Apple iPad Review

Apple iPad Review

After about a week of heavy use of the Apple iPad, I’ve gotten down to familiarize myself with Steve’s new toy. Check out my personal review of the iPad after the jump.

I insisted on writing this entire review on the iPad to see if I can crack it. I used Notes to write the text as the WordPress Dashboard has some limitations with the Safari browsing not fully rendering iframes.

The photos though were transferred from my dSLR, edited and uploaded to Picasa Web using a PC. Now that the photos are in the cloud, I can include them in the post by linking to them. This part is impossible to do on the iPad.

This exercise gave me a better perspective on how the iPad performs and is instrumental for coming up with my final thoughts and conclusion for the review.

Design and Construction

For a first-generation tablet from Apple, the iPad is surprisingly thin and light. The body is completely made of solid aluminum that encases a thick solid piece of glass. Simplicity and minimalist approach has been Apple’s signature and the iPad offers just that.

Aside from the lonesome Home button at the bottom of the display, the power button is positioned on top, the volume rocker on the right side along with the screen orientation lock. The toggle allows you to lock the screen to a specific orientation so the display doesn’t rotate when you’re lying down (like on a couch or in bed). The built-in speakers are also found on the bottom while the 3.5mm headphone jack is on top.

The design is pretty solid and the device is so thin it rivals even the thinnest smartphones out there. Being lightweight and thin is key to the portability of the device. It makes it more comfortable to hold with one hand for prolonged periods of time.

Display and Touchscreen

Size does matter and the iPad’s form factor offers a great combination between portability and mobile computing. The screen size is perfect for watching movies, viewing photos and reading text or browsing at a comfortable distance minus the crouching or squinting most people do with an iPhone, iPod Touch or any smartphone. This allows for prolonged use of the device without straining the eyes too much.

Those familiar with the display of the iPhone and the iPod Touch will be pleasantly surprised with the screen of the iPad. It’s not the best display I’ve seen (Super AMOLED display is still very expensive at this size) but the graphics are crisp and bright. The wide black bezel allows enough space for hand-holding the tablet without blocking the screen.

Of course, as with most shiny glass display, the screen is practically useless in the outdoors, under the sun or against a bright light source. This could be one of the biggest reasons why Kindle users will not give up their e-readers in exchange of the iPad.

The virtual keyboard is sized and spaced generously that allows for comfortable typing. I reckon I am able to do 30 – 40 words per minute with it. Not bad considering I’m no touch-typist.

Performance and Battery Life


The 1.0GHz A4 chip may not be the fastest processor around if you compared it to the ones running most netbooks these days but since the iPad runs on the iPhone OS, the system performs really well.

I think Apple did the right move of using the iPhone OS instead of the Mac OS. One can only imagine how the iPad will perform with OS X considering the processor used and the amount of memory on-board. Besides, how else can Apple make more money from its iTunes ecosystem?

As for battery life, the iPad scored high marks for making it close to the promised 10 hours on a single charge. I didn’t have the luxury of sitting down for 10 straight hours to monitor the battery but I am able to clock in about 9+ hours in aggregate use in the course of a day (I’d already consider it an all-day computing device). On casual use, the iPad lasts about 2 and a half days before it completely discharges. The sleep mode really helps in conserving battery.

The Apps

The iPad-specific apps are just amazing as they maximize the screen real estate. Again, size does matter. One may not see the stark difference if you’re coming from a netbook perspective for those coming from the iPod Touch or iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) point-of-view, it’s a huge improvement.

As I write this review, iPad-specific apps are still very few and number only in the hundreds. However, Apple says all of the 185,000 iPhone apps on the App Store can also be installed and used on the iPad (there could be a few that’s not completely compatible though).

More iPad apps are being developed but for the meantime, the iPhone apps can still fill the entire screen using a zoom-in function (the 2x zoom does make the graphics more pixelated).

My biggest beef so far is that iPad apps are way more expensive than the regular iPhone apps. Don’t really understand the logic behind that.


There’s been a huge debate on whether the iPad can replace the netbook. I’d blame Steve Jobs for openly challenging the netbook market and touting the iPad as the better alternative to mobile computing.

But, can the iPad really replace the netbook? My quick answer is a big, loud No; and a faint yes.

