Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

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  1. efrenjiji

    Hi thanks for everyone who read my last post, I am sorry to bother the same day, my wife and I manage to set it up and it works perfectly.

    Again sorry for bothering.


  2. Ronald

    Smart Blackberry Service Sucks!!!! Until now they can’t figure out how to reset my blackberry ID.

    I subscribed for a bb day service, after subscribing, i waited for the service activation, but nothing happens, i tried to login my blackberry ( using my pc, to my suprise right after subscribing to the service my blackberry account was deactivated and i cannot login anymore. I’ve already reported this to smart customer representative and smart wireless center, but they can’t do anything.

    It’s been 2 weeks now and they still cannot fix the problem, what’s worst they want me to report my problem directly to blackberry.. What’s even more worst they can’t give me a contact number of BB service center.. Palpak talaga smart!!!!!
    Mag GLOBE nalang kayo..

    Bagal ng action ng SMART… Manloloko pa!!!! Puro promises!!!! Walang kwenta.. Mukhang PERA!!!!

  3. attyjsf


    I just got a BB 9700 yesterday and I don’t know how to use it.

    There’s an arrow pointing outwards and inwards on the upper right side, where the “3G” and signal bars are located. Does it mean that my SMART postpaid is being charged the usual P10 per 30 mins for internet connection? If so, I discovered that these arrows have been working all night while I was asleep. Oh no! :(

    After discovering that, I switched to a prepaid simcard with no load, and returned my postpaid sim to my old phone. Just to be sure that I don’t get charged for any internet fees.

    Do I need some special settings to make the blinking arrows stop popping up? In Nokia, there’s a function where you can make the internet connection stop. Is there a way to make BB 9700 connect only when prompted manually?

    I want to register BB with smart but I’m totally clueless. Should I even bother making the arrows stop or just go and register?

  4. eternal.happiness

    @ attyjsf: The arrows mean that there is an incoming message or simply its trying to catch a signal :-) So you don’t have to worry about that :-)

    Also, for smart users, their BB experts advise that for BB Bold, you choose Smart Gold 2G- i’m not sure if this is also applicable for Bold 9700 (this is what they advised me since i’m using BB bold 9000).

    Best to register your bb to smart asap so that you won’t be charged per kb. However, please take note that you will be charged IF you download the attachments on your email or download any application that is not included in the unlimited fee of smart :-)

    Hope this helps :-)

  5. eternal.happiness

    @RONALD: I totally agree with you… problem with Smart is that they have a lotttt of new products but their customer service reps have no idea what its all about. Worst thing is, when you advise them that you did not get the mobile from them, they automatically tell you “sorry we can’t help you with your concern since your unit is not smart issued” WHAT THE HELL! Talk about customer service.

    I’ve been a victim of this crappy customer service, my advise to you is that YOU CALL THEM MORE THAN 100x a day, SEND THEM EMAILS ( and go to their wireless centers… i know its time consuming but its the best option for them to attend to your needs….

  6. atty.jsf

    Super thanks for responding to my query, Eternal Happiness.

    Unfortunately, I registered 1200 BB with Smart and it’s been two days, and I still have not been able to use my BB :(

    I already did that 2G setting because I was endorsed to the blackberry hotline and they told me to set it to 2G. Unfortunately, it still didnt’ work. I tried pulling the battery out tons of times already and now I’m afraid that my 1200 was put to waste because I still am not able to utilize the BB services.

    I tried switching sims from smart to globe, registered for a day but didnt get the globe BB signal either. The phone sucks. I already had my previous unit replaced, and now it’s still not working… I might just return it to the dealer in Greenhills. :(

    And in fairness to Smart, they kept calling me every now and then for technical support even if I didnt purchase my phone from Smart.

    I was thinking of just terminating my contract and get a new line that comes with a BB9700.

    I’m sooo hassled. I didnt know that the openline BB9700 was gonna be this difficult to use.

  7. eternal.happiness

    @atty.jsf: shucks that is such a hassle! I think you have to register your mobile pala to, you need to register the imei of your phone in that website. Just follow the steps lang :-)

    Also best to bring your mobile to a smart wireless center so they can also give further set up. I was also given a blackberry hotline number, maybe you can call them for assistance? 0928.502.0491.

    Hope everything will go well with your bb dilemma very soon :-)

  8. eternal.happiness

    @atty.jsf: By the way, where did you get ur BB mobile? Does it have an operator logo, like TMobile, Verizon, Orange, etc? I think you will encounter problems if it has.

