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TOZO S5 Smart Watch Review

Smartwatches have allowed people like us to continue to stay connected even without looking at our smartphones. They may also provide useful information to track your fitness exercises.

So how does the TOZO S5 Smart Watch fare with day-to-day activities? Let’s find out in this review.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch

Design and Construction

Our review unit for the TOZO S5 Smart Watch comes in a black colorway, but it does have titanium gray and orange versions. The watch is 34.5mm and feels lighter than the Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation which is a 44mm watch.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Yugatech

For someone like me who has a small wrist, the watch feels a bit big on me. The strap tends to come loose from time to time whenever I move around as well. I am not sure if it is a faulty unit or whether this happens for all TOZO S5 Smart Watches but it was something to point out.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Review Philippines

The watch has two buttons on the right side with the top one having the TOZO logo engraved on it. This takes you to the menu of the device while the lower button showcases fitness activities.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Buttons

Overall, it feels like a watch designed for men who would like to showcase their class and keep their workouts in check. My coworkers have expressed how clean and minimalistic the watch is so kudos to TOZO.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Review Yugatech

Display and Audio

The TOZO S5 Smart Watch has a 1.43-inch HD AMOLED touch screen for the face of the watch with a 466×466 pixel resolution and a 326 PPI. The bezels are thin which allows the watch face to take most of the space of the screen.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Design

It’s able to provide great contrast and brightness which allows you to see the display panel even with the sun shining out. It’s a great device to use when you’re on the go.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Review

It also has its own speakers, creating a sound effect or a ringtone whenever you get a notification or a call. This also allows you to answer calls and talk using the watch alone, making you feel like those spies or agents you see in the movies.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Ph

Of course, the volume is not as loud to make it known in a room, but it is enough for the user to hear someone they are speaking to or just to be informed that they have a notification on their phone. This can be silenced if users prefer to not have a sound effect.

OS, Apps and UI

The TOZO S5 Smart Watch is on the company’s proprietary OS on version 40.0.41 as of writing this article. The watch is very responsive, registering each swipe done on the screen.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Os

It uses the TOZO Wear app to connect to the user’s phone. The only gripe I have with this is that, if users do not have the application running on their smartphones, the watch will not detect any activity that is occurring on the phone. It does not come with a notification bar like most smartwatches or smartband apps have which means you need to have the TOZO Wear app running in the background at all times to get notifications on the TOZO S5 Smart Watch.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch App

You have multiple exercise activities that can be tracked from running to hiking so it can cater to all of your fit needs. It comes with 100+ Sport Modes to suit your tasks and fitness records.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Ui

The TOZO S5 Smart Watch has a 24-hour heart rate sensor which tracks the beats per minute through the wrist. This means that each time you flick your wrist to check the time, you can also see your heart rate if it is on the display.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Heart Rate

Though the TOZO S5 Smart Watch comes with tracking for one’s blood oxygen levels, I could not get it to work each time I attempted to measure it.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The TOZO S5 Smart Watch comes with Bluetooth, but with no exact version specified. It does not come with GPS, WiFi, NFC and IR blaster.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Battery

Running the TOZO S5 Smart Watch is a 300mAh battery. Though the company states that the watch can go up to 10 days, in my experience, it only lasted 3 days when I use it often and 5 days when I just have it on standby. I have yet to see the watch go for up to a week so I am not quite sure how to get it to last up to 10 days.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

The TOZO S5 Smart Watch can get the job done if you are looking to try smartwatches for the first time. The smart watch feels like it is catered towards men who are interested in keeping record of their fitness and lifestyle.

Tozo S5 Smart Watch Exercises

In the Philippines, the TOZO S5 Smart Watch goes for PHP 4,559, but it currently has a price tag of PHP 3,419 in TOZO’s Lazada store.

What we LIKED:

  • Display
  • 24-hour heart rate monitor
  • Minimalistic design


  • Battery life
  • >Apps and notifications need polishing
  • The fit on my wrist

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