Loren is going after ThePinoyTube.com

Loren is going after ThePinoyTube.com

Sen. Loren Legarda is slowly becoming the Philippine’s anti-pron czar (or is it czarina?). Report from GMANews.tv last week that a complaint from a concerned citizen alerted her office about the website serving as a repository of lewd materials similar to boybastos.com.

If push comes to shove, this will be Loren’s strike two against pornsite operators in the country.

Senator Loren Legarda this week urged the anti-cyber crime units of the government to shut down the website thepinoytube.com for providing an unrestricted access to pornographic materials of Filipino women and children.


The senator had caused the closing down of boybastos.com, whom she described as “by far, the filthiest Internet site we’ve come across.”

Like boybastos.com, access to thepinoytube.com, especially by minors, should be stopped by the government, Legarda said.

Remember the Mark Verzo incident last year? Mark has already recovered from all that drama but has yet to recount the tale of his adventures with the lady senator.

All I can say is beware.

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20 Responses

  1. pepster says:

    The site is a crap! don’t waste your time. Ms. senator have you watched the boyz.com dance on primetime tv lately.. interesting name/domain name huh? NSFW!

  2. spidamang says:

    there’s more than just those sites you know. There’s blogspot blogs, various youtube clones, countless forums.

    What’s she going to do? Close them all one by one?

    Who lets kids browse the internet unsupervised these days?

  3. SELaplana says:

    she’s only after to those popular sites…

    i also suggest that senator legarda will include to her list the Playboy Philippines…. well just my suggestion

  4. kates says:

    uh oh, I hope she doesn’t find my pr0n site. :). Let’s how good they are at crawling the web.

  5. Ederic says:

    I wonder why Loren hasn’t noticed another local YouTube clone that showcases celfon scandals. :p

  6. L.A says:

    Yeah the target is on the popular site, why not use Google and use the term “nude, pinoy, pinays, scandal, [insert any sex related thing]” ang get a good view on the hundreds or maybe even thousands of pinoy slash porn. lol.

  7. pingkian says:

    the sad part here is that she’s going to use taxpayer’s money on a pointless symbolic quest that will have no major effect.

  8. Well, its good enough. Just dont join the Filipino youths “will soon become war-freak adults” club just because they play games.

  9. ChrisMo says:

    And how about the Great Indian pr0n sites featuring the best of the Philippines? How does she go about it? She should focus on more important things than these. And to all filpr0n sites out there, have your splash pages ready and a disclaimer…

  10. nahihibang na ba yan si loren legarda o talagang boba lang siya? hindi niya yata alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng internet.

  11. Is that the same as iyottube.com?

  12. sad to say, the senator is spending taxpayers’ money on a wild goose chase all for some media mileage. there are more pressing issues to go after than internet porn. like the rice shortage, rising cost of fuel, eviction of professional squatters in govt lands, jobs for the graduates, etc.

  13. The internet is a wide and vast. She cant close all the p0rns on the net. one is emerging http://www.libug.com,,,

  14. silvertooth26 says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I’ve a question which is sort of related to the boybastos vs loren incident and knowing your past experiences with the law, I’ve no doubt that you can shed some light on my question. I’m curious to know if Filipino bloggers get any type of protection from the government at all (both the non-anonymous and anonymous ones). This might sound like a rhetorical question already but can the NBI or the police, go to Yahoo and Google and ask them to hand over the IP address of any PC?

    Looking forward to your update.. thanks!

  15. OrgasmO says:

    wag ka na magsayang ng oras, senadora… di mo mapapasarado lahat ng porn sites…

  16. yohanz says:

    Well, Senator Loren made a great job! i know there still many active philippine pornsites & blogspots, but hopefully one by one they will be closed down.

  17. yohanz says:

    Well, Senator Loren made a great job! i know there’s still many active philippine pornsites & blogspots, but hopefully one by one they will be closed down.

  18. ok says:

    gusto lang niya magpasikat para sa anumang tatakbuhan niya, its always like that.

  19. iyotTube says:

    i don’t think they can shutdown iyotTube.com .. there’s more important issues to cover rather than porn sites..

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