2nd-gen Google Nexus 7 specs leaked

We know a lot of you were pretty disappointed with the absence of a new or beefed up version of the Nexus 7 in this year’s Google I/O. And just when we thought that we have nothing to look forward to, a glimpse of its possible configuration has been leaked by an unlikely source; an ASUS Live Chat support.

According to the willing rep, the upcoming Nexus 7 will sport a lot of improvements over its predecessor including a Full HD screen and a tandem of Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM under the hood.

nexus 7

In addition, the agent also claims that the tablet will be released by towards the latter part of this month, which according to him will be the end of Q2. We’re not really sure what calendar he’s using, but the last time we checked, Q2 ended last month.

Anyway, here are the other details that this rep mentioned during his conversation with the nosy consumer:

2nd Gen Google Nexus 7 specs:
7-inch IPS LCD display @ 1980×1200 pixels
Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz quad-core processor
32GB internal storage
5MP autofocus rear camera
1.2MP front-facing camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
4000mAh battery
Android 4.3

Another thing that’s interesting with this reveal is the addition of LTE in the mix, which we presume to be the data-enabled variant that will be offered alongside the Wi-Fi only model. Assuming that Google/ASUS will keep their pricing scheme, there’s no doubt that the next gen Nexus 7 will again be a hit in the market.

In my opinion, the likelihood of a first –line-agent revealing the specs of an upcoming product is slim, and because of that, I can’t say that I’m totally swayed by this leak. So we suggest taking this leak with your usual grain of salt as well.


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  1. Kevin

    sana yung presyo katulad din ng nexus 7 nung nilabas sa market.

    • abuzalzal

      Nope, Not gonna happen.

    • Kevin

      weh, d nga?

    • Windows iDroid

      Pwedeng ganun ulit or mas mataas ang presyo ng onte o kaya ggamit sila ng Tegra 4 pra mapababa ung presyo.

    • tinginkolng

      pwede siyang ilabas na ganun din ang presyo o tumaas ng kahit kaunti kung ifaface-out nla ung 1stgen nexus 7 pero kung hindi,laking patong nyan

  2. Mang Andhoy

    Wow!! Pantapat ulit sa Asus Memo pad HD 7!! At unahan sila sa pagrelease! Can’t wait for the release and the review of sir Yuga for both tablet.

    • the Nexus 7 and the memo pad hd 7 are both made by asus

  3. 3G or LTE version should also have full phone functionality (voice call and sms)

  4. NexusGuy

    Leaks –> people curiosity –> more sales

    I am one of those curious people! ;)

  5. Technically, Google I/O is about developers and software about everything Google so it’s understandable they didn’t introduce a new device (The Google Edition Galaxy S4 doesn’t count).

    Anyway, I hope the new Nexus 7 maintains the “affordability” its predecessor had.

  6. Name: tarush

    The Nexus 7 is plagued with hardware problems
    Hope they make it right this time


    • marlon

      My one year-old N7 doesn’t have these issues.

    • Justin

      Before you believe everything you read, it might be best to just ask someone who actually owns a N7 for their experience.

      Like marlon, my N7 is about to turn 1 year old as well. I’ve taken good care of it and up to this very day, I have no issues whatsoever.

      Also, if you want to know the source of the article, you can trace it to this link:

      … what’s that? Yes! The article came from no other than APPLE INSIDER. Wow! So I guess we all know how “un-biased” that article is.

  7. Plagued screen lift issues should be eliminated. I sold my Nexus 7 because of that. Now waiting for the iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display. :)

  8. Justin

    To see is to believe. Unless those specs are posted on the Google store come product launch, kwentong barbero lang lahat nyan!

  9. Iyan Sommerset

    They really need to up that battery. Make it thicker, a bit heavier, totally worth it.

  10. nameless

    What about the micro SD slot? Are there news? The mini HDMI? Without them, this N7 will still be a no no.

  11. Mynexus 7 works just fine, this new N7,i will trrade the rear camera for a few hundreds of mah in battery spec. 1st gen N7 has 4300 mah


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