Monday, January 21st, 2013
4.8-inch Apple iPhone rumored for June

4.8-inch Apple iPhone rumored for June

We advise you to take this rumor with a grain of salt as it is kind of unlikely. Reports indicate that Apple is working on three iPhone models for this year – and that includes the iPhone 5’s successor & the rumored 4.8-inch model.

There are supposed models to be launched by June – an upgrade to the iPhone 5 (presumably the iPhone 5S) & the iPhone Math. We are not sure where “Math” came from as it is indicated that it could only be a codename or a mistranslation; after all, it doesn’t fit with Apple’s naming scheme. Both models are expected to have 8 megapixel cameras.

The third model, on the other hand, is expected to pack an upgraded 12 megapixel sensor. There were no other news on this model except that it will launch near December.

iPhone Math

Apple’s suppliers are reported to be already on the move and the aforementioned iPhones are rumored to be nearing production.

A lot of speculation has been made already regarding the next iPhone – and that includes the iPhone Mini as well. To be honest, it’s hard to make sense of all these non-cohesive rumors. If it is indeed true that Apple is working on a 4.8-inch iPhone to compete with the Android flagships, there is going to be quite some cannibalization again on Apple’s own products.

This is a very crucial year for Apple. They are going to lose their competitive advantages if they don’t play their cards right in fighting this war with the other companies. What do you think? Would a 4.8-inch iPhone do the trick?

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  1. iphone’s getting boring

  2. Title pa lang. Alam ko na kung sino ang freking author hahahahahaha

  3. 4″ is enough. Instead of making bigger iphones, they should make something new.
    I hope the image above isn’t official yet. Looks like N9.

  4. they’re just brain washing Apples engineers

  5. Looks like Apple will be getting sued by Nokia for design patents.

  6. mintychan

    What would Jobs think? (As he said that 4″s is the optimum size of a mobile phone)

    Nonetheless, I think it would be named iPhone5L? iPhoneL?

    • 3.5inch nga sabi ni jobs na perfect screen size daw eh. Syempre sumasabay sa uso ang apple. Napagiiwanan na kasi ng android. Ipad mini at iphone 5 sumunod lang sa screen size ng mga exisiting android devices eh

  7. Freking is like Prasad of GSMarena LOL

  8. As usual, iphone is only following the trends set by android phones. Di na sya trendsetter ngayon, bagkus sya na ang sumusunod sa uso. Yung ipad mini, gumaya lang sa mga 7inch android tablets. Nahiya pa, dinagdagan ng .9inch para di daw 7inch lol. Uto uto naman mga fanboys. Yung iphone 5, di yan magiging 4inch kung di dahil sa pina uso ng android na malalaking screens. Samantalang dati, pinagtatawanan ng apple and android kasi ang laki daw ng mga screen at kesyo perfect daw ang 3.5inch nila. Di nako magugulat kung may 4.8inch na iphone. Abangan nalang natin kung paano imamarket ni cook ito at kung anong mga BS nanaman ang pagsasabi nya.

    • Android is not a Device or a Phone. IT’S AN OS. OPERATING SYSTEM! anong pinagsasabi mong pinauso ng android na malalaking screen? be specific! hindi android nag pauso nyan kundi mga kumpanya ng cellphone e.g. samsung, htc etc. so kung ikukumpara mo ang android sa apple iphone you should say android vs ios para naman may sense ang labanan. android ka ng android di mo naman pala alam? android is an operating system! never a phone, never a device! agnat!

    • Edi android phones. O ayan masaya ka na? Jusko galit na galit. Kala mo naman di nagets yung sinabi ko. My point still stands. Android phones are the ones setting the trend. Dati apple ang trendsetter, pero ngayon sila na ang humahabol at naiiwan. Gumaya lang ipad mini sa mga 7 inch android tablets. Pati iphone 5 gaya gaya lang sa malaking size ng mga android phones. Tapos ngayong nauuso na ang malalaking phones, makikiuso narin sila. Hahaha! Hay nako

    • you should say “phones operated by android OS” android phone ka nanaman kasasabi lang ANDROID WAS NEVER A PHONE NOR A DEVICE. you’re talking about the screen size of smartphones but you’re refering naman sa android? you should refer to the smartphone itself not by its OS. sus.. make sense!

    • i bet ric is using an apple product…

    • i bet rec is using an apple product…

    • Android smartphones or smartphones powered by android. Sus parehas lang yun. Miski mga review sites ginagamit yung ganung term. Commonsense nalang, pasikat masyado eh. Ang mahalaga, naiparating ko ng maayos ang punto ko.

