Manila Bulletin features Domain Squatter

I don’t regularly read the newspapers (print) but once in a while, I’d skim through some copies in the hopes of getting some scoop. Who would imagine I’d stumble upon yet another editorial lapse with Manila Bulletin.

If you have a copy of the June 16, 2007 (Monday) edition of Manila Bulletin, go over the Technews section on page D5. At the top right corner of the page, you will see a website feature for Parents Preview ( What actually got my attention was the uncanny familiarity of the website screen shot. It does look like a domain parking landing page. Being in the domains and web hosting business for years, I can spot these type of sites from a mile away.

The entire page is covered with sponsored links!

The MB reviewed the site and actually thought it was a real website for Parenting. These landing pages are used by domain squatters to make money off of people who mistype URLs or get traffic from spam comments. Some Domain Registars also show this page right after a legit domain has expired. Yes, there is money to be made from domaineering domaining.

If you check the WHOIS of the domain, it is owned by Texas International Property Associates (TIPA) and is hosted by which provides custom designed landing pages with relevant, sponsored links intelligently placed by their industry leading Proprietary Keyword System. Likewise, a quick search for the name of the company of Google will show results about a recent law suit and another feature article about domain squatting.

I couldn’t find a copy of the article on the web version but I can only imagine how many readers were led into that site. Well, that’s more money for TIPA I guess.

The average web surfer might be fooled by these landing pages but a columnist for a major print publication? Where are the Tech Editors?

It is possible, as commenter vance pointed out, the feature writer was reviewing the correct website but wrote the wrong domain in his/her article. It’s supposed to be and not, thus the layout artist/designer got the screen shot of the wrong website. Well, that’s basically a real-world proof that domaining really works.

ajay of MB left a comment that it’s most likely a typo error and added that the tech editor wasn’t around when this issue was published. The culprit of this bo-bo is most likely the layout artist who took the screenshot. Yes, everybody makes typo mistakes, we’re only in fact humans. Blogs like this one, make tons of typhos too (oops another typo there)! Btw, this entry wasn’t done to incite rebellion or anything. :D

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  1. Domaineering Riches

    Domaineering is domain advertising…domaining is domain speculating. Domineering is “Madison Avenue”, while domaining is Wall Street.

  2. A big SE enters the domaineering business

    Now that G**gle has recently rolled out ads*nse for domains it appears that it has both recognized domaineering as a legitimate Internet marketing business and that that some companies find parked domains an effective way to carry their advertising to users. This more or less ends the discussion about domaineers being scammers or cybersquatters. In a seemingly 180 degree turn aboutface, G**gle has now become a domain parking service provider, giving it’s stamp of approval to domain monetization. Was this done because it got tired of parking companies nibbling away at it’s lunch? Being a business, presumably it was done with the profit motive in mind.


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