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October 28, 2011

Poll: Is the new, bubbly Smart logo hot or not?

So Smart Comm. finally sent an announcement yesterday about their new branding and logo, confirming our earlier report during the concert of the Black Eyed Peas. We saw huge amount of comments from subscribers and readers alike so we wanted to see how this sentiments fares.

The press release they sent to the media yesterday was a bit vague and did not really explain the bubbles on the re-design.

Smart new logo
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During the Black Eyed Peas concert, Apl de Ap also sang the new song he composed for Smart. Here’s a short clip of that song.

Anyway, I talked to Alan Caeg (he’s the Product Manager for USAutoparts, Inc. and our SEMCON speaker for Design & User Experience) yesterday and he was disappointed with the re-design on so many levels (both on the logo design, imagery and brand equity).

So let’s put this to a poll and ask everyone what you think of the new logo — Is the new, bubbly Smart logo hot or not?

Hit the comments or the polls section on the right to join in.

62 Responses to “Poll: Is the new, bubbly Smart logo hot or not?”

  1. jonaflormicfren
    Twitter: daniojr

    A logo is a trademark identity. Maybe Smart would want to be smarter in that idea.

  2. Ces says:

    Not. Especially the font used in “SMART.”

  3. No I don’t agree that the new, bubbly Smart logo is not look so beautiful..

  4. gilbert says:

    panget! hinde corporate ang dating, parang pang-children’s party with all the bright colored dots that resemble balloons and the fancy font used. haha

  5. JM says:

    not. i think the font they used much alike from airbus’ new logo.

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