Poll: Do you use Dual-SIM Phones?

Poll: Do you use Dual-SIM Phones?

The introduction of triple SIM phones this year made me wonder how far dual-SIM phones have already penetrated mobile phone market. I’d like to do a poll on that just to see how’s the handset mix look like.

So out poll asks — Do you use Dual-SIM Phones?


Here’s the options you can choose from:

  • Yes, I use dual-SIM phones.
  • No, but I use 2 or more phones at a time.
  • Don’t need one. I only have 1 number.
  • I’m on triple SIM now.
  • What’s a dual-SIM phone?

I’ve added this in our poll at the sidebar on the right. You can submit your votes there or leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

I used to have 3 SIM cards on three different phones but got tired of maintaining all of them so I junked the public number (only have the personal/private number and the business number left). Was contemplating on dual-SIM before but there’s none in the smartphone category. Besides, battery life is a huge drawback with these handsets.

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47 Responses

  1. Jam. says:

    I have 2 phones but I’m using 1 sim XD

  2. rcsaint says:

    Samsung dual-sim phone user here…and very happy…but I’m thinking of getting the triple-sim phone of Cherry…mas masaya!

  3. markmarcelo0210 says:

    No, but I use 2 or more phones at a time. I used to own a Cherry Mobile D20 dual-sim phone but I am disappointed with its performance. I am using a Nokia 5230 and a Nokia 1280 now but I’m planning to buy a dual-sim phone but I’ll buy a more established brand like Samsung. Dual sims really come in handy and very useful but I don’t trust the likes of Cherry Mobile, My/Phone, or Torque.

  4. Spidey says:

    I am contented end-user of Samsung C5212.

  5. simplynice93 says:

    Now, no because i have only one sim. But last 2006, i used to buy back covers that have dual sim.

  6. anoni says:

    no. I don’t need two sims. maintaining one is hard enough for me, let alone get a second one. but dual sim phones seem to be reliable, especially for those who use sims from different networks.

  7. julietpegad says:

    @abeolandres , hi I can not send a message to you! I’m one of YugaTech Giveaway Winners Round 3..

  8. juliet says:

    Don’t need one. I only have 1 number.

  9. Randell says:

    Don’t need one. I only have 1 number.

  10. Teknisyan says:

    I’ve been using the same SIM for the past 9 years.


  11. Jon says:

    I don’t need one. Besides, it does not cost much anymore to send texts, especially to other networks. A smartphone is enough for me. If I run out of credits, I can use the Internet to send a quick message.

  12. Rich says:

    I’m using two separate phone units right now.
    but I’m planning to get a CM Eclipse unit.

    I was thinking of getting just plain dual-sim phone before but since I’m a Smartphone user, might as well get the Eclipse.

    It very handy to have 2 simcards from different networks in just a single unit, coz for one, I use Globe for my private and official business, and I use Sun for public communications, coz I hate unknown people bugging me sa private number ko.

    Drawback lang talaga yung battery life, especially kung Smartphone ang gamit mo, coz nde mo maiiwaasan na mag-Wifi minsan.

  13. vibaljr says:

    @abeolandres i used dual sim phone… m35 Cherry Mobile

  14. Wreek says:

    I collect celphones so i dont use duall sim. I enjoy taking 3 phones at the same time.

  15. Vic says:

    â– No, but I use 2 or more phones at a time.

    I wish there’s a dual SIM- one GSM & one CDMA…

  16. gabby says:

    I am a new owner of LG GX200….1 week na 1 bar pa lang ang nababawas sa battery nya…. its amazing to have a phone with 1500 mhz battery…

  17. Ruben Umali says:

    I’ve bought a dual sim phone but after three days of use and i gave it away to my nephew! hahahaha
    i dont like battery life, menu navigation of the phone and the poor quality of graphic display,

    i prefer to carry two phones with over all quality
    – SE walkman K610i(converted to W660i)
    – nokia N92

  18. Polinda Usero says:

    Yes, I use dual-SIM phones.

  19. Herce says:

    You need an option in your poll for more than 2 sim devices. I use 5 sim devices. 2 phnes and 3 data 3g devices. One of which, the Viliv x70 does voice too.

  20. Doc_Ferie says:

    myphone dual-sim user. I used to carry Treo and E63 but instead bought this dual-sim phone for practical reason of bringing just one phone. no regret.

  21. yuga says:

    @herce – you’d fall under the second option (2 or more devices).

  22. I’m using a cheap dual-sim Chinaphone now. Too bad. Battery life suck. :(

  23. Ton says:

    Single number on a smartphone for past 7years. Would never use a dual sim (or at least with 2 sims on it).

  24. lito says:

    i tried to use dual sim phone the sciphone i68+(china) but very poor battery life. i’m using now my motorola Z8 a single sim. but waiting your feedback of this three sim phone

  25. zick says:

    sir abe, meron na po bang C2 sa pilipinas? san po kaya nakakabili?

  26. allan says:

    im using a dual sim china blackberry phone.have been using this phone for 7 mos now and so far im really enjoying it.it has wifi and several applications like ym,fb,msn search,yahoo search,google etc. it also has tv tuner and fm radio.cant complain really, plus they gave me an extra battery.but i think cherry mobile trident would be so much cooler since i am currently using 3 simcards, a roaming sim and 2 local simcards.

