Macro Photography with the Vivo V15 Pro

Macro photography is a kind of photography where small subjects are reproduced in larger shots. In simpler terms, you could say it’s a detailed, incredibly close-up shot of small, tiny things. Usual subjects of this type of photography are mostly insects and flowers, but it could also be things such as fibers, textures, and the like. It could be any other thing that people don’t exactly see up close.

There isn’t a dedicated Macro mode in the V15 Pro’s camera; however, you can still take macro shots using the Pro mode. To start taking macro shots with the V15 Pro, go to the Camera app, switch to Pro, and click on the ‘AF’ setting. You’ll notice that it’s set to Auto by default, but you can switch to Macro by scrolling the wheel over to the flower symbol. Feel free to adjust the macro setting as you please.

Here are some Macro shots that we’ve taken using the Vivo V15 Pro:

We took an extreme close-up shot of one of the pillows in our office. It’s pretty impressive seeing the individual fibers that make up the texture of the pillow.

Here’s a shot that looks a little creepy: a close-up of a speaker’s foam. Seeing the details and the teeny, tiny circles like this are both incredible and a little unsettling.

Macro photography is useful when it comes to wanting to get into the details of the smallest things. We have this carpet in the office, and here’s a close-up shot of the carpet’s threads that make it fluffy.

Using the V15 Pro, we were able to take a closer look into the fine purple sand inside this hourglass. Through this macro shot, the mix of shimmer and the tiny sand particles can be clearly seen.

Another texture, this time it’s the back of a chair. Up close, one can see how well the threads were woven together to create the material for the chair.

Check out a few more macro shots we did with the V15 Pro!

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