No. The iPad cannot do everything a netbook can. Forget about video chat, photo/video editing, or even playing FarmVille. Moreso if you’re heavily oriented on a Windows machine and dependent on specific tools and applications. Some apps may offer functions of productivity tools but are quite limited.

Yes. If your netbook usage pattern is strictly consumptive (i.e. surfing, chatting, email, social networking) then the iPad can easily replace the netbook for those tasks. In some instances, the iPad might even offer a better user experience over the latter (like reading for hours on end).

The iPad is an internet appliance, closer to a toy than a personal computer — it’s got limited features but does what it intended to do very nicely. Some people will hate it, others will love it. And that’s just how the iPad rolls.

Note: I re-wrote 80% of this review on my trusty netbook after finishing the first draft on the iPad. Got into trouble with “cut & paste” and lost almost everything I wrote using the iPad.

And to those asking where/how I got the iPad, check out this store.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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130 Responses

  1. durantula says:

    Thanks for the review Abe. I too don’t think this iPad could replace the netbook. Well cguro for now, hindi pa since applications are limited with it. :)

  2. Enteng says:

    Cool!!! wish i could have one.

  3. Rommel A. says:

    Will hold on to my Asus EEE PC netbook..IPad is still developing and expensive..

  4. Rico says:

    Great review Abe! With regards to the netbook vs iPad issue, I really think the iPad is the ideal candidate to replace, not netbooks, but the netbook’s intended purpose which is on the go “net” surfing. Funny enough, netbooks will be replaced by, notebooks. Then the iPad and other tablet devices will fill the void.

  5. jd.Obedoza says:

    master yuga, bakit naman hindi mo pa isinama ung ulo nung girl na may hawak ng iPad? :)

  6. Vic says:

    Nice review as usual… I agree, iPad may not replace netbooks, not in the immediate future. BUT, with development, it might just! Question: how about the issue Israel had with regard RF interference, did anyone in your vicinity complain of such?

    I’ll wait for future generations of the device before I get one. By that time, apps will be substantial and Apple may be able to correct bugs. At the moment, back to my good old MacBook black! :-)

  7. Darren says:

    thanks YUGA!!!

  8. daddy joey says:

    dalhin mo naman pagmeet natin. hehe!

  9. jtreyes says:

    isn’t the ipad bandwidth hungry as reported by the universities in the US?

  10. Calvin says:

    i think ipad is as bandwidth hungry as an ipod touch.

    anyway, masasabi ko lang, maganda ang ipad for comics!!! get the iComic app Abe so you can read all those cbr files.

  11. markmarcelo0210 says:

    I HATE APPLE PRODUCTS!!! Its competitors are still far more better than them. Like the iPhone I think Google Nexus One is better. The Macbook, I think Sony Vaio, Acer Aspire or Asus laptops are better. With this iPad naman, I would rather wait for HP’s version of iPad. That will be better.

    Ibagsak ang Apple!

  12. Jay says:

    i love apple.

  13. Kiko says:

    I cant believe that you forgot to mention that this overpriced and overhyped product from apple does not support flash.
    Apple fanboys always say that html5 is the future and not flash, but what about the present where flash is still dominant? This version of the ipad will be obsolete by the time html5 catches up to flash.

  14. snpklsdmbldr says:

    sir yuga, you might want to make a post about Dell’s new Android and Windows Mobile 7 phones. all of them are sexy and specs loaded! The Dell SMOKE, Dell FLASH, Dell LIGHTNING and Dell THUNDER!

  15. yuga says:

    @kiko – please refer to the part where I said you can’t play Farmville on this device.

  16. pabs says:

    my conclusion is, ipad is not for me…

  17. Kiko says:

    @sir yuga
    no disrespect sir yuga but it would have been better if you had elaborated more about the lack of flash since you mentioned that the ipad can easily replace a netbook with regards to surfing. :)

  18. Rich558 says:


    The Ipad’s WiFi problems have been well documented and were even admitted by Apple itself. It has been attributed to the use of the solid aluminum backing which blocks the signal. Did you encounter the same WiFi problems like a weak wifi signal and the inability to re-connect after going to sleep?

