Xiaomi to enter Philippine market this year

Popular Chinese consumer electronics company, Xiaomi, has announced that it is set to introduce its products to ten new markets, including the Philippines, this 2014.


The countries mentioned are Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico. The decision will surely help boost Xiaomi’s sales outside China with a goal of 100 million phones in 2015.

“You can certainly call this an acceleration,” Xiaomi President and co-founder Bin Lin said in an interview. “It’s our mission and our belief that this model should be able to achieve some level of success outside of China.”

Xiaomi is well known for producing smartphones with competitive specs and aggressive price tags. Xiaomi’s current smartphone lineup includes the Snapdragon 800-powered flagship Mi 3 which costs S$419 (Php15,000), the octa-core phablet Redmi Note, and the quad-core Redmi Dual SIM which costs S$169 (Php6,000).

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  1. sige ba..:)

  2. simplynice93
    Twitter: simplynice93

    Good news! I’ve been itching to have their smartphones. :D

  3. chinitaphile

    They would make a killing in our market. I just got my MI3 from China to replace my S4 :) Great specs and ergonomics at an even better price (64GB at 14K+)

    • Bellerazoo

      Hi, Ms. Chinitaphile! Did you buy it in China or order it online? Thank you so much for the respond.

  4. abuzalzal

    Wooohooo!!! Ayos ‘to!!! Katapusan na ng mga tubong-lugaw na distributors hahaha

    Big fan of the MIUI Rom (best rom ever) ya can’t beat a smartphone that has 2 robust ecosystems in it!

  5. enlightened1

    Yun oh! :)

  6. jiayu, wag kayo magpahuli…

  7. jiayu user here.. sana mapad2x din product nila dito para mka upgrade na ako..

  8. I’ve had enough of xiaomi. They use false marketing and hype their products so much. What they do is announce they will be selling thousands of units at a certain time but the truth is they’re only selling a few. So what happens is about 3 minutes after they open the sales page in their website, phones will be sold out so people will think the demand is very high. It’s very annoying for people who simply want to buy without the hype.

    • Interesting. But can you tell me where you got this info?

  9. I live in China. Pahirapan talaga sa pagbili. kaka-stress

  10. My 3k ba sa xiaomi?

  11. Rockafella

    Come and get it Chinaman

  12. grabe namang bezel yan, parang airport!

  13. Sana magising na ang CM nito. We need LTE, optiical stabilization at mataas na battery. Di puro mga walang kwentang 8 cores kulang naman sa juice.

  14. sino distributor?


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