1,000Mbps Fiber Internet to the home in SG

1,000Mbps Fiber Internet to the home in SG

Saw this newspaper ad yesterday in my hotel room in Singapore. It’s a switch-over promo by M1, one of the telcos in SG, which offers up to 1,000Mbps fiber internet to the home.

At first I thought it was just a typo but it’s all real — 1Gbps download speed and 500Mbps upload speed.


The price — SGD$399 or about Php13,300 a month. M1 (formerly Mobile One) is the 3rd and smallest ISP in Singapore. It has recently migrated to Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) which allows speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The closest we have here is 112Mbps from SkyBroadband at Php19,999.

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52 Responses

  1. Free says:

    Man, if I could get even just half the speed of the cheapest subscription I will be happy, give me 10mbps and you will never hear me complain…

  2. paolo g. says:


  3. Lezuric says:

    buti pa sa ibang bansa.. lol! dito karamihan 1mbs lng meron.. pagkamahal pa.. ano na pinas? 5th generation talaga..

  4. Mondeq says:

    I don’t know if you can download some movies in SG.

  5. Cliff Rosario says:

    hhayy.. We are really at the bottom of the Technology foodchain…..

  6. ^_^ says:

    nice, symmetric connetion. i wish pldt’s will come out this year.

  7. jared dalman says:

    Whoa. Man, my 1 mps sounds so 3rd world.

  8. Hope we can avail that great speed the soonest here in the Philippines.

  9. techny says:

    dapat nga wala na yung 512kbps na plan dito….

  10. DSL Critic says:

    Unfortunately, here in Phils, such kind of DSL speed is just a daydream (maybe for the next 5 years I guess)… Fortunately, P2P usage in Phils is unrestricted unlike in SG when you use such programs i.e. torrent or limewire, your IP address will be detected by the ISP (if and only if you download copyrighted files on P2P network, which this is the bean feature of this technology). And with that kind of speed, you can download as much as 1000 files in just 2 hours… (better to have terabyte hard disk on that =p)

    Downloading of some files over P2P is main causes of piracy and Singapore is very strict to these. And main reason also of this “mouth watering” speed is because the allocation of the fiber optic network is very few to 5 Million population of SG unlike PH of 10M + and technology wise PH is just on trial stage in the advent of SkyCable’s 112mbps broadband…

    PLDT on the otherhand, is on the go to introduce such but no further details as of this time about their planned FTTH deployment though in few newspaper I read, they have already in the trial stage for this alike technology by M1…

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to PH migration to this technology soon and this daydream will become a reality =)

  11. nitecrawler says:

    PLDT is already offering FTTH.


    only if you have the money to pay for it..

  12. Elbert says:

    1000Megabits is about 125 Megabytes per second. That’s P100 per Megabyte of download speed. Ang mura!

  13. Denz says:

    I’m here in oz and we can only dream of getting
    That speed, our telcos here suck! First world country third world Internet speed

  14. Peej says:


    Unfortunately, it only caters BIZ users unlike in Singapore imagine 39 SGD for 25Mbps for ordinary residential subs! It is like you’re setting up a comp shop for this plan… =p

  15. Darius Vanguardia says:

    dito sa pinas 384 kbps, may kasamang landline phone. nagmukhang dial up kumpara sa 1Gbps. kung may mabilis man na connection dito ang mahal naman, masyado kung pagkakitaan.

  16. JunAlquis says:

    a fine example of greed on the part of Phil telco’s i guess

  17. JunAlquis says:

    i wonder if there is price fixing in local telcos or they are honestly just regaining their investment’s worth.

  18. Manny says:

    i just hope the phils will get the 10-15MBps plan at a reasonable price

  19. Fleeb says:

    No price fixing. Regular consumers do not have that much need for that yet. I have to “ask around”.

  20. Fleeb says:

    This is not entirely accurate but it gives a general overview that having an average residential broadband speed of more than 10mbps is not the norm.


    and this graph


    IMO, our local telcos do not find a reason to offer such speeds yet just because countries such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore are offering them now. IMO it’s just a business decision.

  21. John DC says:

    I believe this is also available on Japan since last year, hopefully the technology’s cost will become lower so that we can expect to see this soon here at the Philippines

  22. Teknisyan says:

    I think this is also one way to boost gadget sales like mobile disk drive, computer, smartphones etc.

    If I have that kind of connection speed, my PC will surely be open 24/7, probably more than 100 files on queue on utorrent, will use the optimised settings on Skype, YM, AOL and AIM for video chat, I’ll setup my own ISP business.. hehehe… will setup a wifi and probably charge people who wants to connect to the wifi.. lols. many more.. lols…

  23. Jhay says:

    Just give me that 25MB connection speed and I’m all set. The higher plans would just cement my urge to download more videos.

    It would another reason not to watch TV anymore.

  24. Pusang Kulog says:

    WHOA!!! Wala nang manonood ng sine at manonood ng TV niyan! Kahit mga muslim, malulugi na kapag ganyan…

    Just Kidding!

  25. tjmangki says:

    wow 25mbps @ $SG 39.

  26. andre says:

    take note of the “up to”

    it’s not guaranteed to hit that speed.

  27. Joshua M. says:

    Dito sa pinas–

    512kbps on a budget ka di ka parati nag iinternet

    1mbps one of the locals ka na. parati ka nag dodota at nag lalaro kaso badtrip pag dalawa kayo gagamit ng internet

    2mbps medyo dyos ka na kasi mas mahal eto ng isang libo. minsan ginagamit ng mga shop na mlilit.

    3mbps and beyond… sambahin na yan at makikidownload ka na sa kung sino man naka subscribe sa god-like na 3mbps.

