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DEVANT 50iTV630 Smart 3D Internet TV Review

We’ve had this 50-inch Smart 3D Internet TV from DEVANT for a couple of weeks already and it’s been sitting in the living room for the most part of this review.

DEVANT TVs have been around for some time now and one of their latest models in their TV line-up is a Smart LED 3D TV with display sizes of up to 50 inches. And while there are a lot of choices in the LED TV market these days, Devant is positioning their Smart Internet TV as a digital-ready HD TV and equipping them with a built-in ISDB-T receiver.

This means that with an ISDB-T receiver (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial), the TV is already capable of receiving digital HD signal on free TV without the need for a set-top or converter box. ISDB-T is the same digital TV standard used in Japan and will be the one that’s supposed to be implemented in the Philippines in the next 3 to 5 years.

Design and Construction

The DEVANT 50iTV630 has a really simple yet elegant design, nothing fancy but straight-up solid and monolithic. The design is very natural with hard lines, strong corners and a refined look. The bezel has a black glossy finish with a silver lining around the edges.

Fifty inches has now become the de facto size of high-end LED TVs while 32 to 42 inches have become the usual sizes for entry-level sets. At 50 inches, your viewing experience drastically changes. This is especially true when watching movies or playing games on the large screen.

The TV is 56mm on the side which is pretty close to the thinnest LED TVs we’ve seen since last year. Nevertheless, it has chopped off a significant amount of thickness from most LCDs around.

The manual controls are on right side while the connection ports are placed on the back, near the left side corner. The port selection includes 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, RCA ports, etc. The set also comes with a WiFi dongle that plugs into one of the USB ports to connect the TV into your local area network and to the internet.

The bezel is about an inch wide from the edge of the panel. The base is adjustable so you can swivel the panel around for about 70 degrees (could be wider since the back of the wall prevents me from swiveling it around even more).

Display and Playback

With a large 50-inch display, the Devant 50iTV630 offers full HD 1080p resolution. It’s no denying that once you go LED from LCD, you will never want to go back. Full HD 1080p movies looked very nice on a huge LED screen. The Devant 50iTV630 has shown impressive results in picture quality, clarity and crispness. It’s got really deep contrast and wide viewing angles.

The display can be adjusted depending on the type of use or output and you can adjust a lot of the internal settings to adopt to the type of scene you want to watch.

The system is pretty easy to use and very responsive. It was able recognize all of the external media players we attached to it.


The TV came with two 3D glasses which you can use when playing 3D movies or content. Unfortunately, we did not have the 3D Blu-ray player so we weren’t able to test the quality and depth when 3D is turned on.

Multimedia and Internet

This model is considered an Internet TV because of the built-in web apps that came with it. The list is a bit short but the basic and widely used ones are pre-installed — YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and a basic web browser that looks very similar to Chrome. The web apps are pretty basic but still very usable while YouTube streaming can be enjoyable when you have really good internet speeds.

The TV connects to the local network and the internet via a WiFi dongle which plugs into one of the USB ports at the back (wired connection is also available). Setting up the TV on WiFi is pretty quick and easy.

The web browser looks pretty basic but is light and fast, renders pages quickly and has most of the basic navigational functions. The virtual keyboard is simple but does the job really that well we didn’t get frustrated with using it.

There are two built in speakers, each rated at 10 watts each. The sound quality is good although it still lacks the depth and bass of real external speakers (Devant adds a 5.1 speaker system into the package). IN any case, the volume is good both when watching movies or playing games on the LED TV.

The USB port is capable of directly reading and playing media files like JPEG, MP3 and MKV so you can play multimedia files directly into the TV from a USB drive. This spares you from hooking up a separate media player into the system and all you need is an external storage for your media files.


The Devant 50iTV630 has a suggested retail price of Php94,950 and comes with the following freebie options — a free Devant 32Mel250 (32-inch LEDTech LCD TV) or a free Devant BR 51 (5.1 Channel, 3D Blu-Ray Player) and DV 5270 (5.1 channel speaker system). We’d suggest picking the one with the free 3D Blu-Ray player so you can maximize the 3D capabilities of the LED TV.

