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Devant 55WIZ830 55-inch LED 3D TV Review

This is the second Devant TV we’ve tested and reviewed and so far we still continue to enjoy all of the HD movies we can get hold of, minus the 3D ones. Check out what we think of this 55-inch Devant 55WIZ830 LED 3D TV after the break.

I’ve been using the older 50-inch LED TV that Devant gave us for 4 months now and have not had any problems with it. I moved that one to the bedroom while the new 55-inch unit sits on the living room for about a month now.

Design and Construction.

Devant’s biggest TV size is this 55-inch display. It’s slim, relatively light (although it took me some effort to install it on my own) and has simple yet nice exterior features. The glass display run from edge to edge and has a silver accent and all-crystal border around it. This gives you the impression that the picture has no bezel or borders although you can still see the silver lining around it.

Without the base, the thickest part of the body is about 35mm thin (around 3 smartphones thick when placed side by side) which is already pretty thin.

The base is in the shape of a quadpod offering a pretty stable platform to set the display and with merely 4 mid-sized screws, the panel managed to sit up still very firmly and not wobble.

We liked the crystal frame the surrounds the panel — it looks like a thick sheet of glass but could just be some tough, transparent polycarbonate resin. Devant was pretty much spot on with the design of the display panel and although that quad-pod base isn’t really something new, it does give it a bit of a flare.

Display and Playback.

At 55-inch, diagonally, the TV is already huge. The set-up in our living room was simple and I believe the display from the sofa to the TV set is exactly 6 feet away giving us an optimal viewing distance.

The 55WIZ830 delivers impressive picture quality, images are crisp and the colors are vivid. The LED panel renders very accurate colors, a good a mount of saturation and contrast. We noticed though that the blacks aren’t really deep black but rather a tinge of bluish-black.

At 6ms, the refresh rate is fast enough but there will be instances when we noticed some tearing and ghosting effect especially when the movies we’re watching has a lot of fast action or moving scenes. We initially thought it was due to the wireless network that delivers the HD videos but the same can also be noticed even when we’re connected to a local player attached with a USB 3.0 HDD.

The TV has a built-in picture and video player and supports a number of common file formats when reading from an attached storage like a USB flash drive or an HDD. However, we weren’t able to access files stores in the NAS using the built-in File Manager.

The 3D capability is something we noticed but rarely used due to the fact that we didn’t even had any 3D content to start with. However, the TV has the ability to convert 2D to 3D picture which really didn’t work out so well.

After downloading a full HD 3D movie (took us weeks to download the entire 16GB file), we tried out the 3D feature to our enjoyment. The active glasses needed to be charged via mini-USB and settings were adjusted for proper viewing and after everything was set, we realized the difference between a flat 2D and an active 3D movie. Subjects pop out of the screen although by not much.

Everything else considered, we were still impressed with the unit mainly because of the good picture quality and the sheer size, built-in playback support for common file formats and 3D capability.

Audio and Smart Media

The Smart TV features of this TV set is a bit limited. In fact, we think Devant’s attempt to make their TVs smart is still in its infancy stage and this is evident with all the models we’ve tested from them.

Basic apps include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a native web browser. The TV apps are usable but they’re still very basic. The browser supports flash though and the YouTube app can come in very useful especially if you have good internet connection to the TV.

The audio coming from the speakers at the back side of the TV is decent although we think it needs a little bit more power. For better experience, especially when watching movies, we’d recommned hooking it up to a more powerful surround-sound speakers.


We could not ask for anything more from this model. It comes with 3 HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, the usual VGA ports and digital TV receiver. Internet and LAN connectivity is accessed via a separate WiFi dongle that plugs into one of the USB ports, leaving you with one other for connecting to external media storage.

The TV remote control control is pretty basic, easy to understand and use but could be a bit unwieldy when used for navigating on the built-in web browser (I think this is the time when Devant needs a different set of web browser remote).

The only issue we noticed with the TV is that it would not recognize the Macbook when plugged via the Display Port (using a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter).


There are a few things we’d usually look into a TV set when we’re out to get a new one — price, display size and picture quality. And aside from that, rest takes a backseat and are only tie-breakers. Devant’s 55WIZ830 get very high scores in those three departments — huge display size, great picture quality and really affordable price.

We also appreciate the wireless LAN connectivity because it fits right well within our home network setup (we use a 5-bay Drobo FS to store all our media files in the local network).

The Smart TV features is something we don’t really use and care about. Same goes with 3D, unless we have very compelling content to use it for. In the end, what we look for in an ideal home TV is something that looks good, big yet not very expensive. The Devant 55WIZ830 kinda fits the bill.

