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October 11, 2011

Globe PowerSurf vs. Smart Always On

Smart first introduced the volume-based pricing plan for mobile phones with the Always On and was followed by Globe with their PowerSurf plans. Both might seem to offer similar packages but allowed for some differences depending on consumers’ usage patterns.

Let’s look at the plans being offered on Smart Always On and Globe PowerSurf.

Here’s a shortlist of the differences between the two carriers:

  • Smart Always On offers more price plans with 7 compared to 3 for PowerSurf.
  • Always On has the cheapest package at Php20 for 25MB.
  • Globe PowerSurf 99 is the best bargain at 50MB for 30 days. Assuming you only use FourSquare, Php99 a month for almost unlimited access is great. It’s also the cheapest monthly plan.
  • PowerSurf 299 at 300MB is cheaper than Always On 300 at 250MB.
  • PowerSurf 499 at 1GB is cheaper than Always On 750 at 1GB.

I’ve tried the Always On 20 and Always On 30 on my Android phone before and works well. I tried Always On 200 yesterday on my Smart Rocket and it was good but very expensive.

I’ve also tried PowerSurf 99 on my iPhone and it lasted me 3 days but that was with some web surfing included. I subscribed again and now on my 6th day with PowerSurf 99. Not bad.

Anyone out there using PowerSurf or Always On on their smartphones? What’s you usage like, how much are you spending and which one’s the best fit for your usage.

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40 Responses to “Globe PowerSurf vs. Smart Always On”

  1. Name: Al Ace says:

    i have inet connection for free for more than 1 year now with a Globe prepaid only…advice for data volume-based plan users, there are special mobile browser w/c can cut down up to 70% of data if you’re a heavy user like me who can use up to 100 mb/day on mobile,may you can give it a try..

  2. franz says:

    Use OPERA MOBILE. It can cut bandwidth expenditure by 70%.

    Using ALWAYS ON 200 with my X10i. It is rather slow when using facebook and foursquare but faster than the globe and smart dongle which are always crappy.

  3. Alger
    Twitter: Alger08

    How can i unsubscribe to always on 20 guys.anyone who could help me?

  4. Rechelle Mae says:

    Can I use Always on in my laptop? Whats the best but cheapest package should i use…? help me pls.

    • Lani Garcia says:

      Yes, you can use your mobile phone as a modem for your laptop, even a lot easier if it has hotspot tethering.

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