    • Ikaw na nga tong mali, ikaw pa ang galit. Anong reason mo? Kasi nababastusan ka sa pagtatama sayo? E yung way ng pag-express mo ng opinion mo hindi ba nakakabastos?

    • My point is, ANDROID is an OS. kahit saan bansa ka mag punta walang ANDROID PHONE. hahahaha! I am also using SMARTPHONE with ANDROID OS. you’re telling me to use my common sense, eh ikaw nga tong hindi gumagamit nun? haha.. avoid that term to lessen your ignorance.. :D peace

  9. Apple’s suppliers are reported to be already on the move and the aforementioned iPhones are rumored to be nearing production.

    Reported Where?

    In any case a bigger screen iphone makes sense, but unless they have something new and innovative to offer…it would still be useless…

  10. It’s simple: No Steve Jobs, no Apple. Steve Jobs is gone, and so will Apple, too, soon …

  11. esteban trabaho

    lols, nasaan na ang innovation? potaenang mansanas na to

  12. The article is FREKING hilarious and leaves much to be desired. It’s FREKINGly full of information from a rumor mill. Is Yugatech turning into a FREKING gossip blog?

  13. Mr. Curious

    dafuq did I just read… dO_Ob

  14. I think you guys are overreacting and are also doing no good in mocking the author. I don’t understand what is wrong with exploring the possibilities and even hearing the personal opinions of the consumers. I even believe that guys from Apple itself might be behind the spreading of these rumors so that they would actually hear what the people would say and so that they’d know exactly what move to make.

  15. …..ung nag sulat ng article na to malamang nag basa sa….konting basa at konting pag paraphrase and un na may sarili ng article na ipapasa…hays!

    “Because the iPhone Math name is highly unusual and does not fit in with Apple’s traditional naming scheme, it is not clear if it is a code name or a potential mistranslation.

    China Times says that the larger phone will come equipped with a 4.8-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera. It is said that it will launch in June alongside an updated iPhone 5, which will also feature an 8-megapixel camera. An additional iPhone update is said to be coming during the holiday season, with a 12-megapixel camera.”

  16. tinikling

    looks like nokia model to me with a rotten apple logo, the rumored new iphone comes with ipen,iwash and ishit

  17. alam mo dati, pinagtatangol pa kita. pero, what the F! grabe tong article na to. haha..

    ayaw ko nalang mag sabi ng kahit ano.. anyway, apple already said that hindi magkakaron ng apple iphone mini. so, sorry nalang.

    ewan ko sayo. hahahah bata ka pa nga.

  18. Mobile phones and mobile tablets industries are now too saturated. Apple should venture into new area: Desktop computers to mp3 players to phones to tablets to TV.. YES! TV! Apple should innovate televisions!

  19. somedude

    Di ko maintindihan yung mga antagonistic sa writer na ito. Di naman niya ito hinulaan. Galing din ito sa ibang rumors site. And the image most probably is another artist rendering. Not from apple. Binabahagi lng nya ang nadinig ok nakita nya.

    Anyway thanks for sharing the article. Di ko lang talaga maintindihan yung mga reklamodor at puro pag mamagaling na mga pitasero.

    Useless garbage comments.

  20. Hindi tama lng pagka 4 inch. Tamang-tama lng ang4.7 inch

  21. Apple is busy preparing their 4.8′ phone while Samsung is getting ready to unveil the very first phone with flexible display.

    Welcome to the future, Apple.

  22. Chika minute? Puro tsimis na lang ang balita dito?

  23. Takot na maginnovate ang apple. Masyadong playsafe. Yung apple, sumusunod lang sa nakikita nyang may marketability eh. Nkita ng apple na nagustuhan ng tao ang 7in at 4in devices kaya gumawa rin ng ipad mini at iphone 5. Tapos ngayong successful ang s3 at iba pang big screen na android phones, gagawa rin sya ng 4.8in nya. Kaso lang baka pahaba hahahaha. May dagdag na revolutionary 6th at 7th row of icons.

  24. FREKING. this is uhmmm… idk, just stop it. WALANG KWENTA.

    • bob-o nga

      Yeah. Hindi mapagsabihan ang freking. Tssss.
      Yes, there are lots of articles regarding rumors gadgets, etc, but his works are really annoying. Dork’s point of view, zzzzzzzz.

  25. Bob-o nga

    Kung ako sayo gagawa na lang ako ng sariling site at papangalan ko itong “THE FREKING RUMORS”



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