Smart now offers 30MB + Unli FB on All Prepaid & Postpaid Subs, extends until next year!

Smart now offers 30MB + Unli FB on All Prepaid & Postpaid Subs, extends until next year!

Breaking news: In an update to the Free Internet promo Smart Communications started a week ago, Smart, Talk and Text, and Sun Cellular’s postpaid subscribers can now enjoy the same privileges as prepaid subscribers are currently having with their free 30MB internet.


In another unprecedented move, PLDT and Smart Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan announced that postpaid and broadband subscribers can now register the promo in a tweet awhile ago. On top of the existing 30MB free internet, it now comes with free unlimited facebook browsing. In a press release from Smart, all subscribers can also enjoy unlimited all-day Facebook access – which includes sending messages via Facebook messenger and video viewing embedded in the social networking site. Subscribers can also enjoy all-day Wikipedia access as well on top of their daily 30 MB free data allocation. Quoted tweet is from Abbie Real, Social Media Manager for Smart.


MVP also announces that the existing promo will be extended until January 5 next year as a holiday gift to all 72 million subscribers of the three networks. To avail of the offer, one must send ‘Free’ to 9999 for free to register to the free internet promo.

You might want to check out our guide to squeezing out every last byte out of your free 30MB internet here.

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14 Responses

  1. Globusted says:

    globe is not smart afterall. I used to be a proud globe subscriber for 12 years then they started to give me substandard services and how they treat their loyal customers. From loyalty program to billing errors tsk Tsk tsk

  2. kennz says:

    Shots fired. Grabs popcorn waiting for things to escalate.

  3. pao says:

    yun oh! mraming salamat po idol!

    oh kau nman globe. ngaun may unli fb na rin kmi, may maibibgay pa ba kau? hehe.

  4. Bianca Garbin says:

    UnliFB on top of 30MB? Yay! Thank you Smart!

  5. gpr says:

    speaking of globe? wala pa akong narereceive na message na pwede na maka free FB. They send text messages last that it will start this week pero friday na ngayon wala pang confirmation text sa kanila. Baaadddddddd. EkEk lang pala free FB nila

  6. maiba lang says:

    Ok ito ah… smartphone na lang kulang… hirap mag-browse sa aking Nokia 2100

  7. Dicube says:

    this move is either made or break and break, first for sure all data plan subs mag-rereklamu about dito in terms of speed second its too risky to offer free data during Christmas season because of voice and data traffic. Third in every action there is always equal and opposite raction, sa una magandang salita sa mga nakagamit pero pag nagsabay na ang 70M subs nila at naka experience yan ng slow connection abot hanggang buwan #### word ang makukuha mo. watch out

    • gpr says:

      Ganito yan paring dicube, sa lagay ng internet natin ngayon, parang bulok na saging yan. Ipinami2gay nalang kasi bulok na eh. Tama ung sabi mo, its logical extend ng smart till jan since pgpasok ng nov til january heavy na data traffic, ni calls and text nga madalas mgkaproblema lyk ung calls and text mo sa ibang number napupunta kh8 tama na.input mo. Mali lang modus nila, dahil sa free2x na yan, lalong lalala internet speed natin.

  8. RaGe says:

    Ramdam na ramdam ang internet ng Smart kahapon — walang connection.

    Postpaid sim ko walang 3G pero prepaid ko meron?
    Gasgas na sim card ko at halos sira na sim tray ko kakatroubleshoot mismo sa Smart pala problema, lalo pang bumagal.

    Di ba matagal nang nakalagay palagi kapag nagbbrowse ka ng Facebook sa browser “Free Data from SMART”?

    At paano magiging free internet kung Unlidata binabayaran ko monthly?
    Tapos sa bill ko may Php100 charge na “Facebook 1 Day”.

    • gpr says:

      kahapon din, sinubukan ko ung free FB ng Globe, anak ng puta, kinain ung 10 pesos load ko. Sabi free. Sinunod ko naman ung binigay nilang link for free FB.

    • Bitter Postpaid Sub says:

      Had the same problem yesterday. Couldn’t connect through my postpaid Smart plug-it at all. Over the week, I kept on getting disconnected if I’m able to connect and I wouldn’t be able to reconnect for hours. If they want to give prepaid subscribers free internet that’s fine but why in the world would they do so at the expense of postpaid subscribers. Good thing am no longer under contract. A pity because the plug-it was blazing fast when I first got it. Saksak nila sa baga nila ang free FB nila, like wtf as if FB lang ba dahilan ng tao para mag-online.

    • anokamo says:

      Bwiset talaga tong Samrt na to. Di na mga maayos data ng mga postpaid plans, nagpapa-free pa. Mga ulol!

  9. steelicon says:

    @iamMVP @SMARTCares please fix your #LTE4G speeds 2Mbps is not LTE 50 more like UNLI 50 3G #4GAT3GSPEED 4G must average at least #LTE25MBPS

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