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September 02, 2012

Php50k for 10Mbps: true cost of a guaranteed DSL speed

We wanted to get an upgrade to our office DSL last week so I asked for a quotation and was a bit surprised when I was looking for a 10Mbps line with 1.5Mbps minimum guaranteed speed.

If you’re a long-time residential DSL user, you’d be familiar with the usual broadband prices.

I subscribe to a 3Mbps line at home for Php1,995 a month (although I only get something in the range of 1Mbps) but there’s no guarantee what for a minimum speed. The highest residential DSL from PLDT is a 10Mbps line for only Php4,000 a month which they’ve been offering since November of last year.

But if you runa business, that’s a different thing altogether. This is where the ISP will give you a guaranteed minimum speed (more commonly know as CIR or committed information rate).

Here’s what’s a business-type DSL subscription would look like.

So when your typical residential plan of 10Mbps costs just Php4,000 a month, that 10Mbps does not have any guaranteed minimum speed.

If you convert that 10Mbps to a business plan, then you get a minimum guaranteed speed of 1.5Mbps. The minimum guarantee acts like a dedicated bandwidth. The price you have to pay for that — Php50,000.

Imagine, the next time you want to open an internet cafe, be prepared to shell out those numbers on the chart above. That’s probably the reason almost all net cafes around only have up to 4Mbps in their network.

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63 Responses to “Php50k for 10Mbps: true cost of a guaranteed DSL speed”

  1. Iyan Sommerset
    Twitter: iyansommerset

    In theory, if you’re paying 50k a month for 10Mbps business, why not get 10 connections of the 4k a month-residential and stick that in a load-balancing appliance/router?

    You can mix-and-match providers so downtimes aren’t too all-encompassing.

    • Ben says:

      Because you don’t get better support, static IP addresses and rebates if downtime occurs. Plus, corporate Internet is always separated from consumer Internet.

    • Iyan Sommerset
      Twitter: iyansommerset

      I highly doubt all those are worth an additional 46000php though.

  2. jessicanCo says:

    hahahaahah… grabe naman. sa canada internet $100 for 100mbps… $50k mahal!!! …internet company sa pilipinas sobrang gago!.. monopoly.

  3. akosibatman says:

    i am a former pldt sales guy…please don’t subscribe to the power packages. i have several clients that are still having problem with the power pack A,B,C packages. so based from experience wag nalang. instead get the leased line package from PLDT SME called the I-Gate. costs the same around 50k although it is charged via USD currency. yan ang sure na dedicated connection only for you. I have seen the installations…power pack a,b,c still has a shared network. just sharing mga sir…:)

  4. ceegii63
    Twitter: ceegii63

    bakit ganun sir we also have the 3mbps and P1995 plan and speedtests usually show 2-3mbps

  5. default says:

    i suggest getting fiber line, wificity is cheap. we have 8gb dedicated for 50k to 60k.

  6. Filbook says:

    50k for 1.5mbps???? WOW!

    let’s not delude ourselves. We’ll only get “CIR speeds” 90% of the time.

    If you don’t have this guy’s money then you’re screwed.

  7. Karl Martin says:

    Definitely the cost is the reason why most of the internet cafe in the Philippines choose to have a speed of 4mbps.On the other hand the first thing to do in order to avail a high speed internet make sure to check factors that you have more control on like spyware on your computer,malfunctioning or incorrectly configured wired or wireless customer routers; and older customer computers lacking sufficient processing power or memory.Failure of any of this may be the cause of slow DSL speed. [ dsl speed guide (dot) com ]

  8. Johnson says:

    this is totally a rip off. ugh.

  9. Hey says:

    For me, PLDTDSL is much better than any ISP here sa PH. Walang capping kasi. Unlike other ISP providers. Imagine, manood ka ng 2movie sa isang araw via stream or DL ng 2 movies, after downloading, makakaexperience ka na lang ng 30% speed ng plan na inavail nyo. Pagminalas ka pa, monthly ang capping. 25GB/month? Anong magagawa mo dun? Kung nareach mo na cap mo by 15th ng month, 15+ days ka pa mag susuffer ng 30% speed? Hindi nalang. :)

  10. Thor says:

    “grabe naman. sa canada internet $100 for 100mbps” or about Php 42,200

    samantalang dito 10mbps …. or 1,182 Canadian Dollars!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!

  11. ryan says:

    Mga sir, may info ba kayo about sa PLDT i-Gate? Lalo na price?

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