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April 24, 2012

So, how’s your first Diablo 3 experience?

Over the week-end Blizzard Entertainment had a trial run for the much-anticipated Diablo 3. The Diablo III Open Beta Weekend will end in a hour but I was able to finish the limited game in less than a couple of hours yesterday.

Right after installing and loading Diablo 3, I was able to work my way into the game play without any issues. It’s either I have very solid memory of Diablo II from a decade ago or the new Diablo 3 is very intuitive and user-friendly.

A lot of the characters are still recognizable and the story-line is familiar so the nostalgia is at full gear. The graphics are really vivid, the attention to detail is impressive. I think it only took me less than two hours to finish the game (which ends at Level 13 with the battle against Skeleton King).

Here’s some clips from the game:

Can’t wait for the official launch on May 15th. I’ve seen a lot of folks uploading screenshots of their game on Facebook. Anybody else had a blast with Diablo 3?

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27 Responses to “So, how’s your first Diablo 3 experience?”

  1. Allen says:

    Wow! Lucky! My download had some errors when it reached 70%.

    Did you have any lag problems during the beta?

  2. wizrold says:

    Yeah, on co-op games. I’m using 1.5Mbps from PLDT and I’m thinking on jumping to 3Mbps when Diablo 3 will be released. :)

  3. remixdrama says:

    tried barbarian and demon hunter. how much is the SRP for this?

  4. jonski22 says:

    lucky guy! i wish i have a free time to do that..and play Diablo again…

  5. mister mister says:

    I only found out about the open beta on sunday night so I was only able to squeeze in 2 hours or so last night before the beta ended. So far, the only thing I’m not so sure about is the direction they went with skills. As far as I can tell, all available skills unlock as you level up, and the only customization is which one you plan on using. However, I understand that this is a beta and things may change in the final product or later on in a future patch. Still… I’ll probably buy Diablo 3, despite these misgivings.

  6. juicyjor
    Twitter: juicyjor

    the best! nakakabitin hanggang kay skeleton king lang. excited na sa mga susunod na quests. :)

  7. showbiz says:

    Wahhh, I miss this chance. Sayang…

  8. dex says:

    great but i badly need a new ISP! darn smartbro – binablock nila yung access ko ingame! dc palagi, i need to use VPN pa mara maka laro.

  9. tobtob05 says:

    AMAZING! user friendly sya or dahil naglaro ako ng diablo 2 dati? gamit ko witch doctor up until level 12 nga lang…i wasnt able to try other jobs..i enjoyed the multiplayer too! already downloaded the full game client digitally so i can play it the day the servers open

  10. Vince says:

    Had problems playing on Skycable broadband 1.5 mbps connection. Been dc’ed multiple times and latency was horrible. having problems playing other online games too. Can anyone suggest a better ISP in the makati area?

  11. zxc says:

    Using PLDT plan 990 (345 kbps). Smooth ang gameplay, no lag, kahit anong oras… Medyo nag lag ng konti kapag 4 na kayo (coop).. smooth din ang fps kahit amd a4 lang (di nga lang lahat high). Pareho kami ni mister mister, medyo parang masyadong spoon-feeding na yung mga skills, di tulad sa d2, medyo marami kang pagpipilian…

  12. Andre Jay Marcelo-Ta
    Twitter: kzapkzap

    is the wait worth it for some better graphics?

  13. Vince says:

    Thanks zxc! Will consider trying it out if pldt has free trials. My only concern was it doesn’t have the feel of the original games since it turned MMOG plus the fact that if you’re not online, you can’t play. Graphics wise, is an improvement by leaps and bounds. the skill system allows you to have different builds for each character. The crafting system I found interesting, wondering if we could craft rares on higher levels.

  14. shiznick says:

    you dont need really good graphics to play the game. The gameplay was okay. I bet they will input more stuff when it is really out. It is kinda same as diablo 2 with better graphics.

  15. ang lakas ng barbarian!!! hahaha

  16. Bongbong says:

    anyone knows where can i pre-order Diablo collector’s edition?

    • Rat-Bu says:

      It appears no one gives a sh!t on answering your question on this site.

      Collector’s Edition on Philippines is impossible to get if you’ll rely on your local retailers.

      Your best bet? Have someone from abroad delivered it to you. On sulit, some dudes are selling it for 7,000 up to 9,000 — take note the original C.E cost only around 4,500.

  17. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    I tried barbarian, monk and demon hunter… Masasabi ko lang ang lakas ng demon hunter! sa tatlong character na ginawa ko sa demon hunter ako hindi nahirapan kay king leoric and eto din character na to ang pinaka mabiliis kong napatay si leoric at walang ka hiraphirap considering na lvl 8 ko lng pinatay si leoric… I’m really impressed sa game lalo na yun mga bagay2 na lumilipad sa impact ng attacks mo… sa mga hindi naka subok ng game payo ko sa inyo download nyo beta and search for moegge emulator para ma try nyo lang…

  18. The Royal Shogun says:

    lolololol, played the Alpha Version of this game. ’cause I’m too awesome!

  19. diemhang says:

    ala kwenta,parang mu online lang

  20. john says:

    diablo 3 is for gameplay, story line, and cinematics… we’ll play it, i hope I can still play even though I have laggy internet

  21. niatx says:

    magkano kaya SRP nito? meron na bang available sa stores dito prior sa may 15?? wala ko credit card or paypal. cash lang ang pambayad ko. dunno any other way para makabili ng digital copy nito.

  22. Avi Reichman says:

    did sameone try to play diablo 3 with Asus 1215n?

  23. jazel says:

    do you you have an ipod nano 4G

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