Rumored Nokia N9 Slide captured on video

Barely a month after the official launch of the Nokia N8, a rumored next-generation Nokia N9 Slide has been captured on video.

This unit has a 4-inch multi-touch capacitive display, as shown on the video below (via TechnoBuffalo):

There are no details regarding this unit but from the looks of it (and the way Nokia handles handset iterations) I’d say it will have an almost exact internal specs as the Nokia N8 with a larger screen and a full qwerty sliding keyboard.

Even the speculated Nokia N9 label could be wrong and it might be called the Nokia N8 Slide. Hopefully, Nokia bumps the processor speed a bit higher on this one.

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  1. parang ang hirap magfunction ng touchscreen.. and also it seems laggy like N8..

  2. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    @lezuric – it’s still a prototype so the UI and the display will be buggy.

  3. Miklos

    Yuga – we need some decent info on this:

  4. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    @miklos – I’ve sent email to their marketing/PR but they have not gotten back to me yet since last week.

  5. daniojr

    @abeolandres what is new about it?

  6. yizhan
    Twitter: yizhantech

    it is also rumored that it runs on MeeGo OS?

  7. Whatif

    What if… Android na lang gamitin nilang OS tutal libre naman at marami nang developers/apps

  8. Miguel

    Looking forward to Meego!

  9. dapat mga company like nokia etc ay lampasan nila ang function ng iphone sa touch. parang very poor ang reaction ng nokia n9 as i see the video.

  10. mr. bogus

    sa dami ng nilalabas ng nokia nakakaliti na pumili ng smartphone…. hmmmmm sa features pa rin nagkakatalo…. sa n900 pa rin ako

  11. i’m still critical of its UI performance despite it being a prototype. already heard that excuse from N8 before and haven’t seen any improvements when they released it.

  12. anonymous

    I saw this phone already last 2009, my bro is included in the team who develops this phone, he is one of the senior sftware engineer of maemo team in nokia and heads the UI design team (hinimo sa pinoy – bisaya).,i heard that they will include haptikos technology of nokia..


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