It’s among the most affordable yet pretty good 50-inch LED TV we’ve seen around. With a suggested price that’s under Php100k, we think the 50iTV630 is a really good buy if you’re upgrading from an LCD TV and have a tight budget (been using a 40-inch LCD TV for more than two years now and the improvement is miles away).

DEVANT 50iTV630 Smart 3D Internet TV specs:
50″ EDGE LED Smart 3D TV
Full HD 1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
3,000,000:1 contrast ratio
500 cd/m2
178-degree viewing angle
6ms response time
120MHz frequency
3 x HDMI ports
2 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x 3.5mm audio jack
ISDB-T receiver
2 x 10-watt speakers
130-watt power consumption
Remote Control
Wall Bracket
2 x 3D Glasses
WiFi Dongle

What we liked about the set:
* Clean, simple design
* 3D capability
* Internet features
* Affordable in it’s category
* ISDB-T receiver
* Lots of bundled freebies

What we didn’t like about it:
* Not as thin as we liked it to be
* Limited internet features

Disclosure: Devant gave us this review unit for free. They’re also sending another one which we will be giving away to our readers here so watch out for that!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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49 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    wow! for free!? swerte! hehehehe another one to give away?! Wow! malabo man akong manalo dyan, pero I will join that one…hehehehe

  2. im_eart says:

    WOW!!! i want it!!! I have already Devant LCD TV!!! I will wait for DEVANT’S Promo!

  3. Mr A says:

    Is there a model that is the bare bones’ package? Like the LED TV without the Smart Feature? I would rather like to just have a Android Box or a console to act as the “Smart” part than the built-in one.

  4. Peter says:

    local outlets? meron ba sa cebu nito?

  5. mcometa says:

    Love the “Disclosure” part! Whew

  6. Ronald says:

    smacdeals.com had this on sale at 50% off a few weeks ago.

  7. Ed Umbao says:

    Wow this is amazing, i love the disclosure part of the whole review process. Thanks Yugatech for the info about Devant, a good relevant review will surely entice your readers to buy this one.

    This Smart 3D Internet TV will eat up the competition. Nice one Yugatech.

  8. Jr says:

    they giving one for the readers for real? I wish they pick me :)

  9. Ric says:

    Grabe.. kaabang abang na give away yan..!

  10. John Rey says:

    Waiting mode…….. ^^,

  11. thejorlanb says:

    ISDB-T????? WOW.

  12. Wayne Ponz says:

    Wah I want, sana mapunta sakin! :)

  13. Kit says:

    Wow. Been dying to have a flat screen in our dorm lol.

  14. pfb says:

    gimme! gimme! i’m feeling lucky!

  15. newbie_LCED_TV says:

    do you have reviews on Skyworth LED TV 42 inch?

  16. dabomeister says:

    i’m hoping too to get one for free! lol!

  17. nicolet says:


  18. Kendra says:

    i no longer like Devant…after three replacements because of dead pixel, cloudy screen, power issues etc…at pahirapan pa sa pag-replace kasi it’s a know reputation of devant from previous buyers daw sabi ng manager eh iba nalang bibilhin ko…mas ok pa yung ibang chepo brands like toshiba kung simple led tv lang need nyo..but for a similar feature, i’ll go for a diff. brand…

  19. Kendra says:

    *known reputation of devant

  20. Nico says:

    I came here because of Liz Lemon!

  21. ChrisP says:

    Pamalit sa sa analog JVC namin! Give away! :)

  22. ventAntebtele says:


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  25. dvancleef says:

    Its ISDB-Tb, not ISDB-T. ISDB-T is only deployed in Japan. Its ISDB-Tb that is the standard being deployed in Philippines (and in most of South America).

