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Something wrong with Yahoo! Mail and GMail

This has happened on many occassions that it can’t be ignored already. There is a real problem between Yahoo!Mail and GMail — mails aren’t getting thru when sending across these two email services.

So, to test it I sent an email from my Yahoo! account to two email accounts, both a Yahoo!Mail and a GMail. The Yahoo! account got the test email almost immediately (within a minute) while the GMail account did not receive the email. The same is true when I send an email from a GMail account.

On another test, I sent two invitations from Yahoogroups to two separate email addesses, one for Yahoo and another for GMail. The Yahoo email got the invitation but the GMail account did not.

It has happened to me and several other people I frequently send emails to. I really feel there’s something wrong between these two.

Reminds me of Globe and Smart’s cross-connection problem before.

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9 Responses

  1. sid says:

    Even worse than not getting SOME emails addressed to me is my problem with Yahoo in which NO MAIL is accessible virtually all the time.

    I now have about 68,000 message in my in-box and am using 72% of 2Gb capacity. Unfortunately, every attempt to access mail has a 85% probability of receiving a message that Yahoo Mail is out-of-order on a “temporary” basis. Yahoo suggests I try back “later.”

    This makes it impossible even to erase some of the crap that’s been accumulating in the box…at least 90% spam.

    I wrote to Yahoo to complain and request that, if they cannot fix the problem, at least delete all messages in the in-box so I can start using this address again. Here’s what they wrote back to me seven days ago:

    “We are sorry to know from your email that you are also facing
    difficulties while accessing your mailbox. Unfortunately, it is a known
    issue that has been reported by other users too.

    “We’d like to reassure you that The Yahoo! Mail Team is working on a

    “As we have also received similar reports from our users and we have
    informed our engineers, they are investigating the problem to provide
    the best service to our users at an earliest.

    “We’re thankful for your patience and understanding, and apologize for
    the inconvenience.”

    As you can imagine, my “patience and understanding” have been exhausted.

    I have to suggest that you do not try to reach me through my Yahoo address…chances are I will never be able to get it!


  2. Peter says:

    It’s now 17 nov 2006 a year later.
    The problems are still there.
    Some mails come tru others not.

    But you wont have problems if you send mail from another system to yahoo, or Gmail.

    I’m also an Email expert, mail these days is not much more then some html code or plain text code.

    What we probaply face here is ignorence by gmail or yahoo companies, they will call well blame the other party. Its unbelieveable. They dont seam to take their mail systems serious. My feelings tell me that this is problem is created, by them on purpose. These days modern mail systems dont have such problems anymore, and would alway reply with an NDR message. But between yahoo and google they just disapear….

    (call me a geek, but modern mail systems dont behave as
    the systems used by yahoo and google, NDR’s are facto standards thse days. .. so why dont yahoo and google use it??? is not not allowed by their vendors.
    They blame their own products with such bugs and make fools om themselve.

  3. sue gies says:

    Yahoo changes format every so often, this time I cannot get into it with out several tries. Why???

  4. nel says:

    I hope the problem between yahoo mail and gmail will soon be resolved. Even this little case will affect us, users of their free services.

  5. mul14 says:

    i can’t login to yahoo! mail and gmail if the password contain plus ” “. i’m using Sony Ericsson k750i and opera mini.
    then i change the password. the problem is gone.

    sorry,my english is bad.

  6. hernan says:

    Hello fellow e-mailers,

    Until 4 or 5 days ago I had no problems at all with sending e-mails from Yahoo. Suddenly when I tried to send e-mails, I got an error message that said something like “there is something wrong with your recipients, check and try again.” By a process of elimination, I found that in the groups I was sending the e-mails to there was one gmail account. It turned out that by leaving out this account, every other mail got sent as normal. Also I have noted that I have not received an e-mail from this gmail account in several days. Ordinarily I receive something from this gmail account almost daily.

    Any explaination for what is happening? Thanks.


  7. Amir says:

    …. and years later, the story still goes…
    no resolution yet.

  8. padhu says:

    i cant able to open yahoomail

  9. padmanaban says:

    i can able to open yahoo mail

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