Smart Bro Share It Wireless Router

Smart Broadband, a subsidiary of Smart Communications, today launched SMART Bro Share It, a wireless router with HSDPA capability.

The device is basically a wifi router and 3G/HSDPA modem in one.

smartbro share it wireless router

Smart Bro Share It is available with a Plan 999 monthly subscription, which comes with up to 90 hours of Internet access, at speeds of up to 2 mbps in key cities in the country. Usage in excess of 90 hours will be charged P.35 for every minute.

Initial cash-out for the 12-month subscription is Php3,499, which includes the one-time payment of Php2,500 for the device, plus the first month’s fee of Php999. The monthly subscription fee is Php999.

The device can share the 3G internet with up to 5 computers. Of course, if you have a laptop, you can just follow this short guide on how to share 3G internet over wifi.

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  1. beautiful stranger

    gez wat i cancelled my application for smart bro share it.. *lol* i got some suggestions from some of my colleagues and they are suggesting this 4G broadband from wi-tribe. hmm… let’s see… gotta update y’all… cheers!!!

  2. dominick

    ok sana ang smartbro kung sa ok kaya lang naka lock cya sa city kung ano ang nakalagay sa application mo. Nakaisa naman ang smart!


    Smartbro Share it sucks! Don’t subscribe to them, magsisisi lng kayo. Walang kwenta ang letseng Smartbro Share it na yan, maniwala kayo.

    Walng araw na naging mabilis ito, matutulad kayo sa king na magiging keyboard smasher!

  4. masoud

    smart share it is just shit
    get it if you like :
    have a very slow connection
    have many times call *1888
    have problem with the Sim card and router

    smart company is LYING its not 2mbps. in the best condition its just 800-900 kbps. mine is only 70 kbps.
    yea only 70

  5. im not having problems with shareit. it’s pretty cool. it’s fast. i like it! =) i dunnot but… speed indicated here is 100mbps *lol* how’s that?!

  6. BagoNaman

    i replace my 3g wireless under globelines with this smartbro share it 3g hspda and after some adjustment i able to maximize the signal and its much better than globlelines 3g..ang problema ko lang ay pag may DL or sabay2 na ang panonood ng youtube o mga videos sabayn mo pa ng loading sa mga games ng FB bigla na lang bumibitaw ,kailangan mo pang i reset. hope someone can give his idea to lighten up my mind about this problem.
    anyways, sa mga naglagay ng external antenna sa inyong mga share it at walang nagbago sa signal lalo na sa speed connection try niyo tingnan ung switch ng mismong modem ng share it baka hindi mo na nailagay sa ext.ant na position kasi by default int. antenna ang pagkukunan niya ng signal..

  7. @aj

    100mbps is you local speed (computer to modem)

    try logging on to “” then run it.

    After that, all I can say is “Welcome to reality”…

  8. hi im buying disconnected smartbro share it modem.. . benta nyo nalang sken guys kesa hindi nyo naman na magagamit.

    sa mga interisado PM nyo ako sa YM

  9. Sherwin

    Would anyone know what the APN of the smart bro Share it Plan is? (mine is unlimited 2mbps up to 5 people but gusto ko nalang ilagay sa ipad ko)

    *internet and smartbro does not work

  10. sir. mam

    pls help me 4 configuring and share-ring my smart bro share it to my 3 desktop… thanks po

  11. Hay nako, SMART SUCKS FOREVER!!!!!!!

    Promote ng promote ng postpaid at prepaid internet, and when you finally avail of it it doesnt even get you 5% of the promised speed!!!!! F you.

    Share-it na never naman nasshare?
    Up to 2 mbps na never malang umabot ng 100kbps?
    Familiar to us all.
    You may be willing to invest in an antenna but Smart didnt really pay for that now did they?
    You be the judge.

    I threw out my SmartBro plug-it na. Tried Sun, but they have capping and as more and more subs get one pabagal lang ng pabagal… SmartBro though is still the ire of my life.

    Even on my mobile, I’m switching to GLOBE na sa sobrang inis lang.

  12. don't get smart bro share it

    To those who plan to get Smart Bro Share-it, don’t!!!