  26. archaznable says:

    I also have the same TV that I purchase last December of 2012 you can check out the review here on … http://archaznablesportfolio.blogspot.com/2012/12/my-devant-50-itv630-smart-3d-review.html

  27. dantes says:

    I just bought the DeVANT 46iTV600 last Dec. 29, 2012 and sad to say, the unit just suddenly went dead this afternoon(Jan. 7 ’13 at around 5:30PM). I was shocked because it was less than 2 weeks and the unit already went dead considering that it’s still new. Well, i called DeVANT’s service center and reported the problem and the DeVANT guy(Jose) i was talking to, after, a bit of discussion, realized the unit as a dead set and suggested returning it back to the store where i bought if from. I called up Anson’s Makati and they said that i just bring the unit together with the receipt for replacement. I requested for a packaging box since I already disposed the said box after installing it in our house but Anson’s guy said that they can not provide a box. I feel quite disappointed with the product since my expectation after i purchased it was high and then less than 2 weeks, it became dead. I guess DeVANT should improve their Quality Control ‘coz if it can’t do this, customers may not patronize the product.

    • maxmad says:

      just want to verify kung may incident bang nahugot yung plug habang on TV?Tyka napalitan ba nila yung product gano po katagal bago nila nagawa .Then after ba nung incident may advice sila or resolution ?tnx sensya na sa dami tanung

    • dantes says:

      After Devant Service Center relaced the defective unit, i’m happy to say that as of this writing, my devant tv is working perfectly, no problems encountered. The AVR i bought really protects the tv unit from fluctuating power issue as what the devant technician has instructed. I’m even planning to upgrade to a devant 55 inch tv, i’m just waiting for the xmas holiday sales promo of devant.

  28. Druce Tan says:

    how is the TV holding up now after a few months? i’m planning on purchasing this model

    • dantes says:

      Bruce my 46″ iTV600 works perfectly fine after almost 11 months after the replacement last january 2013. If you plan to buy this model just be sure to buy also a good AVR. I bought an omni brand priced at php2,500 and ever since, it protected my devant tv.

  29. dodong says:

    sa USB port nag try ako mag play ng blu ray copy.
    wala siyang audio. check ko yung info ng audio DTS. nag try ako ng ibang movie nag ok na siya. nung i check ko yung audio info AAC siya. di ba talaga kaya pag mga DTS ang audio. kung hindi, pwede ba siya e-upgrade? ang unit ko ay devant 50iTv630 mart tv.

  30. Jesson says:

    ISDB-Tb if i’m not mistaken will also become a standard here in our country this coming 2016 at fall that’s according to NTC. It’s Philippines… Looking forward on that.

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    Watching these films would have been a good body pumping experience for you personally.
    This might always be one of my top-five movies.

  32. don says:

    what is the difference between this and the 50 930 model

  33. Roy Mustache says:

    Hi, OT poh may nakapagtry naba sa inyo ng Changhong LED TV? we are planning to buy our first LED TV and having thoughts kung aling brand maganda and at the same time mura lang….

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  36. louie angelica says:

    Can a mouse and a keyboars be connected directly at this tv using the usb or does it really needs a hard drive to be connected to the tv before you could connect the mouse and the keyboard.

  37. Jomar Palomique says:

    My Devant 32 led TV is malfunctioning, the channel is changing automatically even without pressing the remote. Sometimes the menu list would appear and keep on flashing on the screen. Am so disappointed with the brand. Never experienced this before from other brands. Anybody have the same experienced?

  38. kazuto says:

    pwede ba ito gamitin pang chrome cast? kung oo pano?

  39. Luis Crisostomo Jr says:

    I lost the Network setting of my 50 LED Devant Smart TV. All setting becomes 0 and could not recall the IP address number and the rest of network settings..I could not operate the Smart TV functions, through wireless and ethernet connections…Hope you can help me by giving me the information I need specially the procedure to make it functional

  40. Brian says:

    Yung sa akin di na mag play ng videos pero nakakapag browse Naman sa youtube kaso kpag click mo na play lagi encountered error..

  41. derick says:

    un tv nmin ayaw mgplayng mga videos pg ngclick k lagi ngerror encountered pro ngkkpagbrowse nman..nk wired connection n nga cya pro ayaw mgplay ng mga videos..ano po ggwin ko?maraming salamat..

  42. junel garcia says:

    where can i buy devant remote control for my 32sTV700

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