Globe implements Load Watch for Prepaid Subs

This was shared to us by the folks from Globe Telecom last February 14 but I completely forgot about it. I only remembered it again when I used the prepaid SIM card they gave me to test on the HTC Titan.

In any case, the concept is pretty simple — you get an SMS alert every time you use your load credits.

So when you make a phone call, once you hang up, Globe will send you an SMS how much load you have left. This will give you an idea of your running balance and be updated of your load credits all the time.

The service stems from issues that prepaid load credits mysteriously disappear (folks call it “nakaw load” for years now) and though investigations don’t normally end well for the subscriber, this Load Watch might just help prevent it from happening.

At the moment, this is only available for prepaid subscribers (it is free and automatic so you don’t have to activate anything).

Anybody else notice this service on their prepaid accounts? Do you see this as a useful feature?

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  1. Jerry Walter

    very useful nga naman to…pro meron pa rin akong na observed na glitch recently…and because of this I realized na meron pa ring nakaw na nangyayari…

    I loaded P40 tapos I registered the P25 for the SUPERUNLI CALL AND TXT ALL DAY…the next day with the load watch thingy the system automatically generated a message reminding me that the load is nearing to its expiration time…so, that scenario is actually good ‘coz I have an idea that I can no longer use the promo until then…to make the story shorter…since I still have the P15 remaining balance on the account…pwede pa sana akong mag.txt or tumawag…pero to find out after nag.expire ang promo…d ko na magamit ang remaining P15 kasi sabi ng LOADWATCH ala na daw akong load…

    grabe naman ang aking P15 asan na…ninakaw…

    many times na to nangyari sa akin…tapos twice nangyari sakin ang pag load ng P40 tapos ni.register sa Superunli call and txt na ninakaw ang remaining balance na P15…

  2. load w

  3. its annoying … it pop ups everytime even though i used smart sim to send a message.. GLOBE LOADWATCH still pop ups .. pls fix this.. its irritating… how can i DEACTIVATE it…


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