  19. yuga says:

    @kiko – can replace, but not “easily”. As for the lack of Flash support, this is not Apple’s first device to not support Flash. The iPad is probably the 7th internet device from Apple (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G & 3G) that does not support Flash so I thought the issue has been discussed heavily since the first days of the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

    @rich558 – interestingly, I have not had any problems with WiFi. I have already tested 2 iPads and so far, didn’t notice the problem.

  20. deuts says:

    Visited the link to Meron na pala ngaun brand na Yugatech Verified. Ayos ah – dun sa website. LOL

  21. Adrian says:

    Apple Rules talaga.

  22. jab says:

    great review abe… i’m thinking of doing one myself when i get one… hopefully…

  23. chrysanSID says:

    great review po. i was a bit shocked coz the price is not that high. tama lang. and yes, you are right there are certain things that iPad can’t do yet. I also was able to watch at CNN their review about it….pareho lang ng na-mnetion nyo Sir Yuga. since this is the 1st of a kind the Apple has done, i’m pretty sure steve jobs will come up with a new version of it in a couple of months with much more feature! :)

  24. yes, that’s what’s nice and bad about apple. they try to dictate what to and what not when it comes to their products.

    I guess that’s apple for you! :)

  25. Magneto says:

    Excellent review walang pagka-bias, malinis at solid ang pagkakasulat- Nice one sir Abe!:D Nagustuhan ko yung part with iPad as Internet appliance..pwede! or pwede ring family entertainment device, great pooping device sabi sa Digg, cooking device (as cookbook), HD private Pron and or electronic board game (example: Scrabble, Chess apps).

    Mahusay ang iPad talaga kahit 1st Generation pa lang -solid na yung mga features (software and hardware) niya. Yung mga na omit na features eh talaga namang wala yun by design standard –ng apple(adobe flash, usb etc) hehe and the rest of the features eh nasa competitors na para me matira naman sa kanila. Ang tagal kasi ng HP Slate, Courier, WePad, Dell Mini (Streak) Notion Ink Adam at iba pang tablet devices.

    Kung walang Farmville sa iPad meron naman siyang free apps na We Rule-parang pinagsamang Farmvile at The Sims to (nakaka adik din hehe) im playing it now with my Ipad Nano…

  26. HappyAbella says:

    Amazing talaga ang Apple. I want one too!!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  27. Rom says:

    Btw, how can this IPad can connect to the internet using USB? It has no USB port.
    Sir Yuga? Anyone?

  28. John Carl says:

    Sir Yuga, I reviewed the tech specs of the iPad and read that it has a micro-SIM slot. Is there any way that I can use the normal SIM, i.e. my Sun Broadband SIM (the one from the dongle), with the iPad?

    Sayang naman kasi kung hindi ako makakapag-internet sa isang portable device here sa Pinas.

  29. When is this coming out again?

  30. Kimwell says:

    Thanks for reviewing the iPad and I really envy you for getting your hands on apple’s latest gadget. Heheheh..As of now the iPad has indeed some limitations but who knows? Maybe the iPad 2G will have multi-tasking as well as some other nifty features.

  31. Sir Yuga, what’s the price range of this Apple iPad?

    I’m interested with the price, but as i read its features as mentioned in your review, this gadget is not for me coz i’m into photo editing, video editing, and online games.

  32. adam says:

    It doesn’t look handy though its thin. I would still prefer netbook or laptop than IPAD probably people would buy that one only if they have extra cash.

  33. Efren Sy says:

    Thank you Yugatech for Sharing us2ph!

  34. Victoria says:

    Status symbol… pamporma lang talaga! Not that functional. Even if it’s not expensive, I’ll stick to my netbook.

  35. Alain says:

    Hi i’m selling iPad 16GB Wifi for only 34k! contact me if you want one. 09223978853

  36. Efren Sy says:

    mahal yun ng 2k ha

  37. ipadgeeko says:

    my cousin bought one but when I tried it, it’s quite not that good. With our bandwidth here in the Philippines, online videos could be tough with ipad.

  38. Efren Sy says:

    has anyone tried the 3G model of the iPad?
    yung totoo ha

  39. some said, this Ipad is pamporma lang talaga, maybe i should buy if i have eexxxxtrrraaa cash in my pocket. For now, i will prioritize the things that i needed most.

