Sun Throws Jabs at Globe with their No Lock-In Plan 499

Sun Throws Jabs at Globe with their No Lock-In Plan 499

Sun Cellular has recently announced a new Plan 499 that has no lock-in periods, and is advertised to be a better choice than Globe’s similar, recently-announced plans.



Their plan is basically a sim-only service that features unlimited calls to Sun, Smart, and TNT subscribers, unlimited texts to all networks, facebook browsing, and a 1GB mobile data allocation for Php499 a month. This plan has no lock in, so users can opt to get out of the service at any point in time.

You can check out details here, should you wish to apply for a line.


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9 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Yes, no lock-in but there’s a payment if you decided to cut your plan prior to 3 months of subcription.

  2. If they throw in PLDT land line I’m changing my current Sun plan.

  3. It’s cheaper because the Php100.00 is for the stress and irritation their network connection cost you.

  4. Chia Rowano says:

    LTE capable yung sa globe. Ewan ko lang dun sa Sun.

  5. John Cruz says:

    My globe no lock in at 499 has free 3GB data. Globe can always bring the promo back anytime. SUN should give a better offer than that. Maganda price nyan 350 lang instead na 499.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      The trade off here is you get unlimited texts to all networks. But I agree, I’d take the SurfMore 499 plan any day, unless Sun releases a similar promo at P300

  6. Greg says:

    Sun mobile data is limited to 3G… >___<

  7. SunCell Subscriber says:

    Ha? Pano naman tatapatan ng Sun yung P399/month promo ni Globe? That’s a much better deal IMO.

  8. Ray says:

    I’d rather use sun for texting and calling purposes using their TU200 and use smart surfmax995 for internet surfing. They offer 800mb per day data allocation. Any advise for better option?

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