Huawei E5151 adds LAN port to Pocket WiFi

Huawei’s newest iteration of their pocket WiFi is slightly different from the previous ones. The E5151 comes with a built-in LAN port just in case you want to hook it up to a wired line.

In my previous foreign trips, I would always bring with me a Huawei pocket WiFi and a portable WiFi router (like this one). The pocket WiFi is for a local 3G SIM that I normally use to avoid data roaming charges while the portable WiFi router is the one I use to convert hotel wired internet to wireless.

The Huawei E5151 solves that problem by incorporating a full-sized LAN port into the pocket WiFi. So, when I’m outdoors, I’d use the pocket WiFi function but when I’m in the hotel room, I’d hook it up to the hotel’s wired internet connection.

It’s especially useful since my Asus Zenbook Prime and Macbook Air don’t have built-in LAN ports. It also makes it more convenient when you want to connect all your portable devices like smartphones and tablets all at the same time (some hotel’s WiFi network only allows 1 to 3 devices at the same time for each login credentials).

The E5151 has a removable Li-Ion battery that lasts about 5 hours on a full single charge (uses a micro-USB port for charging via laptop or wall socket). It supports HSPA+ networks and can theoretically reach up to 21.6Mbps downlink speeds.

The device is a bit chunkier than the usual pocket WiFis from Huawei, probably because of the LAN port (92.8×63.5×16.3mm dimension).

It doesn’t have an LED display though unlike the E586 but still has a simple LED service indicators instead. However, you can download the iOS or Android app to allow you to manage the settings and monitor resources like signal, battery life and number of connected devices (in this case, the E5151 supports up to 10).

We still don’t have an idea about pricing and local availability but we’ll update this post once we get info from Huawei Philippines (some online stores peg it at $186). We also have a spare unit here that we’ll be giving away to readers too.

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  1. Migs
    Twitter: leche1982

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be?


  2. I had already a “Virus” and “Trojan”
    So id for this one would be “Worm” I guess.

  3. Erwin Collado

    if i were to name my pocket wifi it will be “Fly with Me”

  4. Jowen Palmaria
    Twitter: riyuwenji

    If I were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, I would choose “WiFiForFree”.

  5. If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID it will be “wifi4every1”

  6. If I were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID,I want Wifi for you!

  7. If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be?
    Answer: The name that i given is “Genius Wifi”

  8. Ruby Salazar Papio
    Twitter: RUSKIMBY

    ”Here You go”

  9. pocket genius :)

  10. rc_kunoichi

    I’d name it: “One (Pocket) Wifi To Rule Them All”. Hahaha. Nerd. :p

  11. acvoiejp12
    Twitter: acvoiejp12

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, it would be “wifi is in my pocket”.

  12. I’d name the pocket Wifi — sam witWeeFee, because “WeeFee” is how I first learned to read the term “WiFi” and I name my gadgets after Transformers characters. This baby will fit right in. Please make me win :)

  13. jhay-ar

    hi! im jhay-ar i need pocket wifi for my andriod tablet coz i dont have one and i need it to share it to my frieds who wants to get free wifi!!

  14. Robert Wong
    Twitter: iamlazyberto

    Hi, anyone can confirm if this pocket wifi works in PS3? or maybe use the ethernet port to plug it in.

  15. Would it be alright to ask how you configured it to be a wifi router in the hotel LAN set.up? I’d really wanna know how to do it and i’m honest enough to admit i’m a bit of a Noob

  16. will it connect automatically to the internet once I hook it up to my PC?

  17. Leo Ilagan

    Does this work with LTE?

  18. Albert
    Twitter: 4GLTEMall

    it’s a good 3g pocket WiFi, i had bought it from

    But i’m waiting for the 4G Pocket WiFi with LAN Port


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