The Ultimate iPhone 5 Postpaid Shopping Guide

There’s ben a lot of debate regarding the iPhone 5 offerings between Smart and Globe. While we made our initial analysis earlier, we dug a little deeper to give you a bigger and more comprehensive picture of what you’re getting from both telcos.

What we’ll try to help you decide with is which of the numerous postpaid plans will give you the better deal based on your needs and consumption pattern.

We dissected each of the postpaid offerings and analyzed them from the monthly service fee (MSF) so you don’t get too confused with the plan names and cash-outs.

We’ve already established that Smart has a wide edge over Globe when it comes to the prepaid kit prices of the iPhone 5.

Here’s the table on all the variants of the iPhone 5 with their respective MSF. The numbers represent the base plan price per month and the handset amortization price divided into 24 months (both telcos offer 24-month zero-interest rates on the cash out price).

We then summarized them into one total MSF so you will see how much you are expected to pay on a monthly basis for the next 24 months (that is assuming you don’t go over your plan’s quota).

Note that in the summary table below, we sorted the MSF based on the price for the 64GB model. This will show you that, sometimes, one postpaid plan can be more expensive than a higher plan. A good example is Smart’s Plan 999 being more expensive than All-In Plan 1200 for the 64GB iPhone 5 (while it’s the reverse for the 16GB and 32GB).

Here are the more significant observations we got from this table:

Cost of Upgrade.

The median price difference between models is just Php200. So upgrading from 16GB to 32GB will cost you Php200 per month. The same Php200 will be added if you upgrade from 32GB to 64GB. Doesn’t seem that expensive, right?

Total Cost of Ownership.

The lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for an iPhone 5 is with Smart’s All-In Plan 500 at Php1,492/month for the 16GB (Php35,808); for the 32GB, it’s Globe’s Plan 299 at Php1,688/month (Php40,512) and for the 64GB it’s still Globe’s Plan 299 at Php1,888/month (Php45,312).

Prepaid vs. Postpaid.

We noticed that Globe’s postpaid plan (Plan 299) is less expensive than getting a prepaid kit for the 32GB & 64GB models. The TCO for a 32GB iPhone 5 under Plan 299 is Php40,512 while the prepaid price is Php40,800. The 64GB model at Plan 299 is also less expensive than the prepaid price — Php45,312 vs. Php46,300.

So, if you’re planning to get the prepaid kit, we suggest apply for the Plan 299 instead, pay it at zero-interest for 24 months and get some freebies at a slightly lower TCO price.

What Comes Free Under the Plan.

In both the postpaid plans of Globe and Smart, the 16GB iPhone comes free with Plan 2499 while Smart offered the 32GB for the same Plan 2499.

However, if we base it on an MSF of Php2,499, you can actually get the 64GB iPhone 5 from Globe Plan 1799 for only Php2,428/month. Of course, you have to weigh in between an Php800 consumable amount vs. the 300 free minutes and 300 free SMS.

The Inferior but More Expensive Plans

Smart’s Unli Data Plan 3000 is inferior to Smart’s Plan 2499 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. You’ll be paying more (Php322 to Php501) per month for exactly same freebies and services (300 minutes, 300 SMS, unlimited internet).

We suggest staying away from the Unli Data 3000 plan (note that the free minutes & SMS are for all networks). We think you’re better off with a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 free on Unli Data Plan 2000.

Consumable vs. Free Minutes.

Smart offers generous free minutes and free SMS for a number of their plans where the total value is often times higher than the MSF itself. This helps you maximize your use of their network.

On the other hand, Globe offers consumable amounts as a percentage of the MSF. They also offer some freebies depending on the plan (more attractive as the plan goes up).

If you already know your average monthly consumption with call minutes and SMS, Smart’s plan will give you more mileage.

If you are unsure about your usage pattern, Globe’s consumable gives you that flexibility to reallocate credits to other services (I often use it offset my IDD calls and roaming charges since I tend to travel a lot).

Our Recommended Plans.

Our recommendations will hinge on the idea that you should get unlimited internet at the very least.

Smart All-In Plan 1800. You get unlimited internet, unlimited calls to Smart/Red/TNT, 3,500 free text to Globe/TM. That’s already a huge value you are getting there, assuming most of your friends are on the same or on sister networks. Total MSF is Php2,363 with free 16GB iPhone 5.

Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799. You get unlimited internet, Php800 consumable amount, unlimited call & text to 1 Globe/TM number (your significant other), 10 free minutes & 200 SMS to all other Globe/TM numbers, 5 minutes call and 25 SMS to Smart/Sun/TNT. Total MSF is Php1,999 with free 16GB iPhone 5 (or go Php2,428/month for the 64GB).

Plus, you also get the additional Gadget Care, G-Cash Amex Card and 50% discount on accessories if you subscribe.

To pick the right postpaid plan for you, start with a budget (say, Php2,500/month). Then, pick your desired iPhone 5 capacity (16GB, 32Gb or 64GB). Then, go over our MSF Table above and look for the plan that fits your budget and storage needs. Choosing from that shortlist should be easier.

We hope this gives you a clearer picture on the postpaid offerings of Smart and Globe. Do hit the comments which postpaid plans you intend to get.

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  1. This article is a couple of days late for me. :-( I just applied for the Unli 2000 last Friday. Do you think there is a chance I could still change my preferred plan to all-in-1800 while waiting for the iPhone 5 or I’m stuck with this for two years.

    • Name: onx

      yup, it’s still possible to have it changed. the same thing happened to me — i went back the next day (to the Smart outlet where i made my reservation) and when they confirmed that the P2499 plan includes unlimited data, i asked them to upgrade my plan from P2000 to P2499 because i wanted the 32GB unit (free).

      if i had stayed with the P2K plan, it would have meant shelling out an additional P2500 just for 16GB unit alone. the free 32GB unit deal was the reason i opted to go with Smart.

    • @onx Thanks. I’m still unsure though because you had an upgrade. Changing to an all-in-1800 seems to be a downgrade from Unli 2000 so I’m not sure if they would let me. I’ll try to ask them when I get the unit na lang, but the longer time passes by the more Unli 2000 is growing on me.

  2. It’s important to note that both Smart and Globe still have caps on their “unlimited data or unlimited internet” with Smart throttling down your speed if you reach 1.5Gb per month, and Globe throttling down the speed if you reach 800Mb per day. I just confirmed this with their reps.

    Also, Smart’s Unli Data Plan 3000 isn’t exactly inferior with iPhone Plan 2499 because the 300 minutes and 300 texts are usable to all networks, while the latter is only usable within the network.

    • I read something about all-in unlimited data as being true unlimited (no 1.5gb cap) in philmug yesterday kaya parang gusto kong papalitan ng all in yung application ko. Can you confirm this?

    • @emignatius

      Check out Smart’s iPhone 5 thread in philmug, a Smart rep confirmed that Fair Use Policy still applies on all plans of Smart.

    • @yoyo

      Thanks. The all-in unlimited texts and calls for 30 days are still very enticing though. I’ll try pa rin to change my applied plan when I get the call to pick up my phone.

    • 800MB/day cap for Globe?!?! are these guys sh*tt*ng me?? sorry i just had to react.

    • 800mb per day limit is only applicable for globe prepaid subscribers

    • “800mb per day limit is only applicable for globe prepaid subscribers”

      even in postpaid na, i am experiencing this already,

      for a week i called the Globe Customer service they told me that prepaid only can experience capping. but then i receive the message “you have reach…..800mb”

      everynight i call them about it. yesterday the GT-hotline, told me that postpaid too have 800mb caps.

      i think that GT guy doesnt really know the essence of UNLISURF ONE MONTH!

    • Hi! Yup, Globe’s daily cap is at 800mb, but I believe they do not cap mobile data service for their POSTPAID subscribers who are subscribed to unlisurf. Unlimited ‘yun talaga. :)

    • I can confirm that there is no capping for Globe postpaid. I am under Globe’s plan 1800, and I use my iphone as a hotspot with my ipad’s wifi and I download apps exceeding 1gb all the time. Just like during EA’s thanksgiving day sale weeks ago, I downloaded 5 apps each exceeding 1gb in one day and I encountered no connection or speed problems.

