Anybody else heard of Cliptec before?

Anybody else heard of Cliptec before?

Sat down with the folks from Fine Upgrade to talk about doing some giveaways for YugaTech readers this Christmas. Incidentally, they’re also distributing a new line of products under the brand name Cliptec.

The brand was actually a bit familiar to me since I bought a Cliptec multi-card reader during my visit to Akihabara in Japan last year. Still using that card reader up to now (although the red paint had started to peel off).

Anyway, they showed me a whole catalog of products and accessories that I can pick and use for review. They have a wide line-up of products from the usual wireless mouse, card readers, portable speakers, earphones and headphones, car kits, and more.

They got this Magic Mouse look-alike that’s almost similar to the real one but way lighter and cheaper (there’s no multi-touch functions here though). This other one is a travel mouse that’s wrapped with some fine leather. Both mice connects to the laptop via a dedicated Bluetooth receiver and works on a Mac OS X too.

They also have one of these portable speakers (there were several variants in the line-up) that has a built-in battery (rated at 300mAh) and can be connected to more speakers in a daisy chain.


They have various multi card readers and even one with a SIM card slot. The one shown below is a car kit charger for the iPhone and iPad.

Cliptec products are available nationwide and offers a 1 year warranty (yes, they do outright replacement).

Anyway, Fine Upgrade was so kind to supply us with a big box full of goodies to give away to readers. I haven’t taken a full inventory but I reckon there’s more than 50 accessories and small gadgets inside that box.

Will be posting an announcement later on how you can get the chance to win one or more of the items in the box. For the meantime, do add up Cliptec Philippines on Facebook and thank them for these gifts.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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37 Responses

  1. coachjojoc says:

    Bought a Cliptec wireless mouse. Wouldn’t work with the Acer laptop.

    Went back to the store and asked them to test it on their models. Guess what…it worked only on an Asus laptop and none on the following: Gateway/Toshiba/Samsung/Dell/Acer.

    One enterprising salesperson decided to firmly press the dongle on the usb slot (without ever letting go) and then voila…it worked.

    Right then and there I swore off buying any Cliptec products.

    Two thumbs down.

    • Hi coachjojoc!

      I would like to apologize for your inconvenience. But the good news is Cliptec offers a one year replacement warranty, so you may have the item replaced at the store where you bought it or you can personally come to our office and we’ll have the item replaced for you. All you have to do is bring your receipt. May I know where you’re from? So I can direct you to a branch nearest you.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Actually, the sales people changed the Cliptec mouse I bought with another sealed Cliptec mouse and the result was the same…your finger has to press down on the dongle for the mouse to work.

      And the store offered to change the item to an A4 Tech mouse which currently poses no problem for me.

      So there…naka free plug pa ang A4Tech from me.

    • We do sincerely apologize for your unfortunate experience, coachjojoc, but rest assured that all our items are state of the art and have been thoroughly checked by quality control. These kinds of things rarely happen. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    • Coachjojoc says:

      I dunno… Maybe your other products work just fine and are up to standard. Why don’t you try testing the wireless mouse at your end and see if you encounter the same problem I had.

      I tried it on my Acer Predator G7700 desktop (using all 8 usb ports), my MacBook Air and my Acer Ferrari and none worked.

      It’s the damned dongle….namimili ng butas mapasukan (‘scuse my language).

    • Sir we have tested this mouse and found out that it currently has an installation issue with WINDOWS 7 Operating system and requires a process of installation, which you can view on our facebook page,, in the RZS820 INSTALLATION PROCEDURE album. Again we apologize for your inconvenience, please do know that if you have future problems with any of our products you may contact us at our Manila office (02) 762.9554, Cebu Headquarters (032) 253.5648, and Davao Office (082) 235.3878.

    • Coachjojoc says:

      And I thought all along thatevery thing these days was plug and play…Hmmm. maybe not.

      Windows 7 may not be your only compatibility problem as my home PCs are running Vista 64-bit.

      Again, the only way the wireless mouse is able to connect is when you firmly push the dongle inside the usb slot and for you to continue pressing against it…Win 7 or not.

    • Kent says:

      I bought a Cliptec DPI G-Laser mouse last week. A day following the purchase, I went back to the store to have the mouse replaced with any other product because it doesn’t work well with Ubuntu operating system which I currently use. The clerk refused to grant my request because the product is free from any defects, I suggest that people think twice before buying this product. 5 thumbs down from me.

    • kent says:

      Another thing, the salesclerk told me to just sell the product to my friends.. and I was “Are you kidding me???asking me to sell a trash???

    • kent says:

      Another thing, the salesclerk told me to just sell the product to my friends.. and I was like “Are you kidding me???asking me to sell a trash???

