Breaking: MRT-3 train gets derailed at Taft Ave. Station

Numerous reports are coming in that an MRT train overshot its intended stop at the Taft Avenue Station, the last station of the Southbound trains, which happened around 4:00PM today.

The number of injured passengers, if there are any, has not been confirmed yet as of the time of writing, though various News stations on the radio have cited that at least seven (7) were injured during the incident.

Some members of the Facebook group called MRT: Mga kuwento ng Realidad sa loob ng Tren have already posted a few pictures of the wreckage on their page (including the photo you see above).

DOTC-MRT3 has already issued an official advisory regarding the incident:

MMDA also advised motorists to “expect heavy traffic” because of the incident.

In addition to injured passengers, the derailed train also damaged passing vehicles after hitting a lamp post along EDSA.

According to the last report, the number of injured passengers are now up to 20. All of the injured passengers are being attended to by authorities and are being rushed to nearby hospitals such as San Juan de Dios Hospital and Pasay City General Hospital.

During an interview with the MRT3 spokesperson Hernando Cabrera, the derailed train is being pushed by another train after it stopped between Magallanes and Taft Avenue station. Unfortunately, while pushing the defective train, the coupling that binds the two trains together “unbuckled”, causing the defective train, which gained momentum after being pushed, to overshot the railway.


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  1. i’m just wondering on how this posts is related to tech and gadgets…

    must be the tweets and the fb page…

  2. Yan ang resulta ng pagtitipid sa pag-bili ng tren at paglaspag ng mga nabili na nilang tren.

    It’s more FUNTANGINA in the Philippines!

    • Hen-Sheen

      Quantity over Quality. Why not both? Until this country buy moderately expensive Trains, these accidents will occur frequently. They keep this up, Senate and Congress might be knocking right in front of their doorstep!

  3. Puro kc kurakot alam gawin ng gobyerno .ang pobreng pinoy siksikan s mrt habang sila ay s malamig n sasakyan. Ang kakapal…

  4. Rainbow Rat

    Malamang may investigation panel na naman mabubuo pero wala pa ring makikitang improvement sa infrastracture. Kelangan parating mauna muna ang aksidente bago gawan ng aksyon. “Prevention is always better than Cure”. Ano naman sunod na madidiskaril? Sana gobyerno na ang sumunod :)

  5. trains are old already..the maintenance is also lacking so as the service itself d talaga kaya ng mrt ang load ng tao..malayo sa original capacity nung tinayo almost 11 to 15 yrs ago..magtuturuan na mga kurakot… blame game starts now…

  6. Earl Co

    eh mukang manipulado yung Bidding para sa nanalong firm para mag maintain nyan eh. =))

  7. Heckler

    Sige sisi pa! Diyan tayo magaling eh.



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