HTC 7 Mozart Price, Plans on Smart Exclusive

The upcoming HTC 7 Mozart will be exclusive to Smart Comm. and we’ve got some updates on the pricing plans for the postpaid account.

New Postpaid Subscribers:
Plan 1500 – Php18,000
Plan 2000 – Php13,000
Plan 3000 – Php2,500
Plan 4000 – Free

Retention Plan

Plan 1500 – Php17,500
Plan 2000 – Php12,500
Plan 3000 – Php2,000
Plan 4000 – Free

These plans normally come with a 24-month contract.

Looks like there’s no prepaid kit plan if you want to get it that way. From the looks of the postpaid plans, it looks like the HTC Mozart is more expensive than a 16GB iPhone 4 (Plan 1799 + Php10.5k gets you an iPhone 4 while Plan 2000 + Php12.5k gets you an HTC Mozart).

Smart is doing roadshow today to demo and get pre-orders for the HTC Mozart. See earlier story here.

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