8GB Toshiba FlashAir goes WiFi

8GB Toshiba FlashAir goes WiFi

Toshiba has just announced a tiny little 8GB SDHC card that actually runs its own wireless hotspot — the Toshiba FlashAir.

Yes, now you can browse and transfer files from the SD card to you laptop or PC (and vice-versa) without even pulling it out of the camera.


The card supports WiFi 802.11 b/g/n protocols and has a capacity of 8GB (Class 6). The FlashAir doesn’t have its own power so it draws it from the device it is attached to.

This is not the first time we’ve seen an WiFi-enabled SD card. A couple of years ago, Eye-Fi was also introduced.

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13 Responses

  1. You mean if I insert it into any capable device I can access its contents from another device with Wi-Fi? This is so badass…

  2. H says:

    really? totoo ba yan? as in? medyo hassle nga tanggalin mo pa sa camera, saksak sa computer. hmmm…

  3. SM Sale says:

    this is very cool. So it means you can make wifi on any device and share its content?

  4. Dan_MD says:


    Sir Abe, can you make a review of this storage device using a typical camera, say, a Sony Cybershot.

    How does it work (I mean controls and user interface) via devices such as digital cameras (because that would be difficult, if not impossible)?

    It may be possible that the card becomes a wifi device wherein connection and transfer is prompted via a PC using browser http://FTP... tama ba? Hehe.

    Now, if they can cram the wi-fi radio and aerials in a micro-SD… that would be even cooler. hehe.

  5. Honx says:

    wohow! great!
    foster bro, when the new Sony Tab goes out, could you do a review likewise? im thinking of getting one.

  6. nameless says:

    Good job. They now combined the use of Wi-Fi SD module and SD flash memory card. This is really feasible so I’m not really surprised about this.

  7. fr0stbyte says:

    Meron na nyan dati.. Yung Eye-Fi nga. Let’s just hope this will do better pagdating sa implementation. Medyo palpal minsan yung Eye-Fi eh.

  8. old technology says:

    i agree, this is like eye-fi, pero last time i checked, hindi pwede sa pinas. pang US lang nabasa ko noon 2 yearsa ago, ewan ko lang sa ngayon.

    problema lang kung feasible ito sa setting natin, sa bagal ba naman ng connection natin sa internet, kung tama ang idea ko sa technology na ito

  9. thepaper says:

    nice!!! available na po ba ito sa pinas?

  10. shhhst says:

    i hope this technology will lives up to its expectation. Baka mabuti pang yng memory card ang isaksak mo sa ibang device kaysa mamuti ang buhok sa pagpagana nito at kabagalan. Just my notion, anyway.

  11. nameless says:

    The problem would lie to the software and driver that would maximize its capabilities. I wonder if this has it’s own stand alone power supply that would make it just like an external wireless file repository.

  12. Ajcalderonmd says:

    Ok yan pero tama mukhang mabagal ang transfer nyan lalo na kung malaki files, i think dyan ang trend ngayon, me mga portable hard disk din na rechargeable at wireless, thru wifi ang transfer ng data parang NAS rather than thru usb sana po ma review nyo rin yun sir abe thanks

  13. What if the WiFi connection is somewhat slow? And you’re transferring huge files? This isn’t advisable especially if your town has blackouts or power outage often.

    Still, it’s rad given it supports WiFi transfer.

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