Apple iOS 7 update now out and ready for download

Apple finally released their latest major OS update , the iOS 7. The release represents the most significant cosmetic revamp iOS ever has since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

We rummaged thru our storage to get a hand on an iPhone 5 and run the update very early this morning. The update is supposed to be 752MB (which is already huge) but you will need an extra space of at least 3.1GB in order to install it.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


There were reports that a lot of people are getting error results while downloading the update which prompted them to repeat the process for dozens of time (were were lucky we only did it after 2 tries). If you get lucky, the download will take about 15-20 minutes and another 15 minutes to install it.

To update, in your iOS devices, just go to Settings -> General and select Software Update.

Check out our initial comments about iOS 7 here.

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67 Responses

  1. Avatar for Tariq Tariq says:

    Software update

  2. Avatar for Jhess Jhess says:

    Bat skin press ko ung install ng ios7 namatay tapos lumabas ung logo ng itunes kya d ko na maopen ung ipad mini ko bk pde nyo naman ako matulungan maayos.thnx!

  3. Avatar for Kulasa Kulasa says:

    ios7 looks good. I like the design and everything but what I noticed it made my battery drain so easily and faster than before upgrading to ios7. Plus, the slow motion when you tap button or keypad, this cant help you when you’re typing in a hurry mode or let say during emergencies. Hope Apple can fix this.

  4. Avatar for fandroid fandroid says:

    ang advice sa mga mabilis ma lowbat:
    1. off background app refres
    2. off location based oafs, popular near me, traffic, setting time zone
    3. off location services
    4 Off airdrop
    5. reduce background 3 d motion

  5. Avatar for li li says:

    bat walang radio?

  6. Avatar for Milhouse Milhouse says:

    Lag problems reported in iPads. Hmm.

    Will not update for now,

  7. Avatar for bebz bebz says:

    ahhmm ask lang anu po ba features ng ios7? nagkamali yTA ako na dinownload ko.. base sa nabasa ko..kadisappoint nman.. kakastart ko palang ng mgdownload..

  8. Avatar for IOS7 IOS7 says:

    Filters for camera and square shots are now available for the iPad 2! BOOM!
    First impressions:
    Performance: 8/10
    Design emphasis: 9/10
    Panalo ka talaga Jony Ive!!!

  9. Avatar for ggg ggg says:

    anyways.. uhm napansin nio po ba na sa iphones/ipod-touch, ipad 4 at mini lang meron yung “BLUR + TRANSPARENCY” effects..

    did a research at ang sabi sa Beta 4 meron daw nun sa lahat ng pwedeng mag-upgrade to iOS 7.. ouch naman na tinanggal nila un sa ipad 2 & 3.. parang windows 8 tuloy ung feel dahil “less transparency” lang yung meron…

    asan na ung design aesthetic na sinabi nila. :( sana i-consider nila at i-fix sa next updates.

  10. Avatar for Napadaan lang... Napadaan lang... says:

    May IOS 7 na, next na aabangan ng mga fanboy or inde man fanboy na may apple product ay ung Jailbreak for IOS 7, hehehehehe

    Abuzalzal, share mo naman ung thoughts mo sa IOS 7.

  11. Avatar for amasono amasono says:

    bakit basta may major update ang apple o kahit anumang article na related sa apple, kitang kita mo ang bitternes ng mga fandroids sa mga comments nila.

    pero pag related sa android ang article, di naman yata bitter ang mga apple fans. tahimik lang sila.


    sa mga fans pa lang, kitang kita mo na ang malaking pagkakaiba. Makikita mo talaga kung anong klaseng nilalang sila, at least kung ibabase sa mga posts nila.

    ibig bang sabihin nun, broad-minded and/or well educated lang talaga ang mga apple fans?

    nagtatanong lang… :D

    • Avatar for anokamo anokamo says:

      Bitter din yang mga iTards. Kaya lang tahimik kasi tanga at hindi makapagsalita ng maayos.

    • Avatar for FanBoy FanBoy says:

      Let’s put it this way, android fans will be android fans, Apple fans will be Apple fans. There there are hardcore Android users, the same goes for Apple. We’re entitled to our opinions and comments, those who prefer to keep silent doesn’t mean they’re more educated. These facts will remain, regardless.