  40. Pat says:

    Nice thorough review, Yuga. Keep up the good work!

  41. Wreek says:

    Just got my ipad for my birthday got it jailbreak and its so magnificent! The sound is awesome.

  42. Doc Harry says:

    I wonder where to get that camera connection kit. And does anybody have any recos for BT keyboards available locally?

  43. Blu3martini says:

    Pang Ebook/HD videos lang yata yan.

    Wouldn’t bother to get one since limited ang features.
    I enjoyed watching a video of it with a blender though.

  44. Efren Sy says:

    Dami palang iPad haters dito
    kawawa naman

  45. @ Wreek – Congratulations did you get the Wifi or 3G version


    Jailbreak iPad is really cool

    go get the voice command working already!!!

  46. Wreek says:

    I got the wifi version! 3 g is not accepted by our local network so its useless. Once you got to hold the ipad you wont be able to put it down. I eat withit sleep with it . Its a bigman toy!

  47. actually thats not true, a friend of mine got his iPad 3G working over smart and globe networks

    that is why we order the 3G models coming this June 8 via us2ph

    shout out to yuga for the share of info

    wifi is still good, 3G just offers mobility..

    Thanks for the share to Wreek

    go iPad!!! :)

  48. I will be posting the Photos and Videos of the iPad 3G when it arrives on my multiply site
    also the video for the smart sim card working on the iPad 3G
    Jailbreak + Voice Control for the iPad

    Stay tuned.. for updates

  49. Wreek says:

    Anyway i got smartphones that are 3g and i dont use it because they are slow sm and robinsons mall are wifi zone already so are schools restaurant fastfoods , i dont brows or check my email on the street i got blackberry to do that. I got trauma on my iphone 3gs for charging me huge amount after using that 3g. Wifi is free.

  50. Wreek says:

    By the way my grandmother likes the piano apps on my ipad coz it looks and sound like a piano. She keeps borrowing my ipad every now and then just to play the piano,

  51. you can use both of this services for globe or smart
    50/unlisurf per day
    hope this helps

  52. Wreek says:

    After using my ipad for almost a week now, parang hindi nako sanay mag internet, email o games sa iphones its so small for me now, i only use it for call and text. IPAD is truly amazing!

  53. Christian says:

    It looks extremely good but the functionalities it offers is really bad.

  54. Efren Sy says:

    Inggit kami mahal ng iPad

  55. Efren Sy says:

    wishing upon a star na may mag regalo ng iPad 3G sa amin kahit 2 unit lang pwede na!

  56. Mau says:

    Sir yuga, is there a chance na magka Samsung Galaxy Tab tayo dito sa Philippine Market? I saw it at and in my opinion its an ipad killer.

  57. Efren Sy says:

    oh my there is already a hired killer for apples new toy
    di na kami kukuha papatayin lang pala

  58. pels_17 says:

    very informative review..thanks yuga

  59. Efren Sy says:

    I stand corrected, it’s better to get iPad units at black markets here. currently there are several stores at GreenHills theatermall or Bridgeway that offers iPad Wifi and iPad 3G ready to buy from their stores at reasonable prices.
    Please don’t follow me. I ordered 2 units of iPad 3G last May 14, 2010., the 2-3 weeks waiting time as you can count is no longer in effect. It is almost a month now, and guess what I still don’t have my iPad 3G. Don’t order at us2ph service sucks!
    Based on my experience. Dissappointed.
    Update: Customs are still holding the container of us2ph. Still indefinite if I will get my items that I ordered and PREPAID this week.

    So for iPad wifi or 3G aspiring owners out there go ahead go to GH or other black market get your there
    its better.

  60. wreek888 says:

    you are right mr sy,i bought mine at greenhills and have it jailbreak there with free apps, music, HD movies but i heard they are having some sort of supply shortage due to increase of demand and also supply shortage of ipad in the states

  61. Rom says:

    how much is it?

  62. Efren Sy says:

    After the long wait and little problems this week

    I have already received my iPad 3G units.

    I Jailbroken it myself plus install cydia

    Apps already synced. I have already tested a local network 3G provider. Sim Cut, then input a couple of settings in the APN for it to work.

    so the iPad 3G is already up and running.