  27. asuseroako says:

    Yes, I use a dual-SIM (Windows) phone.

    Cherry Mobile Eclipse :)

  28. keibiem5 says:

    yes, i use dual-sim phone: LG GX200 (battery life is the best!) :-)

  29. Jan says:

    I have 2 phones with 1 sim each. 1 for work, 1 for personal. I used dual sim china phone before. It was nice because both numbers are active but I don’t like the features, user interface and design of the phone.

  30. Ruben Roxas says:

    I only use 1 cellphone with 1 sim regularly but I occasionally use another cellphone when I need to use another SIM card from another network. Would really appreciate it if Nokia comes out with a dual SIM phone. Is C2 already available in the market?

  31. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    i have only one sim, but i have 4 phones! im a gadget freak!!

    Nexus One
    BlackBerry Storm 2
    n97 mini

    im planning to buy iphone 4 in hongkong sabi nila meron na dun… anyone knows kung magrequest ba ako sa globe ng micro-sim sa postpaid ko iproprocess kaya nila un?

  32. Tyron says:

    I have a nokia and a myphone dual sim. Sometimes I transfer the sim card from nokia to the dual sim phone when I go out.

  33. Kinny says:

    Yes I use dual sim phones But I also use/carry 3 phones at a time. 2 more aside from the dual sim. For all three networks and a landline plus.

  34. paul says:

    i have 3 phones. one’s for my public number (sony ericsson Z770), the second one (sony ericsson G502) serves as my modem (tattoo postpaid) & music player, and the last one’s my “black-ops” phone (samsung E251). ;-)

  35. jojo says:

    i have two phones, nokia e51 for my international number and nokia 3120 for my philippine roaming one…

  36. I don’t.
    my iPhone 3gs can only support one sim :))
    but sometimes I replace its sim with a supersurf sim: for unli internet:)

    I used to have two other phones along with it, but one got stolen, and the other one is not in good condition :|

  37. Joshua says:

    Don’t need one, I only need 1 number.

  38. Jef says:

    Yes, a cherry mobile D10 for Sun and Globe and a Torque DL85 for Smart and PLDT Wireless Landline.

  39. Xtian says:

    I am using a Torque Trinity Triple SIM, it’s the best phone I’ve got. It rocks.

  40. Elvis Henthorn says:

    I’m having a bit of a predicament right here. I want to get myself a decent unlocked phone and can’t make up my mind on which one to pick. First of all, i thought of the Samsung B3310. My buddy has one. It appears pretty durable, and it all seemed alright, but i began looking at others. Now my largest problem is to choose between the Nokia 5070 and the Samsung Blackjack i607. Any advice?

  41. chinaphonesrules says:

    Yes, I use dual-SIM phones.

  42. jonsihay says:

    Oct. 16, 2010 // 5:50pm Phils
    May mga instances na mag palyar ang network sa isang sim mo. Kaya very wise kun more than one ang sim mo. Ako more than one. Para hindo masyado gastos, binili ko rin nga mga murang cell phone para at all times on line ang lahat na sims ko kahit pa man hindi-dual sim based ang phone ko.
    Hopefully if I misplaced the one phone or even mag lolowbat ang phone ko, at least may other phone pa, that I still can use.

    So seguro, it helps for you too.

    have a graet blessed day to all!

  43. Lorie says:

    I’m currently using 2 Dual-SIM phones and a BB 8830 World Edition given to me.

    My dual SIM phones: a Chinaphone knockoff of the Nokia 6300 which I bought around July or August last year. :) Still standing, a whole year and around 4 or 5 months and counting. :) Then I have a BB “Bold” or whatever knockoff, that has TV and WiFi. :) Rocks. Contented Chinaphone user here!

    The only issue I have with Chinaphones is that their joints seem to always come apart, then the battery life leaves much to be desired. But other than that, they actually work better than Cherry Mobile!

    Tried the Cherry Mobile D15, but for some reason its mic seems to keep malfunctioning. I had that problem a few weeks into using it, then I had it fixed, a few weeks after the repair, I sent it to my cousin in Manila (I’m in Iloilo). She complained of the same issue a few weeks after she got it, though she said that the phone was working fine when she first used it.

    A friend bought the Cherry Mobile S15, it seems to work better than the D15.

    A couple of friends have the Torque D2, and its main issue is a lag in typing the text.

    I’ve also used MyPhone T13, and it was fine for a while until the texting started lagging as well, like the Torque D2. Though the D2 had the lag out of the box. The sound (speakers) was great on the T13. Came with a Sun plan.

    I also got to use a “Nokia N83” China touchscreen phone. Rendered useless a month before it turned 1 year. It still powers on but the touch screen isn’t responding anymore.

    In my opinion, Chinaphones are more durable than the local branded phones. You go for the Chinaphone for the features and durability, you go for Cherry Mobile, etc. for the warranty, service and possibly the bling/features of some models.


    The Cherry Mobile Q11 actually says that it has WCDMA on the box. I’m not sure if it’s good for CDMA. I wanted to try it with a Bayantel SIM though. Will update you if I get to.

    Thinking about the Cherry Trident and Torque Trinity next! :D

    Thanks for the space, Abe. :D

  44. mark nielsen says:

    pano ba gawin ang cherry moble insrt simcard

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