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Sun Cellular gets domestic roaming with Smart

We earlier reported that Sun Cellular was riding on Smart’s network to expand its coverage in certain areas and we’ve also asked readers to confirm this. It looks like Sun has already verified this by connecting to Smart via domestic roaming.

We’re all familiar with international roaming and have the impression that roaming between networks is very expensive. But in this case, I believe Sun is getting a free ride on Smart’s vast network (considering they both belong under the PLDT Group).

TechLokal confirms this move by Sun (via Sun Cellular VP for CRM Reuben Pangan):

We have expanded our coverage in Mindanao in cooperation with our sister company in the PLDT Group. In fact, it has even extended to areas in Luzon such as Nueva Ecija, Benguet, Kalinga, and Isabela as well as Marinduque.

This means Sun subscribers in those areas will experience better cell signal, including 2G and 3G connections.

Sun has over 6,000 cell sites nationwide and Smart has an additional 13,000 cell sites boosting coverage in a lot of areas.

Update: An engineer close to the implementation of this project tells me this is just the testing phase and they will be done by July or August this year. Apparently, the domestic roaming is just an interim solution but once the test phase is done, both networks will be merged.

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11 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    ya theyre already looking to cut down the # of cellsites where there is overlapping coverage

  2. Cedric says:

    they should also use this setup in Metro Manila, i have good SMART reception(2g/3g) in my place but im only getting 2G signal for SUN. Now my broadband stick is useless. 650 per month but i cant use it here.Tried the manual network settings but it says forbidden.

  3. b.samson says:


  4. Smart Subscriber says:

    They should also do the flip side, and allow Smart to use Sun in areas where Smart is useless. Smart is too arrogant. Their ads make it sound they are the only option and they are superior to any other network. Like they have everybody covered. So misleading. I wonder why the adboard allow their ads.

  5. I was in Palawan last week where I can hardly get Suncellular signal. While touring the city, I saw the ad/tarp about “pinalakas na signal” of Suncellular and also it reminded me of seeing this post before. Played with my phone. Went into Network settings and manually searched for network. Chose SMART and it worked. SMART coverage in Palawan is mostly full bars compared to Globe. The only problem is that most of the people in Palawan doesn’t know how to enable domestic roaming.
    With roaming enabled, you may still avail CTU services as if you are using the original Suncellular signal. The only problem is 3g/HSPA is not available under domestic roaming.

  6. SunUser says:

    This domestic roaming sucks.when ur roaming mode with smart and u want to use their HSDPA network.Sun Data connection kinda very slow unlike when using ur own network 3G.this situation happened to me when SUN lost network signal in Negros Oriental during the October 2013 earthquake that strucked the region. kahit naka HSDPA plus pa yong Signal Bars mo during local roaming sa Smart,usad pagong ang connection..

    • eric oano says:

      This is true. I noticed that my broadband stick when connected says ‘wcdma sun (roaming). Its sucks really! Sayang ang bayad mo mas mabagal na sila ngayun. Mas ok na talaga ang Globe e.

  7. ryan says:

    may extra bayad po ba yun???

  8. Nitram says:

    @Ryan, walang extra bayad.

  9. ycel says:

    hi. so no extra charges po if i let the data on when in roaming?

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