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5 Types of People We Unfriend/Unfollow on Facebook

The use of social media, or Facebook in particular, has made it possible to easily share snippets of our lives to friends and family alike. Although at times, some people get carried away with their posts which others might find irritating or annoying. Here are 5 kinds of people that we want to be seeing less of in the cyber space.


Here are 5 kinds of people that we want to be seeing less of in the cyber space.

5. People  who frequently post hoaxes or unverified news


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Be sure to double check and verify all the articles to see if they’re true before reposting them. This not only spreads misleading info but could cause unnecessary trouble to other readers.

Case in point, I recently saw an article on my feed that warns Filipinos for an upcoming super typhoon headed straight to the Philippines. The one who posted it was on the verge of panicking and I myself got worried as well. After reading the article, I noticed that it was published from a few years back and had just resurfaced due to one unaware netizen sharing and believing it to be recent.

It’s okay to have posted it by mistake, but it’s another thing to blindly repost every “shocking” news you see on your feed.

4. People who relentlessly bug you to like their posts


That old acquaintance you no longer see and talk to anymore but only messages you to like his unflattering video cover of Adele’s Hello? *Clicks unfriend/unfollow button*

3. People with hacked accounts that post malware-infested links


If you see a contact that posts nothing but virus-ridden links (usually with pornographic images), chances are their accounts were hacked and are being used to spread more malware.

If this is the case, be sure to unfollow them so you don’t accidentally open their links and report them directly to Facebook so the company can take precautionary actions on said profile.

2. People who keep on sending game invitations after declining them


We get it. You’re a Facebook gamer and you want more of your friends to play with you. But if you’ve already sent an invite and the person have already declined or disregarded it repeatedly, this means they’re simply not that interested.

You wouldn’t have to invite them to play Candy Crush in the first place if they wanted to play it, don’t you think?

1. People who spam your feed with their selfies


This is a personal favorite to unsubscribe to. There are those that would update their profile through the numerous amount of selfies they took as they go on about their activities. It’s basically the same face you see in different places.

It doesn’t end there. Some people fill their selfies with unrelated quotes or worse, a handful of hashtags sometimes not relevant (or doesn’t make sense) to the photo at all. Like, “Just got a haircut. #selfie #blessed #wokeuplikethis”.

You’re at a parlor. You didn’t wake up like that — unless you live in the beauty salon.

Bonus: People wanting to move on from their ex-lovers


As an extra addition, removing your ex-lover from your friends list could only mean two things: either you’re really mad at him/her and you don’t want to see updates on his life anymore, or you still couldn’t move on and seeing the person (who is probably happier now) would only continue to stir the emotions you’re still feeling.

Yes, Facebook now helps you move on from this, but it just feels different when you totally unfriend the person. It’s like you’re really cutting him/her off of your life (which also might be something that you need). Be careful, though, as it is believed to be an act of bitterness whoever unfriends the ex-lover first.

Kidding aside, what can we learn from all these? For one, we could aim to be more responsible on what we post on our social media sites. Just because somebody else posted it, doesn’t mean it’s automatically true. Again, double check and verify the sources.

Sometimes we could also appear to be irritating our friends online due to constantly bothering them for invites or likes. Let’s try and be more sensitive of what they want and don’t want so we avoid being unfriended or unfollowed by our contacts.

Any more reasons for you to unfriend someone? Our comments section awaits!


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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24 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Also, those people who post rants.

  2. Easy E says:

    Yung post ng post ng aldub p***ng**a

  3. W says:

    The oversharing mom.

    Yeah I said it.

    • archie says:

      Exception ang mga milf at laging nakasexy dress. Di ko na lang babasahin ang baluktot na english, titingnan ko lang naman sila.

  4. Michael says:

    You forgot to add, people who you have personal conflict

  5. I unfollowed people who I really couldn’t care less about. I unfollowed people who I don’t feel obligated to know what on earth are happening in their lives. (I would have never friended them anyway if they didn’t request to add me as their friend). This leaves me with only 20% of my “friends” in my followed list.

  6. blackmamba says:

    those people na puro kayabangan ang pinopost, MGA BAGONG GAMIT, MGA PASOSYAL NA LUGAR NA NAPUNTAHAN NILA

  7. Imagi says:

    I unfriended people who are into NETWORKING and MULTILEVEL MARKETING. trying hard to recruit me into their line of work.

  8. mushter says:

    Yung mga kaibigan mong kinakalimutan ka na lang lagi.

  9. samuie says:

    Yung Post na puro ALDUB nalang, visit profile > Unfollow (worst UNFRIEND) XD

  10. Kid Light says:

    Yung mga nagpapakita ng cleavage. Unfriend agad! XD

  11. A_J says:

    Yung masyadong matalino at parang laging may kaaway sa fb, di papatalo sa opinion ng iba at ang dating ay parang siya lang ang laging tama sa posts nya.

  12. cian says:

    grammar nazis.

  13. JoseMaria says:

    Yung “Like & Share If You Want Blahblah , Ignore/Scroll Down If You Want Blahblah”.

  14. John Dalamdam says:

    tapos ung taong nag post neto! hahahaha

  15. Yung laging bumabati sa wall nya ng good morning, good evening! Tsaka yung mga GGSS!

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