  9. attyjsf

    I couldn’t register with and all i get is

    “Cannot log in:
    Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    your wireless service provider at 888-1111, or *888 from your cellphone.”

    I got it from PROTEXT cell shop in Greenhills. This is my second unit, I had the dealer replace the first one because the memory card was full of baduy songs and videos. Hassle. Meron pang eternal flame!!! Hahaha

    I went na to SMART Wireless twice, no avail.
    They were kind enough to assist me with settings and all for the weekend, even if I did not purchase my device from Smart. I also have the hotline for BB but they couldn’t help me either.

    I discovered I only have Enterprise option in my email setup options. No options to setup personal email.

    I tried registering HRT, but I dont get any messege in return. This has to do with service books, right?

    I’m so desperate. :<

  10. i am unable to register my BB Storm 2 because the website response is always -your account is not accesible via html browser. please use your device to access Blackbery Internet Service. But I was able to connect to BB prepaid plans in the past months without registration.

    Is anyone else having connection problems with phone calls — laging connection failed in the middle of a call?


  11. I initially didnt want to get a BIS but i found it very useful to talk to my bf when i am out of my house.

    So for the past 2 days it was ok, I subscribed to two BIS on two seperate days.

    Today i decided to make it a week, because it seems 50 pesos cheaper. My mistake.

    I havent been able to use it all day. Might as well have gotten a once a day BIS than a daily one. Seems like people have a problem reverting from daily to weekly to monthly. Such a shame, it seems so simple i have no idea why a big company like smart can mess it up.

    It eats ur load and they are not giving the right service, they should at least refund us, they can see it on their computers the usage from our phones.

    This is why our country doesnt succeed, because of crook megacorp businesses like smart.

  12. I purchased a BB 8520 2 months ago and i never had any regrets of buying one.. I’m a globe subscriber and is currently using their blackberry prepaid plan. although i didn’t bought my phone in any globe centers, i never had a difficult time in activating the features like email, facebook, balckberry messenger etc. I just registered with the globe blackberry prepaid and after a few minutes or so, i was already connected.. So when my sister bought her BB last week, she asked me to activate the features of her phone as well, and i didn’t have any problems either. i was able to activate her email etc. in an hour after registering with the blackberry prepaid.. :)

  13. genelicious

    i am searching on some forums and then i found all d concerns ab8 having difficulties on having one.. ( d BB unit)

    some are:

    * d BB9700 white cannot use the BIS from globe or smart.. it is not supported by them.
    * in BB9700 black , pre paid users are having a hard tym registering to BIS, both on smart and globe.
    * i found out that if i will not have d BB plan, i can no longer use that applications like BB on FB & BB on Twitter

    What service provider will u recommend? smart or globe?

    sorry for bothering you guys but i think u already have been tried the unit and the services it offers..

    i really believed that u can help me :)
    kindly reply to me.. pretty please! *puppy eyes! ^.^
    please enlighten me.. i really love to have this unit…

    this really means a lot to me :]]

  14. Hi! I bought my BB 9700 last June as a birthday present for myself and it’s not until last night that I learned about SMART’s unlimited BB prepaid plan! Was shocked that this has been available since December last year! Got so excited that I immediately tried it. Registered my phone, received the confirmation and…nothing happened. What I did then before I do anything else was to read this thread (which was very helpful!). Found out that I need to reboot my phone first before I can receive the settings. So that’s what I did and voila! It’s like time has stopped and its as if there were angels singing. I immediately started using the service and “facebooked” and “twittered” till I ran out of battery:D. It made me love my BB even more! Sad though that it will expire in a cuple of hours. I’m planning to register though to the BB WEEK this coming weekend. Any advice, feedback or suggestion in registering to BB WEEK?

  15. nicole

    hi guyz…

  16. jewelchua

    I subscribed to the UNLIMITED prepaid blackberry service for a week (300 pesos) but to my surprise it eats up my load like hell!

    I dont get it? why does it eat up my load like that? help!

  17. zaccy070691

    hi ask ko lang po mag kano monthly ng BB curve 8520 sa Smartbuddy plans? i wanna try kasi.

  18. zaccy070691

    i never tried plans before pa kasi…pano po ba if naka plan ka? i mean gusto kasi mag karoon ng BB curve 8520 phone but cant afford ung full price so i just think can afford it if naka much ung monthly..? any one po kindly explain bout nitong plans..thanks po.