      In my personal opinion, Android users are more opinionated because Android is an open OS.

      And food for thought, iOS and Android trace their roots to Unix. While Android is allowed installation on non-Android, Apple/iOS is not.

      Baka nosebleed ka, copy paste mo sa google translate :p

    • Avatar for amasona amasona says:



      Ayaw ko sa google translate eh, gusto ko sa bing translate.


      sige lang, i-justify mo pa! :D

      sabi nga..

      “ang tubig kapag matining, arukin mo at malalim. pero kapag ito ay maingay, arukin mo at mababaw”

      sang-ayon? o agree?

    • Avatar for amasono amasono says:

      tanga daw oh, di masyado halata na tanga ka sa style ng pagpost mo, weeeeh?!

      sabagay, galit daw ang tanga sa kapwa nya tanga. haha!

      sige lang, todo depensa lang.. karapatan mo yan!

      “ang tubig kapag matining, arukin mo at malamim. pero kapag ito ay maingay, arukin mo at mababaw”

      Sapol ba?
      Ilag ilang din kahit walang time. :D

    • Avatar for FanBoy FanBoy says:

      Ay, hindi na gets. lol :p

  12. Avatar for FanBoy FanBoy says:

    lol. highblood much? eto pa para ma highblood ka. isipin mo kaya, gaano kadami ang nag update to ios 7? hindi kaya yan ang dahilan? madaming dahilan kung bakit mabagal/makupad ang pag download ng ios 7 :) pag may ios 7 na yung iphone 5 mo, este, hindi nga pala sa iyo kungdi sa gf mo, post mo kung ano masabi mo :)

    • Avatar for apple crap apple crap says:

      FanBoy, apple experience nga apple sucks, try again pa rin ang download until 4am. Ng madownload ko two hours sa bagal. Sa bb10 at android 4.2.2 wla pa 5 minutes, dowload to reboot-full re start, new os na. FYI gumagamit ako apple, but sorry, if one is accustomed using sports car, you find a sarao jeepney just plain christmas tree with nothing to brag about. Apple iphone is sarao jeepney for me. Sorry.

      Boybakat, I live in valle verde. Lte ang broadband ko.

      Just sharing my angst. Dont get offended apple fans, you god is your god. I would not mind it.

      To me, a cellphone is just a cellphone regardless of brand. If I want to play games, I could always use my playstation or my qosmio hooked in 3d toshiba flat panel and pioneer elite dolby home theater.

      I also use ipad and mac air for plain browsing the net. But I prefer my vaio pro for more demanding internet odd jobs, and my tablet z for ebook reading. Ok.

    • Avatar for Mr. Curious Mr. Curious says:

      Nakakatawa naman talaga tong mga android users. Tinatawanan niyo na nag ooverload ung apple server sa mga nag uupdate sa ios7? Eh malamang hindi niyo naranasan un. hindi naman kasi nagkaka OTA,
      kung meron man isang beses niyo lang mararamdaman un. swerti pa kayo sa lagay na iyon.

    • Avatar for FanBoy FanBoy says:

      “To me, a cellphone is just a cellphone regardless of brand.” – I agree with you on this :)

      “Eh malamang hindi niyo naranasan un. hindi naman kasi nagkaka OTA, kung meron man isang beses niyo lang mararamdaman un. swerti pa kayo sa lagay na iyon.” – Ay, okay. Sabi mo eh. lol. Obviously wala ka alam sa Android, wala kwenta, pointless kung makipag talo/discusyon/makipag ano ano pa sa iyo :p

  13. Avatar for apple crap apple crap says:

    Hay naku po, maglit n lhat ng fan-ass dian but ngayun niu patunyan n may class ang dios ninyo. Asar n sa kupad at laging try again ng ios7 download. Kundi lang gf nagrekwes, binato ko na crapple5. Kya lng mhal ang sony na pamalit so timpi timpi muna. at least etong crapple5 mura lng sa grinhills. Lol. IOS7 stands for iphone over sucks 7 times! Buwahahaha. Tyak ang server nla intel atom buwahaha at ang os nila stands for apple over shit.
    Umusok na kayo sa galit but crap tlaga dios niu, IOS7 iphone over slow 7 zillion times buwahaha. Buwahahaha kelan kya matpos downlods nito, sa ika 7 siglo pa. Buwahahaha. Crapple. 700mghz lng ata efektib takbo nito at 700mb lng ata efektib ram, kya update nila IOS7 to reflect the truth buwahahahah.