    Some time in May we applied for Smart bro share-it here in SM marikina and they recommended us an agent for demo of this router. We were ok with the demo so we paid the agent the installment fee of 999.

    She said the unit will be installed after 2 weeks at most.
    2 weeks passed but nothing happened yet so we started to demand from them the installment of the unit.

    After 2 months of demanding from the agent STILL nothing , so we just decided to just get a refund.

    We went to Smart bro and we found out that the unit was out of stock so they just gave us a refund form and told us to come back. How could they not inform us about the unit?
    It is as if they don’t care for customers like us.

    the next time we returned to get the refund, we were told that our deposit wasn’t in their system? Is this some kind of a joke?

    We went to smart two times already but they couldn’t even give us a refund and even told us that our account name must have been spelled incorrectly.
    Is this some kind of a racket?
    Is there connivance between receptionist of Smart and the sales agent they recommended?

  13. ironbanana

    to “don’t get smart bro share it” sounds like the agent ran away with your deposit. Changed your name or erased it on the smart system or wasn’t even a Smart agent.

    Did you get a receipt ? A receipt should have been given to you when you gave the cash…if you did not demand that receipt then you just lost all your money as that would be your legal tool to get your money back versus just word of mouth.

    I was going to get this plan but now will not. It seems that it is SLOW.

    The best way to test your coverage without signing up for 2 years is to use a 3G Phone and connect it to your PC and use the phone to connect to the Smart Internet (10 pesos per 30 minutes i think). When your connected use and find out your download speed. mines here at San Fernando is only about 90 kbs. Thats versus the Canopy that was used previously at 500kbs.

  14. one year na ko sa share it and so far satisfied naman, kahit sa regular hours umaabot sa 200-250kb/sec yung torrents ko, sa gabi hanggang madaling araw mga 300-350kb/sec… i guess depende sa area yun, before i applied tiningnan muna sa smart center (pumunta ako personally) kung may hspa signal sa area ko and nung sinabi na meron and malakas signal, only then ako nag apply.. take note that the HSPA signal of the share it is different from those 3G signal on your phones, unless your phones are HSPA capable then yes its a good gauge for your speed.

  15. Smart Bro APN

    tulong lang guys. kaya bang gamitin yung sim sa iphone or sa ibang 3g na phone? ano ang apn, username and password?

  16. Guys off topic lang just want to ask if na-try nyo na ito at home to increase 3G USB signal. Using homemade materials. Improve 3G USB Signal Homemade

  17. is there any workaround or tweaks to be done on the smartbro share it device? at least the surfing would be faster?

  18. Jerome N. Ramirez

    bulok and smart bro share it. Tell your friends to use other internet providers. mahina dito sa malaybalay and they don’t do anything about it. bulokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kayo! Mabuti pa yung canopy na antena noon. NIloko nyo ako smart bro. More than 4 years akong customer nyo sa internet tapos ganito na lang ang servce na ma offer nyo?

    • may smartbro share it pa po kayo? pwedeng bilhin na lang?


    ganyan ang speed ng smart bro paksht
    nung 11-3-2010 Wednesday
    mga 10 ng gabi nawala net namin hanggang umaga
    sabihin muna 6AM tapus ganyamn na net q

    tanina yan
    2 days na ganyan speed q

  20. im planning mag palit ng connection from smart bro canopy to smart bro wifi..kaso ang daming ng rereklamo s modem n yan..ok ung canopy ko nmn umaabot sya ng 2mbps pag madaling araw pag s tanghali nmn karaniwan nsa 1mbps nahihirapan ako mag set up ng wifi kya gusto ko palitan canopy ko..anu b magandang gawin? canopy p din? or mag pa smart wifi modem na?

  21. Tuloy mo na lang canopy mo tapos magpakabit ka ng wifi router. Yung linksys na tig 2500 pwede na yun.

  22. smartbro shareit worst product na na try ko sa smart. grabe laki ng gasto ko nito cosidering i was one of the first who subscribe to them. ung may bayad pa ung modem..

  23. do they have smartbro case

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