Text Scammers Actually Sell Their Stolen Load

Text Scammers Actually Sell Their Stolen Load

Ever wondered why you get one of those lost text messages from unknown people pretending to be a friend, relative or loved one then asking you to send them mobile load credits?

Some of the text message goes like — “musta na mahal? miz na u. papasa load naman.”

Of course, those aren’t really innocent text messages — they come from text spammers who randomly send out those messages to any number hoping that a few of them gullible ones reply back and do actually send prepaid load credits (via Pasa-Load or Share-a-Load).


According to a product manager from one of the telcos, these text spammers (scammers) make money out of those shared load credits by selling them back to the public.

The bet and fastest way is for them to offer these prepaid loads at below market price (cheaper than the SRP) so they’ll move fast. Makes sense considering they’ve got pretty high margins.

So whenever you bump into stores or people selling “pasaload” or “share-a-load” at much cheaper prices, chances are high they got the load from scamming other people.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. It’s frequent that i receive message like what you have mention. http://iloveyou-mydear.blogspot.com/

  2. Benchmark33 says:

    I hope telecom company do something about this. Probably they don’t mind such things cause they also earn extra income to this spammers.

  3. adam says:

    Meron pa bang naloloko ang mga ganyang modus?.

  4. brian says:

    ako naman i recieved a text message that i won 780,000 pesos form MILLIONAIRES CLUB INC

    3rd anniv. daw nila sheeesh!

    this is the sender’s number +639152886586

  5. slabster says:

    another is they pretend to be a relative working abroad and would say they found a lucrative business there or they’re in an urgent need for money, i have friends who were victimized by this scam T_T
    the family of my friend who just went to dubai thought it was really her and gave 20k, later on they found out it was a scam
    my other friend thought it was really his friend; promising 20% return, he gave 60k @[email protected]
    they’re pretty crafty, so if you will not ask the right questions, you’d fall for it

  6. lolipown says:

    Mostly the dullest tool in the shed. This is one of the reasons we need the prepaid sim registration bill to pass.

  7. leeto says:

    i should be a millionaire by now having received text messages that I won millions in the lotto. dont be fooled, how can i win without even betting on the lotto. pero madami pa rin ang naloloko, eh paano walang silang common sense or ang sense nila di common. one may nagtex na i won 480thousand sa GMA foundation lotto, at naghingi pa ang load para mag usap daw kami. i replied na he can claim all the 480thousand at kanya na yon at tulong ko na un sa kanya. eh un di na sya nagtex. at sinabi ko sa text na bulok na ang style nya.

  8. RJCA says:

    @yuga – Any comment as to how they get your numbers in the first place? Could it possibly be that our numbers are sometimes leaked when we sign up for promos in establishments?

    I seem to receive more than most I receive messages concerning; seminars, hotel promos, raffle winnings, OFW relatives, etc . . .

    Rather annoying, although some are fairly amusing when considering the daftness of the message.

  9. jamby says:

    ka recieve ko lang din ng text na nanalo din ako 780k…sinakyan ko,..sabi ko..”Talaga?!! Wow! Do you have a landline where i can call you Atty.?”

    Ayon..di na sumagot…hahahahhaha!!!

  10. Wreek888 says:

    I just reply to them and text can we be textmate?

  11. Ian says:

    Ang engot naman nung nagpapadala agad ng load kahit di nila confirmed na kilala nila hehe. In the end, tayo lang din makakaprevent na maloko ng scammers na ito. Natural, bakit ka magpapasa load sa hindi naman kilala.

  12. drealmarlon says:

    Pwede po magtanong?sino po sa inyo nakaka access sa bpi mobile via globe prepaid?hindi ko kasi ma access yung bpi mobile ko sa globe prepaid lagi na lang Globe is undergoing system maintenance.BPI Mobile transactions are currently disabled.

  13. Herce says:

    “@yuga – Any comment as to how they get your numbers in the first place? Could it possibly be that our numbers are sometimes leaked when we sign up for promos in establishments?

    I seem to receive more than most I receive messages concerning; seminars, hotel promos, raffle winnings, OFW relatives, etc . . .

    Rather annoying, although some are fairly amusing when considering the daftness of the message.”

    Excellent point! Of course our numbers are sold by Globe and PLDT to 3rd parties who then sell it around and eventually it gets into scammers hands.

  14. SpiderHam says:

    it has been a long story that always happen to anybody with a cellphone.
    not only the gullible are the common victims but also greedy people who easily fall for an easy money making scheme.
    this is just another form of scam like the Nigerian scam.


  15. Bryan says:

    I have a hunch na they have a computer set up to do the spammings. I’m getting spammed frequently din pero may pattern. Most of the time the same text are repeated per month (yes per month) although pabago bago ang numbers. Spams ranged from cashloan from same companies/persons to ads to raffle scams. In my case, I believe all these senders shares the same computer. Either that or the senders are just one person. Hence I’m hoping for the sim registration to be passed.

  16. Shannelle says:

    Hi, Abe. I’d like to point out you cannot pasaload a Pasaload. So I doubt they sell those. I’m not sure if it’s the same with Share-a-Load.

  17. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Di kaya pakawala din to ng mga telcos?

  18. alvin says:

    e2 p isang scammer…09493606730…he introduces himself as Atty. Christopher Abarilla from MANNY PAQCUIAO foundation dw…nnlo dw me 950,000 PhP…2nd prize winner pr s mga OFW…09493606730…09493606730…09493606730…
    pls take note of this number…wg paloloko ky atty…KUPAL

  19. JayB says:

    I received a more creative one targeting postpaid subscribers. I was informed that I won a postpaid subscription rebate and that I would be sent a verification code on the next message to verify that my account is a winner. I would then need to forward that “Verification Code” to 808.