  2. reply to article title: just now, haha, looks really nice, specially the leather mouse… looks great… and for the record, i kinda want it :D

  3. Benchmark says:

    Clip what? I haven’t heard the name but I like the speaker though :)

    Hope to win something before the year ends… but then again, reading articles here in Yugatech really made me a winner…in other ways…hehehe

  4. Ben says:

    so you’re giving those for free? Hahahaha!

  5. ninong says:

    was it jeremy/ryan? they’re cool folks, and their warranty service is amazing

  6. jayo says:

    yeah… that leather mouse got my attention…

  7. I wonder how much is the car kit charger. I like how compact their card reader

  8. Neil says:

    Looking forward to this one Sir Abe. :)

  9. airnolds says:

    oooh, that Leather Mouse will look great with my Tablet!…

    Mechanics na sir Yuga! ^_^

  10. It is another kind, experience, and gadget.

  11. wawa says:

    Hi! I’m using the Magic Mouse look-alike, it’s called SLIMZ AIR, nice product! Very happy with it! Go Cliptec!!

  12. Sam Lee says:

    I’m using the leather mouse, nice! Go Cliptec!

  13. arvi says:

    I like that mouse in leather!

  14. Paolo says:

    This is a new brand but seems to be familiar. It seems to be a CDR King’s competitor. The products in Cliptec are some sort of a imitations (example is the Cliptec’s Slimz-air is a look-a-like of the Apple’s Magic Mouse)in my point of view while I was browsing through its website.

  15. Jean says:

    Huwoh kung competitor ng CDR-King ang Cliptec.. Hooray! Finally may counter-brand na :D so pissed with CDR-King not only about the products but also about the employees (of different branches would you believe). Mag-raise man ako ng hate campaign against them I can’t stop my friends from buying CDR King stuffs, they want cheap versions kahit short ang life hehe. Masaya na ako na magkaroon sila ng ibang options for cheap electronics aside from CDR KIng *evil-laugh*

  16. the leatherette mouse looks nice!
    Looking forward to getting my hands on one courtesy of Yugatech! ;)

  17. Aldrin Lozano says:

    that leather mouse looks classy

  18. Ben says:

    is it possible to hack their reader na may sim card slot para maging gsm modem? sorry if this is a dumb question :/

    • nameless says:

      Yup! very dumb question! Readers are supposed to read. They won’t do anything to transmitt/receive tsss.. Very dumb hacker indeed!

  19. camrychunlee says:

    I bought that leather mouse.. it sucks. it stops every 30 minutes. though gumagana naman ulit after mga ilang segundo. yung lalagyanan nya ng battery nabali agad takip T_T. ok lang sana kung mura yung unit. pero in fairness kahit sampung metro layo ng mouse sa receiver, flawless

  20. enchongdi says:

    ako din meron yung leather mouse. maganda sana looks kaso ang bagal nya. sa packaging it says that its above 1000DPI. But pag actual usage na parang mas ok pa yung mga sensors ng generic mouse sa cdrking sobrang bagal i think its only around 400 – 800 DPI.

  21. Lucas says:

    Hi, I am from malaysia. I brought a cliptec mouse not long ago, about two-three weeks. It’s wireless and having the ability to change from 500-2000 dpi. Being completely honest, I am not very happy with the product. Sure, it has the comfort and i like the shape. i use this mouse for gaming. The downside is that there are times where the cursor suddenly doesn’t react to my mouse properly(i suspect it’s the dpi problem). It’s like the cursor speed suddenly slowdown or stop. This is very frustrating! Please tell me if i am able to I am only using the default 1000 dpi. Do u have any branch in malaysia that would willing to change this mouse? I am pretty sure this is the mouse ”“”

  22. whtie says:

    hmm.. conclusion, never buy cliptec products!

  23. Kirmu says:

    Bought a cliptec silicon mousepad and its unusable at all, my optical mouse doesnt even respond to the surface. Went back to the store and exchanged for a cliptec leather mousepad and it doesnt work well at all.. totally disappointed on why such extremely bad products even existed… wish I could have a refund instead

    • Dickson says:

      Hi Kirmu, May i know what are the mouse that you using? Also the brand, we can tried as well in malaysia. Also please check the colour of the LED you using for.

  24. Hi Guys!

    If you have problems with any of our products, please give us a call at our Manila office (02) 762.9554, Cebu Headquarters (032) 253.5648, and Davao Office (082) 235.3878, and we’ll have it replaced with another item of the same price or higher.

  25. JayJay says:

    God CLiPteC optical mouse didn’t also work on my laptop Acer Aspire :(

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