  3. nexusboy

    I got a 20 percent discount nung iphone 4 Globe loyalty. now that naglapse na ang 2-year lock in, they are no longer offering a discount when getting the iphone 5. however, they still offer rebates on your regularly monthly plan if you agree to lock your plan for another 2 years and if don’t consider getting a handset from Globe.

  4. Francis de Leon

    In its pre-order form, Globe has an extension plan. What is it?

  5. If only smart would offer landline service, parang yung DUO ng globe or Suntel ng sun…

    Matagal na ako nag “make the switch”

    • meron ng smart “freedom plan” bundled sa “call all” ng pldt. may sim card para sa landline. d ko lang alam details ng plan. you may check this on their web site.

  6. LTE band not supported in the Philippines. Buy a Lumia or Samsung.

    • Is this confirmed? I am planning to buy an iph5 and is worried about the LTE support in the Philippines. How about Nokia Lumia 920 it boasts of a global LTE function does it work in the Philippines then? Thanks for the reply and the info jay

    • Yo Jay, when you say LTE not supported here, does this mean all the people who bought 4G devices cannot maximize their units? I’m asking because I’ve plans to buy a 4G iPad mini and if this is true, I’d shoot for the wifi version instead.

  7. Thanks for this article yuga!

  8. sir, good evening..ask ko lang kung anung preferred color mo?balck or white?

  9. Nice one Abe!

  10. “800mb per day limit is only applicable for globe prepaid subscribers”

    even in postpaid na, i am experiencing this already,

    for a week i called the Globe Customer service they told me that prepaid only can experience capping. but then i receive the message “you have reach…..800mb”

    everynight i call them about it. yesterday the GT-hotline, told me that postpaid too have 800mb caps.

    i think that GT guy doesnt really know the essence of UNLISURF ONE MONTH!

  11. Thanks so much for this Yuga! Been trying to explain to friends and family the difference between Globe & Smart plans for the iPhone 5 as they keep asking me about it and this one’s really a huge help in giving them a clearer picture! Great work!

  12. Les Lesaca

    Thanks so much for the clarification via this article… I have been checking both websites, and have been to both Globe & Smart Customer Service Centers just to get a clearer picture of their offering re the iPhone 5, but you article is even clearer!

  13. Globe’s cap applies whenever you register for supersurf 50, 200, or 999 regardless if postpaid or prepaid, and to all-unli combo with msf for unlimited internet. The unlisurf plan 1799 is not capped. I saw it here and noted that unlisurf combo plans (with consumables) are not covered.

    • Subscribers who are surfing via the P5 for 15 minutes of surfing scheme are “not” subject to this Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy, as well as subscribers using promos “other than” Unlimited Mobile Surfing offered under the SuperSurf Plans and the MySuperPlan All Unli Combo Plans.

      im a bit confused with the statement. it sounds like “promos outside supersurf plans and mysuperplan all unli are the ones not subject to fair usage”… nalito ako sa ‘other than’.
      malinaw sana kung statement is “supersurf plan is NOT subject to fair usage”… kasi may “other than” pa… parang double negative… so parang kasama sa fair usage yung supersurf and my superplan all unli….

      kasi im under that plan and nakarecieve ako ng “you have exceeded 800mb blah blah” na text eh a week ago… badtrip nga

  14. Globe offers a reset program for exisiting subscribers who wants to avail the iPhone 5.. How does that work?

    • Existing postpaid subscribers who are still locked in to their plan can have their contracts reset (you pay for a “reset fee”), which is less expensive that preterminating the contract and paying for handset’s value.

      Plus, you get bigger discounts on the reset fee when you choose to upgrade your current plan. :D I’m currently on Plan 999 and planning to have it reset (I have 8 months to go) to get a plan 17999 for the iPhone 5! :)

    • Hi Faith,

      Any official details on Globe reset program? I am under Globe Plan 1800 for almost 12 months and I would like to know how much should I pay in order to get iphone 5. Thanks!

    • Hey Messie! Globe just tweeted about their Reset Calculator! Try it out here:

    • Thanks Faith! Parang ang weird naman kasi according sa calculator, naka bracket iyung months and iyung plans. Ibig sabihin, same lang iyung babayaran ng mga 7 months nang and 12 months nang naka plan? =/ Anyway, maybe I should just go to Globe Cust Service, ang hirap kasi tumawag sa Hotline nila e.