    Screen protectors and Casing, We bought the generic ones. Quality is good. Saves Cost.

  63. Efren Sy says:

    iPad 3G has already arrived at long last.

    Jailbroken it yesterday with cydia already and all apps sync

    Voice control is added and screen protector with case bought at GH

    Micro sim up and running

    Can’t mention the network provider no free advertisements here

    APN settings to have the 3G running.

    * Unlisurf can run for the 2 major networks.

  64. Efren Sy says:

    @David Miguel – wow your prices are even lower than that of Apple RetAil Stores.

  65. Dianne Gullas says:

    if you buy an ipad wifi + 3g in the states, will i be able to use globe’s micro-sim here to surf the web thru 3g?

  66. remy tanco says:

    sir yuga, if i will buy and ipad in the states, could i still use globe and smart micro sims? and is there any advantage if i will buy it from the states compared to any blackmarket here in phil…

  67. Efren Sy says:

    iPad 3G questions:


    I bought my iPad sa US

    iPad 3G

    I am currently using Smart Micro Sim

    Globe and Sun Cellular Micro Sims can also work

    You just have to configure the Simcard 3G feature

    Then complete APN settings info in the iPad 3G unit

    yes it will work just fine.

    You can also use any network UNLISURF promos

    SmartBro or Globe Tattoo Broadband sim will also work

    I hope these answers will help you

    If you got the spare money to buy the units here its ok.

    If you have relatives from the US going home it will be cheaper to buy from the US and have it hand carried to avoid taxes here.

    GH stores will sell around 5k higher more or less

  68. remy tanco says:

    okey thank you mr. sy..

  69. remy tanco says:

    mr sy.. how much did it cost you to buy a 64g ipad 3g? and does the quality matters if it was bought from the states or phil

  70. Efren Sy says:

    i can assist you

    my number is posted at my site

    click on my avatar

    my contact number is there


  71. Efren Sy says:

    US purchase:

    You have to wait for availability around 4-6 weeks

    Local Purchase:

    You get the unit immediately but it may cost more around 5K pesos or more depending on the model.

  72. Efren Sy says:

    and another thing about US purchase it’s prepaid in full.

    the local stores here at GH offers 1 year free app download but your unit will also be jailbroken for free.

    plus free movie and song downloads but the cost the unit wifi or 3G models are higher than the USp purchase,

    I chose the US purchase which cost me a little cheaper but very stressful.

    And I already knew how to modify my sim to a microsim also the settings you need for it to work.

    if you have any questions please visit my site by clicking my avatar here. my numbers are there

  73. remy tanco says:

    that’s very kind of you..tnx sir

  74. Efren Sy says:

    Go Local its more stress free. Plus just bring your money and you’ll get your iPad 3G already
    just check availability.

    Around 50+ for the 64gb at GH local stores

    Supplies are minimal

  75. No. 9 Dreamer says:

    I beg to differ, iPad is better than netbook, I stopped using my netbook since I got hold of my iPad.

  76. remy tanco says:

    maybe i’ll opt for local it would be ready to use na…hmmm..tnx po tlga…

  77. Efren Sy says:

    Netbook yes I think the iPad is better if for mobile internet browsing and other stuff mobile especially the 3G models

    If your gonna use it for heavy office work and media download. Get a Laptop not a netbook. Macbook Pro combine with iPad 3G

    Sige sir remy update us how much you got your 64gb iPad 3G

  78. Efren Sy says:


    Apple iPad 3G sold at GH yesterday 32gb 47,500 pesos
    If you want it jailbroken with apps, you have to pay 800

    other store sells them higher with package of 1yr apps download and movies + music download.

    Happy Hunting!!!

  79. mr. bogus says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm ipad ay pang internet suring lang!!!! this ipad CANNOT REPLACE THE LAPTOPS… alam naman natin pag meron ka apple gadgets specially sa pilipinas ay pang porma lang.. mukha ka lang mabango sa mga nakakakita, pasosyal etc… mga pilipino kasi makapagyabang lang kahit di alam ang features ng gadget… im only practical.. id rather to buy a wifi phone for internet surfing..

