Smart Micro-SIM is confirmed!

Received this poster last night confirming that Smart has come up with its own micro-SIM and is available with a postpaid plan.

Details are not clear yet but from what I gather, it will be included in a data plan with Smart Bro Plan 999. Obviously, that involves the Apple iPad 3G.

I am also told this will also work with an open-line iPhone 4 (which is now selling in Hong Kong and Singapore). The Smart Bro Micro SIM is not available for prepaid yet though, just the Plan 999 for now.

I have yet to receive my micro-SIM kit but Smart is sending me a complimentary 6-month account within a week. We’ll see how it goes once I get it. More on this when I get the details.

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  1. From time to time. there’s new gadget that shrink. Hope sooner the entire Philippines will be WiFi’d hahahaha

  2. @ Dante: a shouting “We wish!” to us :)

  3. marvin paul catalan

    Sir abe bakit dun sa recent post mo dati na ung globe tatoo na micro sim is available in prepaid? Bakit ganun when i ask globe about it sabi nila wala pa raw na prepaid na micro sim? I was confuse anyways ive just cut a prepaid sim and its working great hehe

    Talaga available na ba sa hongkong iphone 4? Last week nandun ako meron kaso oa sa mahal halos 15500HK kya pass ako hehe…

  4. @marvin – my source from the inside forgot to mention that prepaid is “coming soon”.

  5. @Dante

    My wish is for your prediction to come true within the next two years. :-P

  6. I am going to philippines for 1 month vacation and trying figure out how my Iphone 4 works in Philippines. I went to Apple webpage and found out the Micro sim for Ipad wont work to iphone4. Pls help me on this. Im counting on this smart bro prepaid micro sim thingy. Hope its true lolz. (crossed-fingers)

  7. hello po, ask lng po ako kung available nb tlga yung globe or smart microsim prepaid?pls update po and how to use it. thaks!


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