Anybody else heard of Cliptec before?

Sat down with the folks from Fine Upgrade to talk about doing some giveaways for YugaTech readers this Christmas. Incidentally, they’re also distributing a new line of products under the brand name Cliptec.

The brand was actually a bit familiar to me since I bought a Cliptec multi-card reader during my visit to Akihabara in Japan last year. Still using that card reader up to now (although the red paint had started to peel off).

Anyway, they showed me a whole catalog of products and accessories that I can pick and use for review. They have a wide line-up of products from the usual wireless mouse, card readers, portable speakers, earphones and headphones, car kits, and more.

They got this Magic Mouse look-alike that’s almost similar to the real one but way lighter and cheaper (there’s no multi-touch functions here though). This other one is a travel mouse that’s wrapped with some fine leather. Both mice connects to the laptop via a dedicated Bluetooth receiver and works on a Mac OS X too.

They also have one of these portable speakers (there were several variants in the line-up) that has a built-in battery (rated at 300mAh) and can be connected to more speakers in a daisy chain.

They have various multi card readers and even one with a SIM card slot. The one shown below is a car kit charger for the iPhone and iPad.

Cliptec products are available nationwide and offers a 1 year warranty (yes, they do outright replacement).

Anyway, Fine Upgrade was so kind to supply us with a big box full of goodies to give away to readers. I haven’t taken a full inventory but I reckon there’s more than 50 accessories and small gadgets inside that box.

Will be posting an announcement later on how you can get the chance to win one or more of the items in the box. For the meantime, do add up Cliptec Philippines on Facebook and thank them for these gifts.

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37 Responses

  1. Avatar for JayJay JayJay says:

    God CLiPteC optical mouse didn’t also work on my laptop Acer Aspire :(

  2. Avatar for Cliptec Philippines Cliptec Philippines says:

    Hi Guys!

    If you have problems with any of our products, please give us a call at our Manila office (02) 762.9554, Cebu Headquarters (032) 253.5648, and Davao Office (082) 235.3878, and we’ll have it replaced with another item of the same price or higher.

  3. Avatar for Kirmu Kirmu says:

    Bought a cliptec silicon mousepad and its unusable at all, my optical mouse doesnt even respond to the surface. Went back to the store and exchanged for a cliptec leather mousepad and it doesnt work well at all.. totally disappointed on why such extremely bad products even existed… wish I could have a refund instead

    • Avatar for Dickson Dickson says:

      Hi Kirmu, May i know what are the mouse that you using? Also the brand, we can tried as well in malaysia. Also please check the colour of the LED you using for.

  4. Avatar for whtie whtie says:

    hmm.. conclusion, never buy cliptec products!

  5. Avatar for Lucas Lucas says:

    Hi, I am from malaysia. I brought a cliptec mouse not long ago, about two-three weeks. It’s wireless and having the ability to change from 500-2000 dpi. Being completely honest, I am not very happy with the product. Sure, it has the comfort and i like the shape. i use this mouse for gaming. The downside is that there are times where the cursor suddenly doesn’t react to my mouse properly(i suspect it’s the dpi problem). It’s like the cursor speed suddenly slowdown or stop. This is very frustrating! Please tell me if i am able to I am only using the default 1000 dpi. Do u have any branch in malaysia that would willing to change this mouse? I am pretty sure this is the mouse ” http://www.cliptec.com/asia/product_red/rzs825.html””

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