  80. Efren Sy says:

    @mr. bogus – you are open to your own opinion or preferences on gadgets or things to buy. That is your freedom, no one is dictating you to buy this to buy that.

    You are entitled to your own opinion about Apple products.
    I would like to contradict your statement that Filipinos are morons and does not know how to use Apple products!

    Praticality? use a desktop or netbook its cheaper plus you can browse all sites.

    I’m a Filipino, I bought the iPad 3G, I research about its features and I am happy to say I know how to use it with all its potential. I am not forcing you to buy this product or any Apple product. But please refrain from calling Filipinos Morons, I beg to disagree!

  81. Efren Sy says:

    David Miguel of UK

    Beware of this Man, I did an investigation.
    Selling 64gb iPad 3G coming from UK for $700 way below the price of Apple US.

    Check out Apple UK
    price of 64gb Apple iPad 3G is £699.00

    which in peso is 44K without taxes yet

    Don’t be fooled. Scammer ito.

    I have his email message I will be glad to post it here if you want to see.

  82. Efren Sy says:


    Operator: – Globe
    GPRS APN: –
    Username: – globe
    Password: – globe
    DNS: –,

    Operator: – Smart
    GPRS APN: – internet
    Username: – {blank}
    Password: – {blank}
    DNS: –,

    These APN Settings will work for Globe Prepaid and Postpaid Sims.
    All Smart sims also, I currently am using smartbro prepaid sim.
    works great

  83. Efren Sy says:


    Operator  GPRS APN  Username  Password  Optional Settings
    Globe  globe  globe  DNS:,
    Smart  internet  [blank]   [blank]   DNS:,
    Sun Cellular  minternet  [blank]   [blank]   [blank]Â

  84. neil says:

    i have an apple ipad wifi ready but I dont know how to get connected to wifi. please help. thanks

  85. Mark says:

    Settings, wifi, on, search for wifi hotspot, then connect by clicking,

  86. denzy says:

    available na ngayung july 23 yung ipad sa HK at Singapore, 728SG ang starting niya.. around 24Kplus s Peso.. it means ba na bababa narin ang price ng mga binebenta dito na unit?

  87. joan says:

    “Note: I re-wrote 80% of this review on my trusty netbook after finishing the first draft on the iPad. Got into trouble with “cut & paste” and lost almost everything I wrote using the iPad.”

    – simply user error

    @ markmarcelo0210 replied on Apr 22nd, 2010 at 4:19 pm (11)

    “I HATE APPLE PRODUCTS!!! Its competitors are still far more better than them. Like the iPhone I think Google Nexus One is better. The Macbook, I think Sony Vaio, Acer Aspire or Asus laptops are better. With this iPad naman, I would rather wait for HP’s version of iPad. That will be better.

    Ibagsak ang Apple!”

    – sour graping… you just can’t afford it…

    @ Efren Sy:

    “I’m a Filipino, I bought the iPad 3G, I research about its features and I am happy to say I know how to use it with all its potential. I am not forcing you to buy this product or any Apple product. But please refrain from calling Filipinos Morons, I beg to disagree!”

    – KUDOS!

  88. adam says:

    Guys check nyo din ito. Baka meron lang interested. Nakita ko lang ito sa facebook.
    IPAD China Made

  89. leeto says:

    tayo mga Pinoy mahilig sumunod sa uso, pa-sosyal kahit gutom, brand-conscious kahit di practical. kaya di tayo umaasenso, di tulad ng mga Chinese palugaw-lugaw lang pero ma-pera

  90. Sonicvipz says:

    magkano na ba ang ipad ngayon here in the philippines? 16gb wifi to 64gb 3g + wifi? and where can we buy? sa mac center any idea when will it be available?

  91. yescrank67 says:

    an apple fanboy will surely use an iPad to replace a much cheaper and useful netbook…

  92. maddog says:

    to Efren Sy, kindly detailed on how to change the APN, I cant find the DNS and GPRS setting on the IPAD. I bought this one in the USA with an AT&T sim.