    The verification code is like this “09181234567 200”

    You would not know its a scam if you are not familiar to the PasaLoad number.

    You would know its a scam because the number came from an unknown number instead of the usual “SMART” sender name that Smart uses. Instead, they simply put the word “SMART” inside the text message.

    I think they have insiders leaking the numbers, because on one of my new SIM, I got a spam message an hour after I plugged in the new SIM into my phone.

  20. shutterbug says:

    nagrreuse ng dead numbers ang mga telcos mapa postpaid or prepaid kaya siguro may spam message ka agad.

    regarding sa insiders yes totoo yan sa globe naencounter ko binentahan ako ng postpaid na sim naka attach pa sa card nia and guess what unlimited yun sim sa lahat ng services ng globe(calls, text, net, intl) may pasaload pa nga na 2k monthly.

  21. makarma sana ang mga taong gumagawa ng ganito.

  22. Edwin C says:

    Antique style na to. Talagang gago ka pagnagpaloko ka nito.

  23. Sonofa says:

    I’m sorry, I bought load from a seller at 40% discount last year… Mga 2000 pesos worth of load din nabili ko…

    Nakapost din sa net mga ads… Dibale ngaun di na ako bibili… Halos wala na din ata silang load na mabenta…

  24. While the government is planning to have Filipinos register their laptops, I suggest pati mobile sim iregister na para hindi na magamit sa pangsascam. I just hope hindi mapunta sa kamay ng scammers ang registration files.

  25. Sonofa says:

    Uhm… Nasa congress, senate, city halls na mga biggest scammers naten.

    These are just small fries…

  26. bennix says:

    diba may bill na c senator M.Villar na ipa-register ang mga SIM card? It’s a good plan para matakot din itong mga loko2x…lol..


  27. Ferdinand A. says:

    I received text messages like that regularly. Once nakipaglaro ako sa kanila. I introduced myself as a 10 year old boy. I also told them na na-Ondoy kami. But still they asked me na mangutang para ipambili ng laod at ipadala sa kanila. TALAGANG MATITIGAS ANG MUKHA!

  28. jjb says:

    lols may naloloko pa rin pala sa mga ganito
    at least ako kahit gaano ako ka gullible, wala talaga ako pang pasa load.
    but seriously marami mabibilhan ngayon ng 40% off na load, pero puro online lang nakikita ko. dami kasi loading business packages na madali lang applyan. cguro sa dami ng competensya ng seller, binebenta nalang nila ng may discount online

  29. hamachi says:

    I have been a globe prepaid subscriber for 5 years at nkkatanggap din ako ng mga you won from this raffle and send me load text messages.pero for a period of 5 years, as far as I can remember mga 3 or 4 messages lang naman. so I can say na tahimik buhay ko.now here’s my problem which is really really getting into my nerves, just recently Feb 12/11 to be exact, I applied for a post paid plan. would you believe from the moment na naactivate yong number 2 text messages agad natanggap ko? hinayaan ko lang kasi baka wrong send lang. but that’s not the case at all kasi almost everyday until now nkkatangap ako ng mga texts, offering loans, healthcards,that binay is in dubai, text about pinoy, etc.2 to 3 messages a day.I called up globe which by the way ang tagal mghintay at ang sagot baka wrong send lang then I explained that no it’s not kasi ang dami and almost everyday.sabi ko wala ba akong karapatan ng katahimikan? para bang nakapublish yong number ko and kung sinong gusto magpadala ng text messages pwede at ang sagot simpleng globe can’t do anything about it.that they protect their subscribers and that I am the only one who owns the number.(gago! excuse me readers, sobrang nakakainis kasi) if globe really protects their subscribers then why can’t they do something about it?I was advised to call NTC.hello??!!isn’t it unfair? gusto ko tuloy magsisi bakit nag postpaid pa ako.by the way tumawag na ako sa NTC yesterday. I was asked to send my complaint through e-mail for the right procedure.for those who are also experiencing this heres the contact number of NTC 926-7722 e-mail [email protected] address to Engr.Froilan Jamias.

  30. dan says:

    i got these too, i wonder kung bakit sa sun plan??? i got a sun postpaid pero may mga ganito na din ako every other day. Is their a possibility that the telcos are sharing their database?

  31. Miklos says:

    Last time I got a text like that I wrote back all excited and say this was my last load – send some so we can continue to talk – they sent 10 peso and I blocked them :)

  32. joey says:

    ganito ang style ng isa: “muzta kau diyan new num ko ito. may padala akong mga damit diyan next week.” natuwa naman ako. sabi ko ‘kaw ba yan tol?’ oo daw. kuya me magandang business dito. loading station for pinoys. P500 daw puhunan tapos 1500 ang benta. sabi ko ‘ayos ah’ muntik na akong magpadala ng load worth 5k. pero sabi chat kami sa facebook. ayaw. ahhh nagduda na ako. tapos minura ko ahaha.

  33. Joseph says:

    Scammer: 09393732544
    Sent this via text: “musta na kau dyn e2 ang roaming no# q, mgp2dala nga pla aq ng pera sa lingo txtbk
    Since I knew from the start that this one is a scammer, I decided to ride his “joke.”
    This one is trying to get 10k from me on a business proposal.
    Just posting this so people will be aware.

  34. weirdzal says:


    Scammer Numbers: 09239353159 / 09323561379

    You’re the one Selected Postpaid Plan Given 50% Discount Billing, to get your 50% Discount Billing just forward 17-digits secret code to 2292. You will receive 17-digits secret code on next message.

    50 09323561379 9999

  35. Obviously, Post paid plans sell leads to this businesses to spread those messages. Its like email spam we probably receiving every single day. They are making money out of this leads.

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