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September 28, 2012

Sony Xperia S receives an OTA update

If you’re a proud owner of an Xperia S and you get a prompt for an OS update, don’t get too excited about it as it’s not the Jellybean upgrade you’ve been waiting for. What a bummer right?

The prompt is actually for an incremental ICS update which has a Build Number 6.1.A.2.50. We’re guessing that this is just meant to fix some bugs on the previous build. However, we also can’t disregard the possibility that this upgrade will pave the way for a smoother upgrade to the latest Android OS.

According to the reports, there aren’t any substantial differences between the two builds so it’s quite baffling why Sony had rolled out this upgrade. Well I guess we just have to get by with this update for now while we for Sony to start seeding the Jelly bean update.

8 Responses to “Sony Xperia S receives an OTA update”

  1. Androidy says:

    Diyan lumalamang lagi ang mga apple products, iOS and iDevices are updated/synchronised simultaneously unlike other brands na dependent sa google para lang makapag update ang android OS sa ibat ibang brands. anyways, nacompare ko lang ang galaxy note and iDevices ko, peace!

    • jhepoyski
      Twitter: jhepoyskee

      Google constantly releases their updates kaso nga lang since iba iba yung manufacturers which means different specs which would require diffent customization sa code/programming.

    • prince says:

      lamang ang iOS sa updates???

      OMG…. naisip mo ba ng ang Apple iOS 3 products lang iPod touch iPhone and iPAD na kung saan same halos ng specs iniiba lang screen size?????

      well for android libo libo ang devices with different specs kasi ang update po is specs dependent… besides sa android kung mag update may update tlga ikaw na makikita unlike sa iOS nag update nga ou kasi tumaas ung iOS number..

      welllllll. thinkkkkkkk.

  2. Yuja
    Twitter: yujatakeo

    Why update if your device is working properly? :) and also…idevices IMO are too expensive

  3. Soul Annihilator
    Twitter: soulannihilator

    How’s the update? Aren’t there any bugs so far?

  4. XperiaSLover says:

    NEVER update your Sony XS to this version. It decreases your battery life 2x that it normally would. I’m starting to regret updating.

  5. crawl says:

    just flash the previous stock

  6. XperiaSUser says:

    the update fixed the problem from the previous version.

    mine affected the radio and after updating it finally worked again…

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