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The X-Mini Max II, X-Mini Happy arrives

There are two new portable speakers from X-Mini and they sent in both of them from Singapore so we could check it out. I’ve had the earlier models but the new ones add more features with much a nicer design.

The X-Mini Happy follows the same form factor as the original X-Mini speakers but has more features built into the unit itself. The main one would be the MP3 player and the SD/SDHC card slot. Just copy your mp3 music to an SD card and pop it on the X-Mini and you’re all set.

The volume control also serves as playback controls for the music while a dedicated mute button is situated just beside the 3.5mm audio jack. Another audio cable is wrapped around the base so you can daisy-chain a multiple X-Mini speakers for playback all at the same time.

The X-Mini Max II is a pair of stereo speakers. The base is magnetized so they go together in a single capsule-shaped form. Each speaker has a maximum output of 2.5 watts (rms) which is fairly impressive for its size. Even the opening of the speakers are shifted to the sides so the sound is spread much wider.

That signature accordion-type body that extends the speakers for better volume and bass is still present. The X-Mini Max II does not have any mp3 player or any additional button controls other than the power (the volume control is placed on the attached audio cable).

The X-Mini Happy sells for $79 on the X-Mini website while the X-Mini Max II is only $49.90.

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11 Responses

  1. Allen says:

    I have recently seen these products in action so I’m wanting to buy them. Is it worth the wait? should I got for the old models? :D

  2. marie says:

    where can i buy x mini happy?

  3. robieg says:

    @marie: try searching for silienation. got my x-mini2 from her shop :)

  4. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    the only thing i dont like about the xmini is the audio cable. mine got spliced a couple of months ago =( i hope the new ones come with thicker, more durable cables otherwise ill stick with another brand

  5. John Lacson says:

    Hi Jeremiah, sorry to hear about your X Mini but I doubt you’ll find other brands with a higher quality cable. Not within the same price range anyway.

    Did you have the original X Mini or the Mini 2?

    I’ve had the Mini 2 for quite a while and the cable is holding up pretty well.

  6. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    i still have one working original x mini speaker. but anyway, i decided to try the newly improved x mini max II. just bought them at itech store in sm north edsa cyberzone for p2490 ^^
    i must say, the cables are much more durable and i’m rockin daisy chainin my speakers now =)

  7. Marky says:

    Hi guys I’ve been wanting to buy the x mini max 2 for some time now. The only concern that I have is that. Can I use the speakers without splitting them up or do I really have to split them in order for me to use them and yes it is said that they are only joined magnetically so does that mean that I can’t lock them together?

  8. bob says:

    how many hours the speaker last….

  9. chi says:

    hi! question. do you know where we can buy the stereo cable? thanks.

  10. ronie says:

    where store can i buy x-mini capsule II speaker?

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