Apple plans LTE-equipped watch to be released this year

Apple plans LTE-equipped watch to be released this year

Apple’s next Watch is forthcoming with a new feature in tow, according to reports from sources.


The said watch will be equipped with LTE chips in order for users to use functions such as music streaming, downloading applications, and other tasks, as well as taking in calls and sending messages all without the assistance of an iPhone. The reason why Apple decided to come up with the new watch, according to the report, is because they don’t want their users to rely too much on their iPhones.

It is also said the Intel will be the one providing the LTE modems on the watch. Qualcomm used to be their main modem supplier for iPhones until it had a legal dispute with Apple. Last year, Apple made a series 2 watch with water resistance and plans to unveil the new watch later this year along with the new iPhones.

Source: Bloomberg

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