Asus Eee Keyboard is a Media Center

Asus Eee Keyboard is a Media Center

This could be the coolest thing that ever came out of Asus — an Eee Keyboard that acts as a stand-along home media center. There’s no telling what this keyboard really is as there are no details from Asus yet.

There’s a tiny 5-inch LCD screen on the right side of the keyboard (which also serves as a trackpad when hooked up to your PC) but no clue if it’s a Linux OS or an embedded platform.

eee pc keyboard


But, if the ports on the top front side of the keyboard means is any indication…

eee keyboard

This could be a fully functional PC all tucked inside a wireless keyboard (WiFi 802.11b/g/n). There you see USB ports, LAN, audio, and SD card reader, VGA and what could be an HDMI (?) port. There’s also a built-in speaker and mic.

eee pc keyboard
If those ports are there, then we can also safely say a processor, SSD and RAM are also hidden somewhere inside (an Intel Atom maybe?). Photo credits by Gizmodo.

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16 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    Wow, that would could very handy than notebooks nor netbooks.

  2. JohnLloy says:

    I also read this at Giz. This and a Pico Projector combo ayus na :D

  3. madzman23 says:

    Wow, that was really cool. A keyboard that has a WiFi capability and it also serves as a connection. It can also be a media center, this is a great breakthrough and I also agree that this is the coolest thing that ASUS ever made so far. But the million dollar question will, how much will it cost and when will it be available here in the Philippines.

    And oh btw, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) I think is also the connection for an LCD TV to connect to a DVD to achieve a full HD experience, it is also the connector of a Blu-ray disk. I saw that port also in my GF’s Sony Bravia. Well, theoretically speaking I can guess that it can also be used as a controller for the new Samsung LCD Series 8, well Im really not sure about it but as I can see the ports available there are lots of potential features and capability.
    This is really a one great stuff.

  4. Wow.. Do want! I can’t wait for the details on this thing.

  5. cris says:

    amazing! a keyboard that acts like a CPU. very nice indeed!

  6. Unknown Soldier says:

    I like this concept but an upgrade capability and processing speed maybe slow.

    also, the design may give you a stiff neck while typing at the screen.

  7. Huan22 says:

    How much does this keyboard costs?

  8. Obed says:

    that was sick…
    i wonder if you encode it also appears in the small screen.. no need to have a monitor… ;p

  9. In the last picture you can notice that Windows XP is running on the keyboard ;)

  10. calvin says:

    galing. nice idea.

    abe nakapunta ka na ba ng CES?

  11. iMadrid says:

    If you can install Boxee on Linux on this. This would be an awesome HTPC to go with any HTDV. Just plug it in and enjoy.

    I wonder if it has an SSD on it?

    The lack of details on this EEE Keyboard could mean a lot of thing. Its a proof-of-concept-prototype. So it may never ship at all.

    In CES companies are known as a test consumers interest on soon to be released products. And also to see in public what their competiton has to offer. If the product is considered obsolete when announced. They wont even bother building it. (Hats off to Palm they missed the boat on the netbook craze by cancelling the Foleo and now the smartphone Pre)

    Just hope the massive interest on this product wont lead to Asus releasing a product that is a dud. Coz unless you can see and test this EEE keyboard at a store. This product doesn’t exist yet.

  12. clickmind says:

    this means we have to wait for more details.. =) but ASUS has indeed put a new angle into PC products.. Interesting indeed.

  13. liz says:

    magkano kaya =)

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