Yahoo Messenger to shed features on December 14

Yahoo’s Blog has just announced that they will be taking away some of the features of Yahoo Messenger.

The company indicates that they shall be taking away several features from the application so that it can refocus their efforts on modernizing their products’ experiences.

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Features to be removed include:

  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Pingbox
  • Integration with Windows Live Messenger
  • Voice Phone In / Phone Out

Yahoo will be discontinuing their Voice Phone In / Phone Out features on January 30, 2013 while the rest will be made unavailable on December 14. Credits will be no longer available for purchase and there are some ways on how to request refunds for those who still have remaining credits.

Yahoo Messenger continues to survive in the Philippines; however, it’s directly challenged by Skype and other applications. The company is somewhat on the decline and while this might seem like a bad thing for most users, it might eventually turn out to be a good thing if Yahoo really is trying to get itself back together.


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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for foures foures says:

    OMG!! i will cry a river if i read this news 3 or 4 years ago. but recently i have quit yahoo chat and ppl in it. but thanks to yahoo which has helped me to increase my English speaking ability thru meeting ppl around the world with simply chat room. for those who just new to come to room and become a regular chatter i know its disaster. but life moves on, there are some other chat room instead of yahoo if they would like to try like yagoloo.com etc. so its not a biggie for me…yeah!!!

  2. Avatar for PogingBato! PogingBato! says:

    Buti nga!!dati puro tao ang ka chat mo sa Chatrooms.. pero ngayon?puro SPAMBOOT na!hindi mo na mabilang kung tao paba ka chat mo o isang robot na spammer!na bibgyan ka links tapos redirect ka agad sa porn site.. LOL!! mabuti pa Skype, walang problma when it comes sa Voice and Video Chat and NO SPAMMER!! Fakdat!!

  3. Avatar for iRonzkie iRonzkie says:

    Shut Down the Public Chatrooms???No Hanky Panky anymore!Goodbye from your old habits guys..!wahahaha! Big Lol!!

    • Avatar for Ryuuji Ryuuji says:

      No more pr0n shows, hahaha! I mean, c’mon seriously, YM has been eclipsed by FB and Skype (and to a certain degrees, Windows Live Messenger [in China]), so the Public Chat Rooms are the remaining golden goose eggs of YM.

      The Chat Rooms are actually fun to be in. Aside from the fact that it’s a good place to get off (haha!), you can chat with anyone from another country in a few clicks. Anyone else knows another chat program that offers this feature?

    • Avatar for hu hu says:


  4. Avatar for Jeric Jeric says:

    Still using YM on both work and privately even though we already use skype on video and audio calls, but as a chat messenger i stil prefer YM. Been a member since 1999.

  5. Avatar for Ryuuji Ryuuji says:

    They’re going to shut down public chatrooms?

  6. Avatar for Les Les says:

    YM will die if they shutdown the public chat rooms.

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