Acer unveils 11.6″ Aspire One

Acer made official its new 11.6-inch model of the Aspire One line. Aside from a thinner form factor and the  Dolby Pro Logic Sound, there isn’t much difference with this one compared to the earlier models.

That means you still get the usual Intel Atom processor, a 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth and the elusive 3G SIM card slot.

acer aspire one 11
Photo by Engadget

At least it look thinner now (no exact dimensions but earlier reports say it’s less than an inch). The 6-cell 5200mAh battery lasts for 7 to 8 hours. No prices indicated though.

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  1. at long last, 3G sim slot! now that make this toy a certified netbook.

  2. Acer Aspire looks “uninspired”? haha this one looks like my old Acer laptop, only thing is this ones black. :D

  3. Darren

    According to Engadget, 11.6″ claim to be WXGA panel. The new timeline CULV series unveiled too
    Anyway, both netbook and CULV not that appealing like hot news said.

  4. @josewrkz, the 10-inch Aspire One is supposed to have 3G SIM slot too but the ones sold in the Philippines don’t have them.

  5. hmm so 11″ are still considered as netbook. or is it the intel atom that’s making it a netbook?

  6. Yuga, thanks for the update! Been waiting for this baby to become available here in the Philippines. Now, I can truly maximize my unlimited Visibility Plan. YES!

  7. 11 inches?

    First, they make them as small as 7 inches…

    Then 9 inches…

    Then 10…

    Then 11?

    12 inches is a full laptop already.

    I think Acer is missing the point. They should just stick with upgrading features of their 10inch and below netbooks.

    Anything above that, treat them as laptops.

  8. … any news or how-to on phone use on wireless broadband ?

  9. Looks like an Aspire One- Regular Acer laptop hybrid (and I do notice that it’s thinner).

  10. is its keyboard size already on a 100%-scale to a regular keyboard?

  11. just bought this one.. yup, its keyboard size is already on a 100%-scale to a regular keyboard. its 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD and Windows Vista;)

  12. how much is this? tnx

  13. Me, DUH!

    They average around $250. After a few registry edits and some time messing with msconfig, it really is not that slow. At least equal to or maybe even better then & or XP if you know what you are doing. And the overall size does keep it in the “netbook” classification. The 11 inches does not seem like that much when you really get a feel for this great laptop. I would have to say, one of the best netooks yet (production unfortunately discontinued).


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