  28. Adrian says:

    Sabi ng ofcmate ko hindi daw ok yung m1, laging may disconnection. kaya kami sa bahay starhub. 16mbs ang plan namin with cable. 50SGD lang.

    ang prob kasi sa pinas, inuuna nila yung kikitaan (mga telco) dto kasi hindi ganun ang style.

  29. watusi says:

    sa korea meron na rin ganon!!!

  30. Bryan says:

    Read about the FTTH from PLDT. susme.. sa exclusive subd. lang offered yung FTTH. hahaha. must be that expensive. bakit dito sa pinas napakamahal mamuhay. hahaha

  31. Wow! 1mbps lang connection ko from globe. may limit pa na 25GB of download lang every month. kelan kaya magkakaroon ng magandang service ng internet sa pinas?

  32. Eddie says:

    Jeez, you can set up a home data center with that much upload speed.

    I can see it now being posted all over singapore:

    S>cheap server co-location at my house. see features below
    – 500V APC UPS per machine
    – we have our own mini generator
    – room is chilled using 1 2.5HP aircon and 4 electric fans.
    – 24/7 on-site support (I just sleep in the next room)
    – you can visit anytime! (but just text first so I can take a shower)
    – 99.9% uptime guaranteed (if we don’t run out of generator fuel)

  33. david says:

    If Singapore can do it, why can’t the Philippines? Why are we paying P1,000 (~ $23 USD) per mbps, with speeds maxing out at 3mbps from PLDT (if you’re willing to pay P3,000)?

    At the very least they should double or triple the bandwidth on the DSL plans.

  34. Galwin says:

    Kailan kaya magkakaroon ng ganyang speed sa Pilipinas?

  35. Eason says:

    Sheez even here in the Philippines ISP providers can’t even deliver a decent 1-3mbps connection how more of that kind of speeds.

  36. agrimensor says:

    well if that “up to” would only give me half of that lowest subscription I think I would’nt be able to feel its “slowness”

  37. Herce says:

    The problem here is political. Singapore’s fibre rollout is subsidized by the government and there was enforced line sharing a long time ago. I can’t even get Eastern to run copper to one of my condos in Makati unless there are at least 4 other units that will switch over to Eastern DSL.

    Why the heck is this when there is already copper in the building you ask? Well apparently PLDT owns that copper and to switch to Eastern they need to run their own copper. Same with destiny and sky cable with coaxial. This is beyond retarded! The lines need to be nationalized ASAP.

    So you expect anyone to run expensive fiber in this environment? The environment needs to change.

  38. Rose says:

    i would be ecstatic on the 25 MBPS alone.

  39. random says:

    thats why we need the NBN. once magkaron nang NBN ang pinas bibilis ang internet speeds natin or magmumura ung mga offerings ng mga telcos

  40. Fleeb says:

    @Herce, exactly. Some just want it to magically happen.

  41. mick says:

    if ever magkaroon nyan dito sa pinas., o kahit close to that speed lang., e malamang can’t afford naman yan kahit pa ng middle-income Juan Dela Cruz.

  42. JunAlquis says:

    you’re right the telcos would feel threatened and offer better and cheaper internet with NBN tapos from what i hear ang slowest speed sa plan ng NBN was 800kbps-1mbps not sure about that though

  43. Jason says:

    Corruption prevents advancement in this country on so many levels, it’s impossible to count. I make my money in that same, corrupt manner, so I’m not complaining, but it’s the truth. If a company wants to invest in broadband infrastructure, 30% of the investment comes off the top, at a minimum. Not only does this degrade the quality of the intended advancement, it scares away potential candidates. I was going to invest in fiber of Manila, only to see that before it reached my hands, the profit would be nothing for a decade on the project. Sad, but the way it is… Too expensive to connect around here.. Most countries have faster 3G than the majority of Internet users here. The speed here is laughable. And sickening if you’ve ever used the Internet in another country outside of africa…

  44. eh Globe Unlimited SuperSurf nga ngayon is 1GB ang Cap at hindi naka makaka internet if you reach 1GB limit. 50pesos per 1GB.

  45. manaka_junpei says:

    malamang si Pnoy/Kris ang makaka-experience nang 1gbps broadband

  46. mCgyver says:

    It’s a great advancement for Singapore to have such promo’s like these for their services to the millions of citizens and tourists everyday.I myself is enjoying their Wireless SG conexion.Anywhere you go here in singapore,its Wifi infested country.Even if ur UP their in SKYPARK,that Uboat like building along marina sands bay.Sana ganito sa Philippines,when u buy a Sim,ur passport must be scan.1Gb connexion for broadband sa RP,sana next year nah!..

  47. there is that “up to” again. that 1Gb speed is for local traffic only AFAIK. International bandwidth is different. All of the ISPs here sits on top of fiber network by OpenNet. http://www.opennet.com.sg/

    Some may take advantage of the 1Gb local traffic since there’s abundant local content and Amazon Asia Pacific (ec2, s3, cloudfront,etc). Imagine being able to upload/download at high speed to/from your S3 bucket.

    But i will never exchange my 5mbit link in phils with a 1000mbit link in SG for reasons some readers already pointed out. ie torrent

  48. MurtecWHiz says:

    Ideal for streaming HD Videos and Movies online =D

  49. Bert says:

    Too bad, Internet technology in the Philippines is stalled at stone age and super expensive! Yeah, it’s expensive to maintain old technology…

  50. common tao says:

    Shame on you Jason..pano mgbabago pinas sarili mong gawaing pgkakorakot kinamamalaki mo.. kawawa naman kaming ordinaryong tao

  51. is theorical maybe download got half the supossed toi be speed like all connection and wifi any got 450 mps to their home network :(

  52. is the theory maybe download got half the supossed to be speed like all connection. example: wifi anyone got 450 mps to their home network :(

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