    • Avatar for Boybakat Boybakat says:

      Kakaupgrade ko lang kanina ng ip5 ko nag start ako around 8pm at alam ko busy hour to. Wala pang 1 hour ios7 na. Try mo din po mag upgrade muna ng internet o kaya lipat po kayo sa syudad kung saan my masmagandang internet bago po bumili ng pamalit na phone.

  14. Avatar for sir jacko sir jacko says:

    holy crap, jony! What did you do to my ipad!!!
    Ipad users, are you having the same lagdroid experience that im currently f’ing going through??? Just open photos and pook at the scroll stuttering!!! Close any app using gestures, wtf happened apple? Ivey boy im gonna smack this ios7 pad up your arse!!!

    Fix this!!!

  15. Avatar for sir jacko sir jacko says:

    Wtf, apple??? My ipad 4 became a lagdroid after the update! How can i downgrade? Lag go away!!!! :(

  16. Avatar for BigBert BigBert says:

    magiging Nokia ang Samsung sa future! man-gagaya lang kasi. Apple innovates! Samsung Copy & Paste!

  17. Avatar for Steve Steve says:

    Galing ng Apple! Panalo nanaman! Shame on you Shamesung!

  18. Avatar for Name: mansanaz Name: mansanaz says:

    Kapag nag-restore ba sa iphone, bumabalik ba ang mga messages (sms)? Thanks

  19. Avatar for Tang I.N. Yu Tang I.N. Yu says:

    Eto ang sinasabing apple experience yeahh! Kahapon pa ako nag try up date itong lumang iphone5 ko, but apple experience nga talaga, up, down, up, down, tulog muna baka sakali pag gising nadownload na sus, up down, up, down. Apple experience talaga, yeahh dude!
    Sa lumang blackqwerty10 ko pg nag update ng os automatic, nagtimpla lang ako ng kape, 2 minutes, pagbalik ko nag reboot na ayos na.
    Sa lumang Zonydroid ko, jingle lang ako, 2 minutes, ahh sarapp jingle, ahhh, pagbalik ko welcome screen na.
    Dito sa lumang iphone5 sarap na ng tulog ko, sarap pa kain ko ng almusal, pagtingin ko apple experience pa rin, up down up down try again try again hayysss. Bukas sa kaibigan na kita, bentang frend bwisit kang apple ka cheap crap slow lag shit sucks fuck.
    Z1onydroid kitkat humanda k, magging akin ka from singapore

    • Avatar for Boyboy Boyboy says:

      Baka di ka marunong mag compare ng mga size ng mga updates. Ang ios 7 is a version update at hindi version patch

    • Avatar for PingkLason PingkLason says:

      Sir tutal naman eh crappy ang apple sabi mo, ibenta mo na lang yang iphone 5 mo saken ng 5k..madami ka narin naman gadgets, di mo na kelangan yang apple..hehe!

    • Avatar for Anti Abnoy Anti Abnoy says:

      Boy ka nga talaga, boboy. Ang update ng android from ics to jelly ay new os version, sa jelly bean, updates from 1 to 2 hindi rin patch, new os version,ang bb10 from 1 to 2 ay new os version din, tig isang gigabytes more or less normally halos mga iyan. Ang patch, ay ganito, samsung, may prob sa touchwiz nia inupdate un ang patch. New os version is new os hindi patch. Ok nakuha mo na boy. Magdilig ka nalang ng halaman at magwalis walis. Boy ka lang eh nakabili kalang ng chery mobile na second hand akala mo nman nakatapos ka na ng grade one. Tsuppiiiii

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