Devant 55WIZ830 3D LED TV specs:
55-inch Edge LED @ full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels)
3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
2D to 3D Conversion
Smart Functions
Perfectly Clear Panel
3 x HDMI ports
2 x USB 2.0 ports
Supports USB Device: JPEG, MP3, MKV
Digital TV with built-in ISDB-T receiver
WiFi and LAN
USB WiFi dongle
140-watt power consumption (maximum)
1247mm x 788mm x 35mm (dimensions)

The Devant 55WIZ830 3D LED TV has a suggested retail price of about Php119,000 in mall stores and comes with a lot of freebies like Blu-ray player and speakers but can be bought for about Php85,000 in some online stores (forgot which Multiply store was selling it) just for the TV alone.

What we liked about the set:
* Elegant, thin and sexy design
* Internet features
* Very affordable in its class
* 3D capability

What we didn’t like about it:
* Limited internet and apps feature

Disclosure: I asked Devant if they can give one of their HD TVs to one of our lucky readers in a raffle and they agreed. Details about that contest will be posted once we’ve finalized it.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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44 Responses

  1. How much is this?
    You said its affordable but the srp was not disclosed in your article

  2. yuga says:

    Sorry, was still editing the article for last minute revisions. Added the price at Php85,000.

  3. Jama says:

    Swerte naman ni Yuga. May libreng TV kapalit ng positive reviews.

    • yuga says:

      Nope, this is not free. I will have to return it next week. I will be given another one to give away to readers though.

      So, swerte ang mga readers ko na katulad mo kase puede kayong manalo nito. hehehe

  4. psikick says:

    Sir Yuga,

    what calibration software did you use for you to say “The LED panel renders very accurate colors, a good amount of saturation and contrast.” Pati na rin po yung refresh rate na 6ms… was that measured o nakalagay lang po sa specs sheet?


  5. Rex says:

    Tvs nowadays r ridiculously priced! Almost 100k for a tv! Grabe naman

  6. dudung says:

    How can you get to review a 3D TV without actually reviewing its 3D capability? Beats me, no disrespect.

    OnT, ridiculous price for such limited functionality. Not even a built-in wireless for 119k? Devant is getting it wrong equating panel size vis-a-vis price. They should know they’re niche and I’m pretty sure they play in the mid- to low-end segment of the TV market. If I have that money, I’m taking it somewhere else.

  7. allan says:

    Devant has a decent product, but I think its priced a bit high. I took mine apart and found out that that the TV was made by Hisense, a Chinese manufacturer. I bought a Hisense TV in the states, lasted me 3 years, no problems. Difference is, I got it over there at a bargain basement price. Here Devant is priced rather premium. If the price is right, I would get myself one. My two cents.

  8. luvspuff13 says:

    My family and I are looking to buy a Devant HD TV 39″ and I’m reading reviews of their TV products and I’m conflicted. Some reviews from customers complain about how it becomes a bust after just a few months and that the Devant staff can’t even fix it right while others’ reviews say theirs lasted for 4 years now. I really don’t want us to waste this much someone help

    • Rex says:

      Mag Sony ka na lang

    • maxmad says:

      Just bought a 39″LED itv600 wla ako masabi sa quality big screen nice picture can play any video formats and max 1TB HD kaya many outlets.Then waranty naman na 2years so di namn issue kung may problem replaceable ng 1mos ung unit bka ung iba nassra factory defect lang un pero over all ok sya and relaible naman madami rin akong kilalang may devant almost 2yrs running na la problem . magging prblem lang cgro sa budget if you have enough money go for sony LG pero sakin ayos na sulit na bang for the buck

    • kenn says:

      I own a DeVant TV too.. the quality of the product is still based on the User and the temperature where the item is placed..

    • luvspuff13 says:

      We just bought the 42i LEDTech LCD TV and no complaints so far. Now I hope to win this 55i glory in this raffle. *crosses fingers*

  9. dvancleef says:

    ISDB-Tb, not ISDB-T

  10. parangano says:


  11. jdGONEMAD says:

    arbor na to master.

  12. darren philip says:

    seems good. I add Devant to my list when choosing a TV..in the future :D

  13. meme says:

    laki na ng fan base ni Sir Yuga kaya hirap manalo hahahaha pero super jealous ako kasi you get to try out new techs… I wish I could do the same hehehe

  14. JUNE says:

    wOW! TV namin devant, home theater devant din. Di kamahalan tulad ng sony at samsung but the quality is good. Subok na 3 years na ang LCD TV namin but still good pa din.

  15. PAULO says:


  16. PAULO says:


  17. Armand says:

    I just asked ANSONs across my office along Chino Roces Avenue extension and they gave me a good price for a cash payment PHP62,950.00 since i don’t need the freebies just the standard wifi dongle and 3D glasses. This price is worth it for me.

  18. richard says:

    best best price i can give you for cash/straight/installment for 55WIZ830 Devant Smart 3D TV or other models of devant, just visit on our store at ANSON NEW MAKATI. lahat po ng models ng devant ay nakadisplay. look for richard for assistant. thank you

  19. grrr says:

    Research before you buy Devant TV because this is not durable and will breakdown anytime. Warranty is bad, they will not replace it. Many have complaints similar to mine. After 8 months my 46″ Devant TV got vertical black lines and even if defective, devant will not replace it. They repaired it but it brokedown again beyond repair in 1year. Dont waste your money. Buy a better brand!