  93. Juan Megi says:

    i bought mine in Hong Kong at IWorld at ISQUARE along Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui @ HK$6,488 as advertise, also at Tower shops…luckily i got 1 right after the Luneta incident…hahaha…kasi pila, pahirapan bago makabili. mine is 64Gig, Wifi and 3G na…before im just thinking its pamporma…but if you have the money…try to get one and for sure you’ll like it….actually i can access my mails easily with using Smartbro microsim…nice!…sad thing is…you have to buy apps…using your credit card…but no worries, just buy what you need…a lot of free apps naman…kung tipid ka…

  94. Juan Megi says:

    i bought mine in Hong Kong at IWorld at ISQUARE along Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui @ HK$6,488 as advertised on web, also at Tower shops…luckily i got 1 right after the Luneta incident…hahaha…kasi pila, pahirapan bago makabili. mine is 64Gig, Wifi and 3G na…before im just thinking its pamporma…but if you have the money…try to get one and for sure you’ll like it….actually i can access my mails easily with using Smartbro microsim…nice!…sad thing is…you have to buy apps…using your credit card…but no worries, just buy what you need…a lot of free apps naman…kung tipid ka…

  95. Maddog says:

    Hi juanmegi,

    Where did u get the smartbro microsim? Is. It available at malls?


  96. manu says:

    go to greenhills shopping center.. they cut your regular sim to micro

    credit rating repair

  97. Chanteuse says:

    Hello. I am a lounge singer, and I just want your opinion. I lug around a very heavy songbook, and it will become even heavier because I keep adding songs every week. I just want to know which is better for me — an iPad or a netbook? Basically, I need something that can help me view lyrics while I sing. Is the netbook good enough for this function?

  98. confused person says:

    do you know how much is the present price of a 64GB wifi only? I inquired at greenhills that a 16GB, wifi + 3G costs 28,800.

  99. Rogelio Bareng says:

    I just bought an i pad for my wife from apple, but needless to say walang camera, cell phone at flash player, magandang gamitin sa internet.

  100. Carlo says:

    How much is the cheapest iPad 32GB WIFI+3G, and where to buy (store)? I want one as a X-Mas present for myself hehehe.

  101. Carlo says:

    How much is the cheapest iPad 32GB WIFI+3G, and where to buy (store)? I want one as a X-Mas present for myself hehehe.c

  102. Edwin C says:

    Yuga, good review. Hinde ako familiar sa mga tablet na computer. Ang tanong ko lang, Sir Yuga, kung sa mga tablet ba na katulad nito makakagawa ka ba ng torrent download? Kasi sa laptop ko nakaka-download ako ng mga games para sa PSP at NDS ko. Sa Apple iPad puede ba ito?

  103. jay says:

    hOw muCh is that??

  104. Cathy De Guia says:

    iPad is now a hit.. many peole have that stuff and many people want to have one.. madami na nga ding promos for an iPad eh.. like the one i saw on the jobsDB site.. you can join if you want an iPad or a black berry phone.. here’s how:
    i think in few more years, iPad can replace the laptops and PCs.. it’s more convenient and easy to carry… but i know its too sensitive because of it’s a touch pad.. but still being trendy is not bad, right??

  105. nice comparison between ipad and netbook. also nice features. Siguro mag hihintay na lng akong mag mura yong ipad bago ako bumili nyan :D but i prefer macbook because its specifications are way much much powerful than of ipad :) If you have the time please visit my website. It is good day ya’ll

  106. Ann says:

    Can I open e-books which I have downloaded for free from the internet (like 4shared, etc) or only those bought/downloaded from the app store?

  107. I own a Apple iPad and I can agree with the battery lasting the full 10 hours on a single charge. However this was in the first 2 months, as of now going on the 4th month its lasting around 9 hours.

  108. Lhenpot says:

    Can anyone please tell me when will ipad2 be officially available here in the Philippines. I’m begging you! I want to buy ipad2!

  109. Hello, you used to write wonderful, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

  110. Good info and right to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you guys have any ideea where to employ some professional writers? Thx :)

  111. charlene says:

    how much is an iPad???
    nagpaplano kasi ako and my family bumili ng 64GB na iPad

  112. Jones says:

    I have ipad2 and I love it :”)

  113. ecig says:

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something back and help others like you helped me.

  114. Amazing!! I want that. How much?

  115. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way
    of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

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