  15. Useless lang din pala ang reset plan ng globe. Parang ganun lang din eh.

    I just called them up kasi kaka one year pa lang ng plan ko but I want the iphone5.. According to the agent, I still have to pay 9.5k for the reset fee and this is already discounted.

    In the end, parang nag bayad lng din ako ng pretermination fee and the only discount would be hindi ko na babayaran yung price ng phone.

    Parang nasasayangan na lang din ako.. I’ll just wait for my plan to end na lang. by that time, lalabas na din siguro ang SG S4

    • Hi Jan, is this confirmed? Parang cash-out lang din to ah, so at a cash out of 9.5k for an iphone 5, I think this is a good deal. Ang idea kasi nito is that you will be paying the unpaid portion of the original phone that came out with your plan, so if 9.5k lang ang idadagdag, it seems that you only paid 23.5k (9.5k x 2 + 4.5k) for the 4s. =)

  16. Hi Yuga, this is really a good article comparing the plans of Globe and Smart. May I ask if you already have confirmed news on Globe’s reset program? Thanks!

  17. 1. Sa “Smart All-In Plan 1800”, paano mo napaabot sa P2,363 per month? Ibig kong sabihin, anong buckets ang ginamit mo dito?

    2. Ang cash out sa “Smart All-In Plan 1800” ay P12,000. Paano nagging P513 per month in addition to P1,800 per month? Samakatuwid, dapat P1,800 + P500 = P2,300 per month lang. Hindi ba mali ang pagkompyute mo?

    3. Meron na ba unli call to Sun ang “Smart All-In Plan 1800”? Hindi ba Smart/TNT/Red lang? Saan mo nakuha ito?

  18. Lezure2010


    Sir do you have any idea how much the minimum monthly salary per plan is? Lol, execs probably won’t have trouble applying for these plans but normal folks would.

    If anyone else here has any idea about the minimum salary required for approval per iphone 5 plan is. Please share it.:)

    • hi lezure2010.

      when i applied in 2010 for my iphone 4. plan 999 at globe requires atleast a 10k minimum take home pay.

      when i applied at smart for my samsung s3 plan 2000 they required at least 20k minimum take home pay.

      that’s per month.

      by that i guess you can roughly guesstimate.

      oh by the way, even if you dont have such minimum take home pay, and you have a credit card, they will still allow you to avail such contracts provided you autocharge your bill to your cc.


    • Lezure2010

      @Kami – thanks for the info. I at least have a rough estimate on the corresponding monthly salary per plan.\m/,

  19. More than msf and tco the author wrote about, since his assumption is unlimited Internet, make sure to find out which telco in the places you often go to have 3G signal as all of these computations will be useless if there are no 3G service in the areas you frequent.

    My case I’m always in Tagaytay and comparing signals, smart totally has no 3G signal while globe has though still intermitent. Whereas in taguig and pasig globe has no 3G signal while smart has.

    May iphone ka nga and unli Internet wala ka naman 3G signal sa area…

  20. Claire Oviedo of smart says there’s no such thing as zero interest for 24 months for the initial cash out.

    This is for new plan or retention plan for iphone 5. So all this computation for smart is not useful? Because you need to shell out 33000 or so for the first month.

  21. Does that mean we will never see an LTE iPhone 5 on any network in the Philippines?

  22. Yuga, do we need to pay that cashout as soon as application for plan is approved? example, Smart’s unli data plan 1500 has 15000 cashout. are we going to pay 15000 + 1500 the moment na kumuha ka? or pwede lang 1500+625 bill mo monthly?

  23. carmhy_08

    Do you know how long it will take to get the approval of the line application? Its been a week since I submitted my requirements. Do you guys have any idea if anyone has already been approved (as new iphone globe subscriber)?


    Dear Josean,

    Handset cash out should be paid in full together with the Monthly
    Service Fee (MSF) upon approval of the application. You may use your
    credti card and make arrangements with your bank to pay it through

    We hope this clarifies. Thank you.


    Customer Care

  25. There is no such thing as 0% interest from SMART. So unfortunately, you have to pay the cash-out in full upon approval. Sayang, talaga. I guess the 0% installment offer is only good for pre-orders.


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