normal.
    nabadtrip lang ako the last time na nadelayed yung pag settle ko ng payment kasi ang bilis nilang pinutol yung connection ko, and then after ko magbayad ang tagal naman nilang ibalik..

    advisable to get the SWB easy broadband because it is only 3 months lock in period,and after 3 months if you are satisfied you can continue the subscription and if your not you can cut with out even pay the termination fee

  71. adam says:

    Do you know about this advertisement of Sun. I recently saw this advertisement on the newspaper.
    Sun Cellular’s Digihome

  72. pepeduki says:

    For this month of July, I already downloaded 10 movies, about 7Gb of data sa torrents. Its the people like me who are the reason why Sun is capping their speeds now. Sorry guys. But only to those na surfing lang ang gamit sa SBW. For all I know, most of you are using torrents and watching videos ALL THE TIME. :)

  73. fire says:

    which wireless are you using?

  74. pepeduki says:

    Sun Broadband Wireless, yung Plan sa Cellphone ang requirement para maka-apply, then add P649 on top of it.
    Truth is, naka-cap talaga kapag araw ang torrent, which for me is tama lang, 30kbps ang dl speed max, kasi nga marami gumagamit. Kung hndi nila gagawin yun, patay tayong lahat ng SBW users. Ano bang internet activity ang malakas sa bandwidth? Video streaming lang naman tska direct downloading. Regular surfing and internet games eh mababa lang naman kumain ng bandwidth. Yung mga mahihilig manood sa Youtube dyan, na pati mga telenovela, US series, mga pelikula, anime, ah pinapatos gamit ang internet, kayo ang mahiya…

    • raqq says:

      You hit the nail on the head dude…I’m also a heavy downloader of movies in the net. It’s only lamenting na parang tau ang pinpointed na culprit sa ginagawang bandwith capping ng Sun. For all we know sumunod lang sa agos ang sun sa International ISPs.
      I’m not complaining sa ginagawang capping ng Sun, I can live with it. We can’t have all the cakes and eat it too..

  75. Marc says:

    I’m taking this opportunity to vent a bit. I subscribed to Sun Cellular Postpaid Broadband since the store agent gave an assurance that it will give me a fast and reliable internet connection in Muntinlupa. Unang araw na ginamit ko ang product, hnd umaabot ng 100kbps ang signal. Tumawag ako sa customer service, they said magsusubmit sila ng ticket to resolve my issue. They promised na within 24 hours magbibigay cla ng feedback. Naghintay ako pero wala. The next day tumawag ako, on the process pa daw ang concern ko. I asked for a supervisor, the agent transferred me to Miss Alphie, Officer in charge daw sa floor. Sabi nya, ifoforward daw nya ulit ang concern ko and she promised to give me a call back within the day. Guess what? Wala akong nareceive na tawag. Third day, tumawag ako ulit sa kanila, tinanong ko ang agent na nakasagot kung bakit walang callback si Miss Alphie after nyang mag promise. Sabi sakin ng agent after 10 minutes siguro sa call na yun, nakausap daw nya si Miss Alphie at sinabi daw ni Miss Alphie na tumawag sya sa number ko, babae daw ang nakasagot at naliligo ako. E wala naman. Ginawa pa akong sinungaling. I asked to be transferred to Miss Alphie, nung kausap ko na sya, sabi nya ibang customer daw pala yun na tulad lang sa name ko. I then asked for a supervisor, sabi ni Miss Alphie engaged pa daw sa call ang supervisor pero tatawagan daw ako within the day ni Jay Dulap, supervisor nila. Same thing happened; I did not receive a call back from the supervisor. The next day, tumawag ako ulit. Nakausap ko ang isa pang supervisor, sa araw din nay un, I received a callback from a manager. Sabi nya, makakareceive daw ako ng call the next day from a technician for troubleshooting. WALA NA NAMAN AKONG NARECEIVE NA CALL. Fifth day na ngayon at wala pa ring resolution sa concern ko. Ngayon may kausap akong CS agent, 1hr and 33 minutes na kame sa call habang sinusulat ko to dahil hnd pa rin daw available ang supervisor nya.They keep on saying na naforward na ang concern ko sa proper department at maghintay lang daw ako ng callback within the day. Sino pang maniniwala????? In my opinion, Sun Cellular has a very poor customer service. What a shame.

  76. sulking says:

    sun sbw is capped using sandvine. google it up.

  77. glenski says:

    ako din , ayw nila tanggalin sa bundle yung broadband.. payag sila na i convert sa 799 easy broadband para matanggal na sa bundle but i have to pay yung mga 150 since the day that they activated the sbw and they want me to pay the modem fee again..

  78. Hero says:

    I am subscribed to plan 999 with unlimited internet and at first i only received 2G signal for the internet but later on i decided to experiment on my phone. I manually picked sun cellular ph as my service provider and i set my highest connection to 3G and i am receiving 3G connection. It’s fast and j have no issue watching youtube videos. I tried calling with viber to my friend who is subscribed to globe postpaid and she received an average quality on the call while i received excellent quality on the call

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