  20. victim says:

    my Devant LED took only 2years and its no longer working. It was sent back to devant for replacement when it was still on warranty but i was deceived, they only repaired it and broke dowm again in a year beyond repair. Devant is poor quality brand. You better look for a quality brand so you could save your money

    • richard says:

      how could you say na victim po kayo… dapat po ipost po ninyo yung exact complete name ninyo hindi po VICTIM lang. salamat po

    • raymond datinguinoo says:

      i have a defective devant tv..the service center offered a promo for me to buy a new devant tv without checking my unit.people there just happened to be psychics of some sort that they diagnosed the devant tv to be hopeless and needs to be replaced by a new one.who would want to buy another devant after knowing that its not that durable????its some kind of a marketing crap they run in the company..don’t be a fool like me trusting a brand that runs malicious schemes in the aftersales.

  21. Armand says:

    Richard, i agree with you that if there are valid complaints put their name on the reply. However, if these cases exists what can Ansons do? What will Devant do? thanks!

  22. Mijo Torsche says:

    I never heard of Devant before it was advertised during i was watching Jack the Giant Slayer on a theater. At first I was skeptical about the brand and the picture quality it has but i was captivated by its design so i made a research and read that this is not a bad choice in buying HDTV after all. A month ago we bought 55″ WIZ830 and i never regret the picture quality it delivers, the color is so beautiful and it gives life to the movie, my Xbox games seem awesome in a huge screen comparing than our old 29″ tv and i noticed that with HDMI the color and the motion and everything is intensely superb. I never tried watching bluray movie though (because there’s no bluray seller here in Puerto Princesa) but with DVD movie i can say that devant is one of the best quality amongst HDTV out in the market. 55″ of HDTV with this superb display quality and sound, and USB ready plug in at this price cheaper than leading brands on the market now, with also has the same picture quality as with of the others (or might be better), i can say… TRY DEVANT and you’ll never regret it. :)

  23. Marco says:


    I noticed you said something about ghosting/blur when there are fast action movements.
    i just bought my 55″ WIZ8 yesterday. And I started to play 1080/720p movies from my media player. I also noticed lots of blur when there was fast movements.

    Was just wondering? Is there a fix for this? or should I complain to Devant for what’s happening?

    Thanks! Hope to hear a response from you.

  24. Mijo Torsche says:

    adjust the motion smoothness to high.. :) i don’t notice blurry after-movement thing when im watching a fast pace scene. by the way, im just wondering what is the best setting for convergence and depth? i tried adjusting depth to 10 or 1 or in any number as well as the convergence but it seems that i don’s see the right combination to see the 3d best,.. do u know the best number of depth against convergence? ty

  25. Nilo says:

    Just want to know if the Devant Led TV is Similar to American Home Led TV? Because i noticed that the Interface /Menu function on screen is pretty much similar. coz im planning to buy a 40″ Led TV…thanks.

  26. Nilo says:

    i would like to know if the Devant LED TV share the same parts with the American Home LED TV ? I just noticed the interface or menu control on screen is pretty much the same with each other have you checked this one out? coz i plan to buy a 40″ led TV.thanks .

  27. Ryan says:

    All i can say on Devant Brand TV is buy at your own risk…I bought a 50GL510 on the biggest mall in pasay last July 13,2013 – Saturday TBH i really like the PQ of this tv comes with the vivid motion is superb but last night monday after 3 days while watching movie a vertical line appears in the center it flickers so much it consumes the half part on the screen…i was so very very very disappointed it got broke easily…and im now worrying if the replacement of this item will last for a year or maybe weeks only…whats my assurance that the replacement i will get is lemon??? : (

    • Ryan says:

      So have return my tv for replacement for the same model 50GL510 maybe the first unit i have was a defective unit…so far the replacement i have receive until now is still working did not notice any problem yet but i hope nothing shows its almost 2 months already…its open 8 to 15 hrs everyday. I hope this one will last for 2 years or more.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much for the info. My devantwiz830 is for delivery today, because of this review I do not hesitate to purchase this model. Thanks

  29. gold plating says:

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    more than just your articles? I mean, what
    you say is important and all. However think about if you added some great photos
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  30. Noknok says:

    our devant is now experiencing video problems just 2 years of use. I’ll never recommend this brand

  31. ed says:

    Our 52 inch DEVANT LED TV, there’s disturbing horizontal lines become bigger and cant be used anymore…only approx. 2 years only since we bought. I don’t recommend to buy this TV.

  32. francisco c. tee says:

    hello , is there an on- off manual switch on the tv . 55WZ830 has no standby light now ( blue light ) even the AC is plugged. I’m trying to see if there is a manual switch but it seems there is none, thanks

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