Is PLDT reading my blog?

A couple of days ago, someone from PLDT called me up and inquired about my “incessant” issue of not getting any billing notices (not even the disconnection notice) for over six (6) months now. I stopped bugging them about this 3 months ago.

I confirmed to them that in the last 6 months or so, I never received a single notice. My landlord has been receiving all kinds of packages and letters on my behalf without falter so the cause of the problem is most probably from their end. The guy on the other end of the phone apologized and explained that according to their logs, no one was receiving my billings and even claimed that the neighborhood did not knew me as living in my address. (Stupid excuse if you asked me.)

Anyway, I blogged about this issue here and at Pinoy.Tech.Blog a month ago. I thought that if repeated calls to their CSR would not remedy my issue, blogging about it could very well be my last option.

Well, what do you know, I just got huge envelope today from PLDT delivered rush via Securities Express. They managed to send me all billing invoice from as far back as April.

Perhaps, my blogging about it did the trick.

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  1. ahahhaaha

    Probably it did!!! Coolness!

    Bring it on!

  2. Now they are listening (reading). The power of blogging.

  3. *probably it did – the trick, I mean.

  4. They should have sent in a rebate certificate along with the bills! :P

  5. they should be (reading this blog daily)
    teh question is … who isnt? :D

  6. hehehe. napakainfluential [ng blog] mo abe. :)

  7. Social currency ulit! :)

  8. Behold, the power of blog! Hahah! That’s awesome.

  9. who else’s not reading yuga? :o

  10. The power of blogging! Okay, multiply that effect for thousands of other Pinoy Blogs. That would be awesome. :)

  11. Captain Barbell

    PLDT?…listening?…I doubt! If they are listening, then what happened to the hefty number of complaint calls that they received from 172?

    Anyway, i finally found one word to describe mydsl’s service and helpdesk……..”KAMOTE”

  12. Richard S.

    Heard about our new SMART Padala on 1528 SMART SIM? remittance service, yet? we launched it on Aug 27, 2006 (SUNDAY of course) HK$ 1 instead of the traditional HK$ 28

  13. I read your story with horror, although, I have a horror story of my own too!

    Last October (3 months ago), I applied a line and DSL package from PLDT. They rejected my order until I paid an outstanding bill from a previous tennant of some years ago! I paid it (nearly P4,000). They then accepted my order. At the time, I had no idea that I would live to regret paying it, but now I do.

    Many weeks elapsed and no sign of an installation team. I was telephoning 3 times a day, every day for a status update.

    In early december, our other line stopped functioning.. no dial tone. It took them 11 days before they fixed it! Mean while, about a week before Christmas 2006, after I had resorted to calling them every 15 minutes for the previous 3 days (because we now had no working line), an installation contractor arrived and installed the telephone line. However, it didn’t work and I was then left with two lines, neither of which was working!

    The first line was fixed after 11 days but the other line is still faulty until today and although they came out yesterday and installed DSL on it, neither the line or the DSL are working!

    I’m at my wits end. I can’t beleive that I’m running a corporation in the capital city (Metro Manila), of the Philippines and PLDT (the countries largest telephone service) are unable to provide me with a phone line and internet connection! What kind of country is this?

    I have to say that in all of my thousand+ (literally) of calls to them over the last 3 months, I have never in 38 years encountered such terrible customer service and complete incompetance.

    It is clear to me that the reason for them treating their customers in this manner is because they have NO competition.

    I tried to order a line from Globelines but they said that they don’t have any service in our road. I spoke to Globe telecom about their completely wireless telephone and broadband bundle. They said that not only do they not service San Juan but they are also out of stock of the necessary PC cards and don’t when they will get the next delivery.

    I’ve about given up. It seems that the Philippines is unable to provide the infrastructure necessary for a modern business to operate. I can live with the shakey electricity supply by installing a generator, and the water supply by installing a large water holding tank, but telephone is not something that I can easily provide myself.

    One year ago, I was determined to succeed in business here in the Philippines and try to make a difference for a lot of unfortunate people. I have to say though, that now, I’m thinking that this country is not a victim of natural disasters and foreign invasions but is a victim of it’s own people’s poor decisions and complacency. Every thing I see here now when I look around me, is broken or done badly. Not because of lack of money or any other ‘uncontrollerble’ factor but because they can’t be bothered to put the extra effort in to do something well.

    Yours, very disappointed in the Philippines

    Peter Snow

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  16. RaiulBaztepo

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  17. so much lagger in so much so hastle to use net… PLDT!!!

  18. GL Administrator

    Hello! I just want to share this. It happened recently. Last Monday (June 25, 2012), we paid our dues to PLDT in full and expected (because we were promised) a 24-48 hrs reconnection of our DSL. We are using it for our business.

    Until now, June 28, 2012 at 2:40pm, they still haven’t reconnected our DSL. ‘Been calling their 171 and 172 hotlines and they keep blabbering about “escalating our concern”, “putting a note on their notes”, “endorsing our problem to their tech group”… but still of no help. They better call themselves the 171 and 172 helpless desks.

    So, what we did was to get in touch with a PLDT technician who helped us before and he came today. In other words, we did PLDT’s 171 & 172 jobs for them. I wrote their and showed my DISAPPOINTMENT but no reply (what do you expect?) To this hour, it’s already 72hrs that we still don’t have PLDT’s DSL service. Thanks to them.

    But I gave them a piece of my mind. If I can only count the CSRs that I talked to and yelled at because of their INEFFICIENCY, my ten fingers will not suffice.

    That’s my share. Thanks for reading.

    GL Administrator


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