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Andrew is soliciting some ideas for any WP plug-ins you might want and still not yet available in the WP developer’s community. Here are some of the plugins that I thought might be useful for bloggers:

  • Ultimate Stats Aggregator. A section in your WP Admin that pulls up all your favorites analytics/stats tool and show all the figures in one page. They should include Statscounter, Sitemeter, Alexa, MeasureMap, Google Analytics, Feedburner, AwStats, Webalizer, Technorati. That way, you only need to view a single page to view for all the multiple stats you use.
  • Technorati Rank Tracker. A widget that shows your current Technorati Rank and Inlinks with a graph showing the trend in the last 30 days or so.
  • Quick Embed Flash Player. A simple plugin that wraps any audio file into a Flash player. All you need to do is point it to the right URL of the audio file.
  • Blog Addict Plugin. A plugin that tracks your total time spent in your blog and plots a graph showing your blogging behavior throughout the week.
  • Blog Uptime SMS Alert. A plugin that taps any of the free SMS services out there and use it to send downtime alerts of your blog via text messages.
  • Top Posts for the Day. This plugin tracks which of your current posts and in the archives got the highest pageviews for the day. You can display the top x number of posts in the sidebar via a widget. This could go in conjunction with WP-ShortStats or Top 10 Plugin.

Will add more as we go along. You can add your recommendations here as well.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

8 Responses

  1. Avatar for Vinayraj Vinayraj says:

    I was looking for an advanced poll plugin.
    Like for eg. when giving a poll, people should select their favourite option and along with that add their nationality, gender, age etc.
    Then along with the results, maybe the plugin could generate pie diagrams to show how many % male/female, or by age, or by nationality chose which option.
    This will help understand the trends in certain societies or age groups.
    If please anyone can make this plugin, please inform me at v1na****@****.***

  2. Avatar for g3p10jzy5b g3p10jzy5b says:

    99o8p721edd5q22 http://www.465046.com/1001812.html qd9d0lnbzdbpya

  3. Avatar for Gay Gay says:

    The blog addict plugin is a cool idea!

  4. Avatar for Andrew Andrew says:

    @sasha: That’s actually the first one I’m doing. :)

    @retz: Aha, there’s already a Technorati plugin. Interesting. I’ll look into it.

  5. Avatar for Retz Retz says:

    maybe andrew could modify this technorati plugin

  6. Avatar for Sasha Sasha says:

    I like the idea of having the Top Posts for the Day plugin.

  7. Avatar for SELaplana SELaplana says:

    i am actually thinking of the second and the third. It happens that yuga posted it already.

  8. Avatar for Andrew Andrew says:

    Nice ideas Abe. I’ll see which ones I can do. :)

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