MyMusicStore launched, are you buying?

A local music store was launched earlier tonight in an attempt to combat the growing trend of music piracy in the Philippines. is a collection of over 160,000 hit songs and OPMs with prices starting between Php20 to Php35 a pop.

This is not the first time that a local music store has operated in the Philippines so it is not clear what MyMusicStore will be doing to escape the same fate as the earlier ones.

For one, it’s possible they are riding on the popularity of Apple’s iTunes Store. A Php35 price tag seems a bit cheaper compared to the $0.99 iTunes is selling per song. And though the music store in iTunes isn’t really available for the Philippines, folks can still opt to use the iTunes Prepaid Card. Maybe this is the gap that MyMusicStore is filling up.

Available payment channels include Paypal, credit card, Smart load and soon, Load Central ePins.

I’ve tried registering to the website and it seems to be a bit buggy at the moment — the FB login took several attempts to succeed, payment via Smart load was not completed, my Music Cart suddenly went back to zero and I bumped into a “Cannot connect to Database” error.

Not really a great first time experience for a music buyer.

The site is probably getting a ton of visitors right now. In any case, I’m curious whether this service will succeed in attracting buyers when Filipinos are so used to downloading their music for free (torrents and YouTube anyone?).

So the question remains — will you start buying your music now that there’s a legit channel for it?

You can check it out here.

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  1. 21minutes

    For the sake of the Philippine Music Industry, YES. PLUS, it has kpop songs. I’m already downloading one song ^_^

  2. crackinthewall

    Nope, I’d rather buy the songs I like on iTunes or Bandcamp. For P45 I get more from these stores than I will get from MyMusicStore now. Don’t tell me that I wouldn’t get OPM songs on iTunes because right now, there is only about a dozen new OPM songs worth paying for. It seems they don’t really understand how digital media works.

    1.) Horrible ID3 tags.
    2.) Album art should at least be 500x500pixels
    3.) Re-downloading songs should still be possible after a month, a year, a decade, etc
    4.) Bitrate should at least be VBR 256.

  3. Well, you know Pinoys basta Libre pasok! so I don’t think this will be a hit especially when there are other channels and ways where you can get free music/mp3s.

  4. Nag-try ako bumili pero yung songs, although nasa iTunes Library na, ayaw mag-sync sa iPhone. Any help? please.


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