  19. electricph

    anyone here who knows how to modify the settings with the smart blackberry server, so that we can do call , texts and internet surfing thru wifi, without prepaid loads being deducted?
    becoz once i switch on the data services it automatically deducts from my prepaid load, i can only do wifi by turning offf the SIM, in which i cannot make calls and text during this time…
    anyone who help me with this, or who knows any technical person from smart who can help with this problem. i have already talked to a blackberry contact person here in the phil and they say that the problem is with the provider here… can the provider modify the setting for blackberry prepaid?

    any help with this one will be greatly appreciated!

  20. Mary Ann A. Batabat

    thanks a lot to this post I was able to activate my bis…it’s like bis tutorial 101…I have a clarification to ask – once the bb prepaid plan expired – do i really have to erase the service book before subscribing again to 2207? what is push up mail and how do i use my pin. Right now I’m just happy using my 8900 for facebook and some browsing and sending e-mails/receiving emails. I want to learn how else i could use my blackberry…here’s my pin 229947D3 …tnx esp. to sir miguel — ANN

  21. Hi All… after reading the forum about BB for smart. I decided to sell my BB .. this will not work for me.. everytime I load up.. lagi na lang kinakain load ko. na hindi ko maintindihan. kelangan mo mag register sa BB day always para hindi ka kaltasan. pag di ka naman nag register zero load mo. kasi no matter what uubusin at uubusin ang load mo.. naisip ko I have my own internet naman sa haus and sa office so I come up with a decision na wag na lang gumamit ng bb phone since I cant stand in always subscribing to unlimitted BIS/internet of bb phones .. I GUESS the bottom line is.. it is just not made for prepaid phones. kelangan tlaagang naka plan sya. aminin na natin yan. seriously! so goodbye my BB phone…

  22. @marie, sana pag hindi mo naman gagamitin yung BB pang internet inoff mo yung data service para hindi mag connect sa net.. pwede kasing nag coconnect yung ibang apps mo jan sa BB mo kaya ganon… sayang.

  23. I am registered to BB monthly as of last weekend but up to now I have not received any email when I am suppose to coz when I check my emails on my computer I have mails. What do I still need to do so my subscription will not be wasted?

    thank you

  24. Here’s the deal. I recently purchased a White BB Bold 9700 and registered it with the help of someone from Smart Center in Greenhills (LOVED the excellent service rendered by the front-liner named Isay Gonzales whom I was told was just temporarily assigned there) about a month ago for the monthly subscription of the Blackberry service on Smart. I had about Php 500 load over and above the 1200 BB service registration free. I use a postpaid line so I don’t really use the prepaid line to call out. I only got it to try out the BB service and well, to access both Twitter and Facebook. Anyhoo, tonight, whilst in Greenbelt 5, the phone service suddenly went kaput. (This wasn’t the first time it happened and in the past a hard reset – removing the battery solved my problem) I couldn’t make calls, couldn’t check my balance and couldn’t access the net. To my recollection, my subscription should have been valid till the 15th or 16th of this month. Pretty much it was dead. I couldn’t make calls nor could I call in (using my postpaid line) It was very very annoying and disturbing. I do not know why my credits were depleted when I hardly used the line and last time I checked it was still about 300 bucks this afternoon. Now, perusing through this page, (reading every other post, too tedious to read through each one) I realized that I could unknowingly be charged for WAP services. My concern now is, how to I shut that off? Is there a toggle switch wherein which I can turn the WAP service off? I access WIFI at home everyday so I only need the BB service when I step out of the house. Also, how can I check when my subscription expires? I called the hotline and it took me a good 55 minutes (timed it) to get a CSR to attend to my concerns only for her to leave me for a good 5 min and return with this reply (Please call us back at 730 am tomorrow morning because the system is updating and we cannot access your account) Imagine my chagrin when I was told that. The annoyance of having to stay up late just to call the CSR and to be told to have to call back in the morning!? Anyhoo, my phone is now switching between a network called CURE and SMART and I can’t seem to make sense of it. Can someone address my concerns? I am too infuriated to make another call to Smarts CSR. I might just try Globe’s BB service if I am not happy with Smart’s service. I thought that by choosing Smart, I was doing the wiser more economical move. Ironically, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Would appreciate any help with regards to my dilemma. 229899B3 Thanks!

    • Hi! If you want to make use of wifi with peace of mind, turn off mobile network while surfing. Once done, turn it on again. Also, use the hotspot browser and configure it to just run on wifi. I think Opera does the same but you have to check its settings.

  25. paano po ba paganahin ang Ymessenger at facebook sa BB8520?


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